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  • Applekit

    Applekit faltered in his pawsteps, as large daunting buildings towered over him, casting shadows over his small body.

    Woah.. this place was awfully scary for a special gate to StarClan.

    Well, someone told him that these buildings led to that place anyway. It obviously wasn’t the way to heaven, but the little boy was oblivious to the reality, and continued onwards.

    To be honest, he was going to ‘StarClan’ just for a trip! He wanted to see Papa Pigeoncheek again. He wanted to see his sister Dovepaw who he missed so so so much. He wanted to see Grandma Lilystar. He wanted to meet everyone!

    The child was scared to be here all by himself, but the reward of seeing his family again would make it worth it. Make it worth the scary scary trip. It would it worth the lonnnng walk.

    He could tell mama all about it. She would open her mouth so wide and be like ‘you went all that way?? Is Pidge okay? What about Copperpaw and Dovepaw?’. Applekit would just smile and tell her all about it.

    The small red tabby continued onwards, until something solid hit him in the head. Ouch.

    Hazel eyes shooting upwards, Applekit gasped. A cat!! Oh!

    “Are you from StarClan??” the boy mewed quietly in awe, staring at the unfamiliar feline.

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  • Canary’s last eye peered down to find a tiny form that seemed to have wandered miles from home. His orange coat smelled of misty mountain air and cave-dew, a particular scent that made Canary jump to his toes, preparing to curl his lips back into a hostile snarl. At the recognition of this ball of fur as a child, the healer’s gaze softened. “Who the– what the… huh?” Canary put a paw to his chest, a brow furrowing in confusion. How did this kid get so far without some square warrior catching his scruff? His eye narrowed, an awkwardly stern frown sewn in his youthful features. “Whaddaya even doing here, kit? I thought your parents woulda locked you up in a cave or whatever in the blazes they’ve got up in DorkClan.” He stood for a moment, almost forgetting the boy’s initial question. He had no intention, law or not, to harm any child, but he did not want some forest cat poking their nose into his clan’s business. “StarClan prolly don’t like me enough to lemme live there. This is BloodClan, and, uh, if you don’t back home in two seconds, I’ll…” Canary paused to think. Baxton said he didn’t have to be honest to trespassers, so what would this kit believe? “I’ll eatcha!

  • Applekit

    Applekit froze.

    Oh wow.

    That dude had, um, one eyeball. One round round eyeball that could probably see right thought Applekit. The thought sent shivers down his spine.


    Hazel eyes wide, the boy flinched, but then relaxed. This dude was prolly from StarClan. It would be okay.

    “My mama Robinwing would be super duper maddd. Madder than anyone. Also very worried. I don’t have a dad though. He died. But you probably met him! If this is StarClan!” Applekit’s mood lightened a little with hope. “DorkClan? Oh.” Applekit mewed, wrinkling his nose. Did Starclanners think that Darkclanners were dorks? Huh. Did Grandma Lilystar call DarkClan DorkClan now? Prolly not. She was super nice. “W-well, I think I’m the only dork there mister. All the big kids call me loser and dork. But that’s okay. I try to ignore them” Applekit mewed, tilting his head slightly to examine the caramel male he bumped into.

    He smelled a little stinky. But kinda like Grandpa Dusksparks and his weird-as-heck herbs. Hm. Was this dude a medicine cat? Or did he only eat plants? Haha. That was a weird thought. Maybe he ate plants like a little bunny. Or maybe he ate bugs and seeds like a bird. A canary or somethin haha.

    Snapping out of his thoughts, Applekit yelped. “B-Bloodclan?? Mister, that’s not a very funny joke! The big kids said that BloodClan hated everyone and would kill me real fast if they ever saw me. But I’m still alive, so this must be StarClan!” the red tabby mewed. “I can’t leave, mister. I really need to find my dad, Pidge and my sister, Dovepaw. My grandma Lilystar too” Applekit paused.

