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  • It's quiet, you think to yourself as you first wake up. The sun hits your eyes as soon as you open them, momentarily blinding as you struggle to stand up. You're on a beach, the sea laps against the shore hungrily, golden sand beneath your feet. You don't know how you came to be here.

    This is a multiple fandom rp in which your character(s), wakes up stranded on a desert island with no idea how they got there or how to get back home. All they know is they can't be the only person here, right?

    This is the RP thread for Stranded, if you wish to join, sign ups are on the thread you can access by the link.

  • This was unnerving. Yuri pushed himself into a kneeling position, ignoring to protests of his stiff limbs and the fog which seemed to cloud his mind. His head throbbed dully and he let out a groan, blinking the harsh sunlight out of his eyes. This wasn't home. Where was he? He reached for his glasses which lay discarded on the ground by his legs, thankful that they were there. He could see better now.

    He was on a beach, sand seemed to stretch for miles in both directions, turning in the opposite direction there was forestry. Maybe not forestry, the trees looked too tropical for that. A jungle, maybe? Sea lapped at the sand in front of him, crystalline and shining blue. Completely clear. Where on earth was he? Getting into a standing position, he stretched himself out, limbs protesting at the actions. How long had he been out? And more importantly, how did he get here? "Hello?" He tested, hoping his words would reach someone. Despite the fact that he seemed very, very much alone.

    Arthur awoke on a beach, which a splitting headache. Which was odd, because he didn't remember drinking at all. But then again, he was on a beach, with no idea how he got there. Maybe he had been drunk after-all. He raised a hand to his throbbing temples. "Bloody hell," this headache was killing him. He made his way to his feet shakily, his stomach seemed to lurch at the movement, bubbling with nausea. At least that confirmed the theory that he'd been drinking. Just a shame he had no clue where he was.

    It seemed like a generic desert island. That would have been comforting news, had there not been so bloody many generic desert islands in the world. The water seemed to possibly be Caribbean however, it reminded him a lot of his pirate years. So he was possibly in the Caribbean, or at least somewhere that looked a lot like it. That was something. And perhaps there were over people around, there usually were. He could never seem to get some bloody peace and quiet. He set off down the beach, hoping he might bump into someone else.

    OOC: I've decided to coordinate my characters' speech into colour, for purpose of easier identification. So Yuri is this shade of blue and Arthur is this shade of green.

  • A large wave sweeps the formally dressed sadist across the water and face-first onto the sand, a shovel-full of sand attacking Hazama's face. "ACK! What the hell is this?!" Needless to say, he was pissed; how'd he even get here? He never remembered a boat of any kind or being near the water recently. Maybe it was a side-effect of his numerous time-travelling escapades and he just woke up in the ocean this morning. "I'm blaming the Boundary and it's bullshit for this mess." He emptied his hat, which had recently washed up beside him, of sea water, as he plopped it back onto his noggin. His clothes were in decent condition, his mind telling him it only needed a thorough shaking off and maybe a brief dry. He glanced about, his environment reminding him of that eccentric island some production studio made for Jin Kisaragi so he could kill infinite clones of his brother, for his fratricidal tendencies he supposed; but then there was that other time where a couple other people who wanted to kill Ragna showed up on the island and Jin got pissed about it; but enough about the past and the hilariously distressed face Kisaragi wore on that day, Hazama's clothes were in a predicament. He eventually found a tree trunk to lay his jacket and hat on to dry, the more smooth form of Susanoo currently sitting in the sand near them staring off at the ocean wondering how he was to find a way back to one of the cities, since there was obviously no Cauldrons nearby, much less an entry port to the Boundary or anything similar, so there was no way he was anywhere near Amaterasu. Or maybe; a snake-like smirk crossed his face, Hazama letting Terumi think for a moment; that this island is exactly where they hid the Master Unit all these cycles and that it was because of this island's location he could never destroy the Unit at it's heart. The second his jacket and hat were sufficiently dried, he would search the island for concentrated Seither energy; maybe he could finally achieve his goal of re-uniting with and then destroying the Master Unit, maybe just.

