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  • Ichiro's eyes narrowed as he read the messages from, who he presumed, Asumi. He gawked at the messages, but continued to figure it was actually her. His fingers typed furiously and swiftly.

    "How the hell did you get my number?"

    He decided to take the questioning route, curious to what she could reply with. He glanced up as he waited for a response, noticing he was practically isolated at the desk he sat at. Students had moved away to different desks to be separated from him, which he cared less about. He looked back down to his phone and stared at it, waiting impatiently.

    Riku laughed, but continued to ignore Ichiro. He was aware he could seem suspicious in doing this, but there was always an excuse if the prank carried out. "Probably pissed," He replied to Hanami, being able to picture it.



  • What do you mean, silly?’

    ‘Riku gave it to me.’

    ‘You seem mad, are you mad?’

    ‘I mean I would have called you... but you’re in class.’

    Hanami texted back with a grin, showing it to Riku. “Yeah, I think he’s totally pissed off. After a few more text messages, I’ll show him some mercy. So he doesn’t kill you, or me, at the end of the day.” She decided with a laugh as she looked at him.