    The caramel tom continued, and... threatened to eat him! Hazel eyes widening, Applekit flinched. “W-what?? No! I came all this way to find my family!! I can’t go back!”

    This StarClanner was coo-coo. He really thought Applekit would believe that dumb lie? Plus he came here on a very important mission. Maybe this dude was testing Applekit.

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  • The more Applekit talked, the more he reminded Canary of himself, and he wasn't quite sure if he was annoyed or endeared. The healer's gaze softened yet again. "Well, the big kids are dorks, prolly bigger ones too. Everyone in DorkClan is a dork," he mused. Canary's ears flattened in disgust at what he perceived to be Applekit's botched perception of good ol' BloodClan. "Shucks, no! We don't hate ShadowClan or WindClan, even if they are stinky and dumb. And we can't even lay a claw on ya 'till you're six moons old anyway," Canary explained with a dismissive scoff. He kept listening to what this child had to say, and tilted his head in confusion when he mentioned Lilystar and Dovepaw. He remembered Dovekit, in particular, who had ran off back to BloodClan with Vale many, many moons ago. He never completely trusted her, even when he was young and easily influenced, and Lilystar was a whole other story. He, Argente, and his mother were captured during her reign, and therefore he didn't think much good of her. "Only time Lilystar's ever here is to yell at us, and I hear she's dead. And isn't Dove back at DarkClan?"

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  • Applekit

    Applekit eyed Canary with uncertainty, but allowed a tiny sliver of a smile to reach his maw. “Ah, I’m not so sure about that, mister. I’m pretty annoying.”

    Oh shoot. Applekit suddenly realized that he was probably annoying this dude. Darn it.

    Canary’s face screwed up a little when the boy explained what he though BloodClan was, which confirmed Apple’s worries that he was annoying the healer.

    Flinching, the red tabby wondered if Canary would hit him in the head like the two apprentices back home did. Call him dumb for apparently not knowing what BloodClan was.

    We? Is Canary a BloodClanner?

    Oh. Oh no. Applekit thought this place was StarClan. But it seemed like the stranger who told him this place was StarClan was.. lying.

    God. Of course they were. Stupid idiot Applekit couldn’t even see through a big fat lie.

    Man. Was Canary really gonna eat him up?? Gosh, Applekit had only lived three moons!! He couldn’t die so soon!!

    Though the caramel male didn’t look too interested in the idea. He seemed kinda... laid-back? It was weird. BloodClanners were supposed to be vicious and angry and stuff. But this dude seemed sorta normal. He also said that hurting kits wasn’t allowed. Hm. Applekit was three moons. So he was..safe?

    Whooh. Good. That’s a relief.

    “So, uh, this is really BloodClan” Applekit mewed, feeling kinda stupid. He also felt disappointed for coming from so far away to find out he’d still just have to die before he ever saw his passed family members again.

    “Wow. So, um. Yeah. Grandma Lily is dead. I was hoping to find her here. Or, well, in StarClan. This place obviously isn’t StarClan though, huh? And um, my sister Dovepaw is dead. She died a few moons ago” Applekit glanced away, feeling awkward. “Gosh, I’m sorry mister. I didn’t even think for a moment that this place could possibly be BloodClan territory” the red tabby flushed. “But um, I don’t know the way back?” He laughed anxiously. He would definitely get lost if he tried to return to the mountains. It was a long trip.


  • Yeah. Don’t think you can go to StarClan ‘till you die, but I hear medicine cats can see ‘em in their sleep. You could ask yours about that, but StarClan don’t like us very much.” Canary considered telling him about the time he supposedly saw his own deceased sister, but considering how gullible this child was, he probably would go out and try to get hit by a monster just to see his family. The boy’s words finally registered in Canary’s head, and he sighed with guilt and bitterness. “Lilystar’s a dummy anyway, she wouldn’t have told ya anything good. Sorry about both of ‘em, though.” He was reluctant to start comforting a child who would inevitably become a threat, but an idea popped into his head, a rather delicious one at that. “Say,” he purred, “what’s your name? You don’t hafta head back to DorkClan if it’s too far away.” Applekit appeared far stronger and healthier than Canary was at his age; a capable and loyal soldier, he could be, if he stuck around.