    Alright. Welcome, Mortis. You have been assigned to a being called "The Batter". The Batter has an important mission. Be sure that it's accomplished. We will let you out here. Good luck. For more information find the one called- Oh. We don't have a contact. Unfortunate. You'll do fine.

    The Batter stands stiff and alert at the edge of the water; he did not arrive from the ocean. His monochrome outfit and complexion contrasts heavily against the sunny mid-day backdrop. He glances to his right hand, almost as if he didn't notice or rather forgot he held an iron baseball bat; which complimented his color palette of black and white. He stretches his entire body for half a second, though conservatively, as if he was attempting to move his body as little as he could. He sighs deeply. "Get me moving, Mortis." A stoic and monotonous voice leaves the Batter's mouth, speaking to a puppeteer who can see and hear, yet cannot ask, or answer, or comment. An almost telepathic force wills The Batter forward, though he is not being controlled; almost like a back-seat driver, the puppeteer is, The Batter does all the work and could easily do it himself, yet Mortis is still the driver. The Batter knows his surroundings without looking, and knows exactly where he's going. He can feel the presence of specters within himself, and he knew Mortis did as well. He gripped the bat in his hands, keeping it close to his side at all times. He would be ever alert, prepared for an attack by the impure at any given second. He felt a rather strong evil spirit rather close-by; not near him, per-say, yet there was definitely something serious lurking on this island somewhere. It hissed like a serpent at the back of his will; it was strong, vicious, sadistic: but he could be much worse.

    The white wolf rested in the underbrush, this island's mountain being the closest port to the heavens for millions of miles, thus it was one of the only nice place to visits for the sun goddess in the region. She stirred when she noticed the tide was rougher today, and that she was not as alone as she once had been. She stood with a stretch and a yawn, glancing about the small forested area she had been dozing in. Her ears twitched at the crashes of the waves. There were people on this island. Several. And some things that could not be considered people. Several. This was truly peculiar. What would she do about it? It sounded like too much work at the time; besides, there was nothing to worry about, as Yami was long dead, thus there were no unspeakable evils to deal with to save humanity and the earth as they knew it. Nobody believed in miracles and Gods walking on earth anymore; for all anybody cared, Amaterasu was just a lazy wolf who lived on a tropical island. The goddess still wielded her trinity of Divine Instruments, yet there was never any good use for them, as she never encountered anything as dangerous as even the most lesser of demons, and there was no one to believe enough in her to see them besides the animals who dwell on the island, but they didn't seem to care much. She always wondered what was on the mountain that headed the land mass, however, and maybe today was the day she saw it for what it really was; though knowing how the world was nowadays, it was probably just a mountain. She walked to border where the dirt ended and the sand began to begin her daily rounds on the beach simply enjoying the sunlight like she did every visit to the earth.

  • Kaiya awoke, her head throbbing severely. "Ow... What happened..? Where am I...?" she asked herself. She remained in her daze for a moment, gazing across the sands and waters, the noise of her stomach growling snapping her out of it. She needed food, and fast. Having not had nutrients in over a month, she decided to try and sense any. All she remembered was that she had a bag, full of thermoses of coffee and pure water, and human meat to keep her hunger satisfied. Above all else, she should try to find it before starvation kicked in and... well, she did what she did to her cousin all those years ago. Meanwhile, she should try to stay low. She was a monster, after all.

    The blonde used her enhanced sense of smell to attempt to sense others nearby. She was disappointed in the fact that she couldn't, but maybe, just maybe, if she wandered, she'd find someone.

    //Is it okay if someone finds her bag? I have a feeling they'd be pretty, well, disturbed at the sight. (plus if she doesn't find it she'll go crazy)

    Luna sat up, breathing heavily. She was momentarily blinded by the sunlight hitting her eyes, despite being used to the bright lights of plenty of labs being shined in her face continually. The blunette managed to stand, and glanced around. What she realized was that Pika had her bag (which he never let go of, and would always keep it with him unless they found each other), and that he was nowhere to be found. Where had he landed? Her first priority was to find him, and she was terrified without him. What if she was attacked? What if he couldn't protect himself? Her worries were futile, but she couldn't help it. "Pika!" she cried out. "Anybody! Are you out there?"

    Pika also awoke, still clinging onto Luna's bag. The small yellow Pokemon dragged it behind him, wandering around to listen out for his friend. He could hear her cries in the distance, and could tell she was scared and alone. He needed to find her, and fast. But hanging onto this bag was slowing him down a lot. He couldn't let go, he couldn't let her down. He felt horrible hearing her cries continue: "Please! Anyone! I'm scared!" "Please..." He realized what the quieter cries meant. She was about to break down. She believed she would lose Pika like she lost everyone else in her life. She had lost Mewtwo and the clones to the lab, she had lost her family. Her mother during childbirth, her father by abandonment. She had no one left. Or so she thought. He had to find her, and fast. "I'm coming for you, Luna..." Pika said to himself, in his head, knowing Luna had a strong connection. If he was close enough, he would be able to communicate with her. However, he had no reply. He was too far away. Dragging the bag still, he tried to speed up, tried to find her.

  • So let's be happy


    Forever happy

    IC: Mewtwo laid unconscious, face down, on the sand. His long tail was still in the water, bobbing along with the tide.

    When the genetic mutant finally come to, he was treated to a horrific headache, blinding light, and the lingering bad taste in his mouth that tasted disgustingly salty, and vaguely like blood. Blindly, he frantically groped his digits along his sides and thighs, expecting to accidentally brush against some sore or injured spot on his body, or touch an IV sticking out of him.

    Finding no such thing should have been a relief, but instead it bewildered him. It meant he wasn’t in a lab, and as his eyes adjusted slightly to the sunlight, he saw this to be true. He slowly attempted to get to his feet, trying to not make his already intolerable headache worse.

    Mewtwo lashed his tail in agitation, looking around to get an idea of his surroundings. Where am I? He wondered, stepping away from the tide on unsteady legs.

    Paracelsus woke up when the tide came in, slapping over her, before trying to pull her back out. The salt stung her eyes, and she fought briefly to get up.

    She knew she wasn’t at the Hamlet, but as she looked around, she realized that this didn’t look like the Cove either. The Cove didn’t have much sand, only wet rock, coral and silt.

    Paracelsus a sea breeze hit her cheeks, realizing her mask was off. She looked around blindly for it, finding the large, white mask and her satchel. Both of which were wet, much like herself, but she put her mask on anyways after clearing the lenses. Putting up the hood helped soothe the pain from the blazing sunlight.

    Able to see better, she grabbed the knife from her belt, and gripped the hilt tightly. Paracelsus tried to remember what she doing beforehand, but found herself unable to.

    “Dammit,” She hissed, “Where am I?” But no matter how hard she thought, she found no answers.

    She hoped that she somehow wasn’t alone, or worse, kidnaped by the fishmen.

    Completely happy

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    And a tiny bit sad

    I’ve been struggling a lot with my muse and having some possible issues with my mental health. If I disappear or suddenly drop threads, please don’t take it personally, I’m just having a hard time keeping my muse up enough to even log and think about responding to messages.

  • // This is long and all done mobile, so yeah. Also, slight gore warning for Rose’s part of the post. She finds Kaiya’s bag. :P

    Though he knew he needed to get up, Izuku had no intentions of opening his eyes. Call it teenage boy tiredness or simply just soreness from training, the boy kept trying to tell himself “five more minute”. The splitting headache wasn’t helping his case either.

    What did help him was the fact that he definitely wasn’t in his bed and the sun was way to bright for it to be early morning. It almost felt like. . .sand. What?

    The groggy teen finally snapped his eyes open, the emerald orbs squinting in the bright light. Ok, the sun’s over my head, not coming through a window. When did I get outside? Slowly, careful of his throbbing head and aching joints, the greenette sat forward with a groan. His eyes momentarily closed again as he placed a hand to his forehead, wincing at the pain in his bicep. Why am I so sore?