  • Applekit

    Applekit smiled. “Maybe, mister. It was prolly dumb of me to come here at all. StarClan might not even exist” the red tabby mewed, a little discouraged, but understanding. He kinda knew that maybe a gate to StarClan didn’t even exist in the first place. StarClan might even be make-believe or something. Like Applekit’s friends.

    Glancing at the carmel male, Applekit wrinkled his nose. “You knew Grandma Lily? I didn’t know she was a dummy. She died when I was a teeny baby. But she seemed alright” the boy mewed. Though this dude was older than Applekit. He prolly knew better. “But uh, thanks. And it’s okay. I’m done being sad. I cried a lot, but I gotta be tough for my mum” the boy mewed, puffing his chest out a little for joking emphasis.

    “My name?” The boy repeated. Huh. Weird. Applekit didn’t know that BloodClanners called eachother by names. Some apprentice told him that they called eachother like ‘soldier 5’ or like ‘commander 2’ or weird stuff like that. Wow. He really didn’t know anything about BloodClan.

    Hm. Applekit knew he should prolly tell the truth about his name, but at the same time, he didn’t feel like scaredy annoying baby Apple. He wanted some cool name. Hm. Maybe someday when he was a warrior he could be like Appleblaster or Applepunch. Or like Applechop. Somethin super awesome. Oh man, whatever. This guy seemed alright. Nice like Dusksparks who snuck him some sweeeet honey!

    “Oh, A-applekit. And ah, mister, my mum might get worried” Applekit mewed.

    But then the boy remembered the bullies who called him a wimp and a momma’s boy. They always laughed at him and teased him. They even out spiky stinging nettle or something in his nest!

    Well!! Applekit would show em!!

    “Actually, yeah. I’m kinda tired. I don’t feel like going allll the way back right now. Mom will be okay.”

    Was it selfish to say that? Applekit wasn’t sure. He walked all this way. Surely a small break wouldn’t hurt anybody..? Plus this guy was nice. Hm. He probably didn’t have a name like ‘Medic 1’ like the bullies said BloodClanners did. That was stupid for Applekit to believe. BloodClan was prolly way better than the bullies made it out to be.

    “And uh, what’s your name, mister?” Applekit looked up at Canary’s round round eyeball.

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    don't you worry, child


    for you

    we think we're invincible,

    completely unbreakable,

    and maybe we are.



    I'll give you everything I have, I'll teach you everything I know.

    I promise...

    ...I'll do better.

    the sun's starting to rise

    . . . oh,

    these are beautiful times 

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  • Yeah, that was pretty dumb,” Canary chuckled, ”but I don’t think you’re as dumb as the others.

    He listened, his smile fading once he mentioned his mother back in DarkClan. But luckily, a bit of sense seemed to strike the child. “Applekit! That’s a pretty sweet name if I do say so myself.” Canary laughed at his own joke. He had never seen an apple in his life. After his giggling faded, he went on to greet the child, his ears peeking up in delight. “Well, Applekit, welcome to BloodClan. I’m Canary, healer ‘round here. If you die, make sure to come to me,” he mewed jokingly. “Now, how would you like to meet some important cats?WASPWING. was the first cat that came to mind; Caledon and Blahkenmuro seem to have went missing. As much as Canary worried for them, they were likely doing something very important he had no business poking his own nose into.

    //canary just lowkey adopts this random kid from a clan he hates because they both say gosh

    also that would be gold, canary would try to get Applekit to take the blood oath ahhsjsgajhs

  • Applekit

    Applekit smiled a little, and this time it was genuine.