    The rest of his possible questions were cut short when a sound reached his ears, one that he undeniably shouldn’t be hearing. It sounded like water crashing against sand, the kind of soft hiss that never failed to relax a person. Well, except now. It was actually making it worse. Sand, harsh lights, sounds of waves! That means. . .!

    His eyes widened at the sight in front of him as he placed his hand down. A vast sea of water sat in front of him, the waves crashing into the shore just barely missing his bare feet. His skin suddenly felt hot and clammy and his breath became labored. A-a beach? How-? Why-? Wha-! The poor boy couldn’t even think straight as he stared out at the open water. It was like something out of a manga or a book. People didn’t just wake up on the beach! Turning around, the teen found himself face to face with a wild forest, something not found on the beaches of his home city. I’m not home!

    Izuku, realizing the signs of an oncoming panic attack, promptly tried to slow his breathing. 1, 2, 3, 4. Hold. 1, 2, 3, 4. He repeat the steps over and over, slowly finding things to ground himself before finally calming down. “Ok,” he began, wincing at the sound of his horse voice,” Why am I here, and how did I get here?” Several ideas quickly came up, but he instantly ruled out several. “I couldn’t have been kidnapped, as security around the campus is on high alert, and I can rule out sleep walking. This beach isn’t familiar, and I’m not one for sleepwalking anyways. Perhaps it’s a training experience. That would explain how I got here as well. The soreness and headache could have come from a drug to keep us alseep while the teachers left us out here. That means that the others are more than likely close by, as only one student disappearing would alert the others of something unusual and possible spoil their turn. Plus, they wouldn’t leave a child alone on and island by themselves either.” He quickly shook his head. “But that also doesn’t make since. The teachers would need consent from parents to pull something like this, and Mom would only agree if All Might was with me 24/7. As he’s no where around, it’s not possible for her to have said yes. Plus, drugging a student is definitely against school rules.” It was frustrating, not knowing how he got here. He was usually good at analyzing his situation, but nothing was adding up. Nothing made any sense.

    Taking another deep breath, Izuku let out a large sigh. I’ll figure this out later. I should go find the others now. Standing up and trying to stretch the sore muscles away, the greenette began walking parallel with the ocean. “Hello?” he hesitatingly called. After a moment of no answer, the boy began listing of names,” Uraraka? Iida? Kachaan?” There was still no answer, but the boy kept trekking. I only wish I had my shoes. The clothes he had on only consisted of a tight black t-shirt and a pair of grey sweats.

    _ _ — • — _ _

    Well, to say she wasn’t miserable was to be a big fat liar with pants burning in hellfire.

    Seeing as she couldn’t control her dimension jumping yet, Rosellien was used to waking up in odd places. She was glad that she at least landed somewhere relaxing this time. Last time?

    Let’s just say she stunk of skunk for several weeks.

    To wake up to the relaxing sound of crashing waves and the feeling of a cool breeze? She thought she had died for a moment. It was like waking up to the smell of waffles and hot chocolate in the morning.

    But speaking of the smell, Rose couldn’t say she appreciated it. The rank stench was reacting nastily with her pounding headache and make want to throw up. “What in Primus’s name. . .?

    Now was when she really knew that satisfaction did not bring that cat back. Curse me and my curious nature! She had gone after the smell to see just what in the heck was ruining her mood, and found something absolutely gory and disturbing. It was a small, black, harmless looking bag sitting in the bushes along with a bright pair of red shoes. Blinking, a smile had quickly spread across her maw. Izuku’s here?! She quickly grabbed the tennis shoes, holding them close as she looked across the beach. Her heart had sank when seeing no one around, but it had brought her attention back to the bag. She had immediately assumed it was Izuku’s as the bag was by his shoes, and quickly went about opening it.