    He wasn’t really happy very often. Mostly sad or alone. But this guy.. he seemed really cool. Like he was actually interested in what Applekit had to say. It lightened the boy’s mood, and he nodded happily.

    Canary commented on Applekit’s name and laughed, causing the boy to shrink away a bit. Uh, did he think it was a dumb name? The healer was prolly being sarcastic when he said it was a sweet name. Oh gosh.

    Blinking in confusion, Applekit suddenly realized it was a joke, and laughed quietly. “Mister, are you sure you’re not the dork?” he teased lightly, his hazel eyes crinkling with amusement.

    Canary introduced himself, and Applekit smiled unsurely. The big kids said BloodClan was a terrible place.. but the big kids always lied to Applekit. So that must have been another lie.

    Besides.. Canary seemed so normal and goofy. Not like a killer or anything.

    And Applekit’s suspicions were confirmed, that the older male was a healer of some sort. Hey! Applekit knew a teeny bit about herbs because Grandpa Dusk let him help out. Maybe he could help this guy or somethin!

    The red tabby giggled a little at Canary’s joke, but froze up when he mentioned meeting important cats.

    Uh. Important like the leader or deputy or something?

    Anxiety welling up, the boy shuffled his paws unsurely. “Uh, are y-yyou sure, mister Canary? I thought that BloodClanners didn’t like k-kids like me” Applekit stammered. Darn it. He always messed up his words when he was anxious.

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    Speak of the devil and she shall appear. Waspwing had just been taking a quick break from all of her deputy duties, whatever they consisted of. The black molly was slowly starting to recover and regain her sleek appearance, her outward appearance no longer looking like she had been dead for two weeks. The angular shapes of her face had finally filled out like they had before she had brushed lips with death. Death was not a man to mess with, that was for sure.

    "Important people? Well, I'm the deputy, though I'm not exactly what you would call important." The voice of Waspwing echoed through the alleyways as the deputy hopped down from one of the green dumpsters hat she had been perched on, enjoying the pleasant conversation between her son and Applekit. The little one wasn't from here, but Waspwing didn't mind as he was almost too cute to bear, the child wide-eyed and youthful which tugged on the black molly's heartstrings oh so badly. "My name is Waspwing and I'm the deputy around these parts, are you having fun with Canary?" The molly purred warmly, ears perked towards Applekit as her face softened in affection towards the child.




  • Applekit

    Oh no. Oh no no no no!!

    A dark tabby lady with dark stripes entered the scene, and oh boy she was the deputy. She was important like Canary said!! She was gonna be so mad! Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

    Hazel eyes wide, the boy was at loss for words, until a billion began to spill out at once.

    “Oh gosh! I’m s-sorry! I shouldn’t b-be here and now you’re here and my mom is totally gonna kill me and I thought this place was StarClan but it’s not!” The boy gasped. Shrinking away next to Canary, the tabby flattened his ears.

    Oh. Her voice was.. kinda nice? Like a pretty song. Not like what the big kids told Applekit. The big kids said that BloodClanner’s sounded like roaring monsters or buzzing bees. Awh, great. Applekit believed in all their dumb lies, and now he probably believed BloodClan was much worse than everyone said it was! It seemed even.. nice.. so far? Maybe he could relax. And go to Canary’s home. Just for a rest. Just for a break.

    “O-oh.. um, yes I am, miss! Canary’s kinda stinky, but I don’t mind” the boy grinned cheekily, suddenly feeling less shy. Because, hey, this lady reminded Applekit of his mama Robinwing. She seemed very nice. And she was pretty! With her big yellow lantern eyes. Maybe they glowed in the dark. “Miss, my names Applekit! And gosh, I’m really far from home cuz I was on a top secret mission to find Grandma Lilystar and my dad, Pidge!” He mewed. “But Canary helped me. I guess I can’t get to StarClan until I die” He mewed sheepishly. “Um, I’m real tired cos I walked soooo darn long from home to get here. Is it okay if I can stay with you guys for a liiiittle bit?”




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