    Never in a million years did she expect to find human remains. Bits of flesh sat almost innocently in the bag, some pieces more recognizable than others. She quickly tossed the bag away, only composing herself for second before she vomited in a nearby bush. That’s not Izuku’s bag, she quickly thought, knowing the child would never carry such a horrendous mess. “Primus,” she breathed,” What did I get my self into?” She truthfully hoped that this wasn’t that stupid island from Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Kaiya wandered around a bit more, before her stomach growled once again, louder than ever. She needed to find her bag, now. She didn't wish to hurt anyone. "Ugh, where is it?!" she hissed, before the pain of hunger hit her like a car. She held her stomach, trying to ignore it, while she continued on. "Please let it be nearby..." All she hoped for was to just eat, just give her body the nutrients it needed to stave off her starvation for long enough.

    Luna was beginning to become terrified. "Where's Pika...? Where's my stuff...?" she asked herself, knowing she wouldn't get an answer immediately. She knew she could just turn into a Pokemon if she managed to calm herself down, but how difficult was that once she became overwhelmed with the fear of losing everything over again? All she wanted was to find one of her friends... Pika, Mewtwo, one of the clones, anyone really. "Anyone! Can you hear me?" she cried out again, wandering around.

    Pika, once again, heard Luna's cries. Something in her voice caused him to be able to sense what had been going on. Her voice sounded like she had just been crying, as it was shaky and terrified. Oh, how he wanted to call out to her. He knew she would hear him. She just had to be in the form of a Pokemon, like Purrloin, or Delcatty. But maybe, just maybe, she would hear him anyway. Pika decided to get slightly closer before he made any attempt. He continued dragging the bag, in the direction of Luna's voice.

  • He'd been walking for what felt like hours. And had yet to find anyone, or any sort of clue to where he was. The anxiety bubbled in his stomach like a boiling cauldron, travelling up his windpipe, invading his lungs with their burning tendrils. He needed to calm down. Panicking would not help in this situation. Yuri paused his walk, setting himself down on the sand momentarily. "There's nothing to worry about," He threaded his fingers through the sand, closing his eyes, "You have no idea where you are, but that's okay. There's nothing particularly worrying, it's a nice, relaxing beach. Imagine you're on holiday, taking a break from all the pressure-" This wasn't helping. Not to mention, if there was someone else around he'd look like a nutjob. He sighed in frustration. "Just, go find some food and a water source. One that isn't the sea. You might find something on the way." He stood up, dusting the sand off his trousers, anxiety bubbling away still. He'd be fine. He just needed to find food and water, he could figure something out after.

    Arthur had managed to find some food, which was somewhat reassuring to him. However the massive bundle of bananas he was lugging around wasn't the most convenient to carry. Oh well, at least he had food to eat. So far he'd bumped into nobody. He had no clue how big the island was, but if there were other people, he assumed it must be relatively large, considering just how long he'd been searching. "Perhaps I should take a break?" He murmured to himself, dropping his food on the ground. "Make a campfire, that should draw people attention." He hummed to himself as he collected wood for the fire, venturing into the dense forestry. He'd been in situations like these before, he could get out alive easily. The most important things were food, water and shelter. He had food, a campfire wasn't exactly shelter but it'd provide him with warmth. And water, "probably further into this jungle." He returned back to the beach with an armfull of branches. He was sorted, for now. And hopefully someone would find his fire.

  • //How long before they bump into each other?

    Kaiya was beginning to get slightly tired. If she were to continue without finding her food, she would most likely collapse. But if she rested, there was a higher chance of her mental stability draining. She debated on what to do for a while, until her instincts told her to rest. She sat against a nearby tree, and leaned against it, closing her eyes. She focused on the sounds and smells around her, hoping to detect her bag. No, all she smelled was human food, and it smelled disgusting. Almost bad enough to make her vomit right then and there. After a little while, she managed to pick up the scent of the meat she had stashed. It wasn't strong, meaning it wasn't too close, but it gave her strength and enough energy to continue on.

    Luna meditated a while, trying to calm herself. "Everything's okay. You'll find someone soon. Pika's still out there, still safe. You're not hurt either. You'll get home, you'll be safe. They're looking for you." After managing to reassure herself, she thought of Pokemon she could turn into as to not draw too much attention, but to be recognizable to Pika. One of the Pidgey or Spearow lines, maybe? No, too obvious. Hoothoot and Noctowl only came out at night, so also not a good idea. She needed to be a flying type, though, and she thought of Johto native Pokemon only, as that was her home. Lugia and Ho-Oh were not ideal for transformation, being Legendary and all. Butterfree, maybe. Beedrill? No, too many people were scared of bees from what she had seen. Ledian? Possibly. The Zubat line wasn't an option either. A Bug/Flying type was her best bet. Butterfree was the most logical, the most natural. Focusing on her transformation, the wings sprouted as her body changed. Now that it was complete, she could fly around and search.

    Pika was now in the jungle, feeling more at home. A forest-dweller like himself didn't belong on the beach, especially since the water conducted electricity. It could be potentially dangerous. But enough about that. Luna's cries had stopped, which half relieved him, half terrified him. Either someone found her, or she had managed to calm herself and transform. The second option, being much more logical, was the one he decided to go with. All he had to do was find a Pokemon. The only problem? He didn't know which one she would have turned into.

  • OOC: Alright, thanks Crimson.

    And to answer your question Ginger, I'd say bump into someone as soon as you want to. I'm just setting my characters up and laying the foundations a bit, you're welcome to interact at any point :)

    There was a lot of fruit on this island. Yuri had taken note of the numerous bushes and trees harbouring food as he walked past. So far he'd seen bananas, raspberries and blackberries. He'd taken a few of the berries, unfortunately his clothing didn't hold any pockets, so he'd been forced to eat them, but even so it was nice to have something in his stomach. At least he wouldn't starve to death. That was semi-relieving. He'd yet to find a water source other than the sea, however. He was hoping to have found a small river perhaps, something drinkable. He noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Something odd. Was that?- "-What the?" It looked somewhat like a butterfly, although, it was a lot larger than a butterfly. A giant butterfly. Yuri just hoped this island didn't house any other giant insects, he didn't know how long he could stay calm if he saw a giant spiders running around or giant wasps, he was having enough trouble as it was. He watched the insect with morbid fascination, silently hoping it wasn't dangerous. And that it wouldn't try to kill him.

    The fire was up and going but Arthur felt restless. Part of him wanted to get up and explore the island, head into the jungle, see what he could find. He blamed his days as a pirate for that. He stood up, dusting the sand off his clothes. A little bit of exploration wouldn't hurt, right? The fire was burning brightly, he'd be able to find it again easily. He might as well go scope out the area, see what the place had to offer. Maybe he could make himself a weapon as well, he was unarmed and who knows what could be lurking near by. He cast a final glance at his fire before heading into the forestry. Maybe he'd even get lucky and find some form of shelter. Although, he strongly doubted something like that would just be lying around.

  • Kaiya felt the scent getting stronger and stronger. Her bag was definitely nearby, no doubt about it. The appetizing smell continued to waft, her mouth watering just thinking about it. The blonde femme sighed in relief after she found the bag, picking it up. “Now to find someplace to eat quick.” And with that, her Rinkaku burst from her lower back and wrapped right around the tree branch, allowing her to launch herself up and dine on just enough to keep herself satisfied. It wasn’t much, but hey, it prevented an attack.

    Luna, in her Butterfree form, caught sight of Yuri. Feeling relieved to have finally found someone else, she turned back to her normal self. “Oh, thank Arceus there’s other people here!” she said in a soft, but audible voice. “I thought I was alone... Although, I could sense other presences. It’s good to know that my senses didn’t fail me.” The girl turned back to him. “Anyway, I’m Luna. What’s your name?”

    Pika’s expression brightened as he saw the signs of a fire. Knowing Luna knew how to make them, he assumed that was her location. The small yellow Pokemon lugged the bag further, and upon spotting no one at the fire, huffed. Maybe he’d get lucky and someone would return.

  • Yuri didn't know how long he'd stood there, simply gaping at the girl before him. A butterfly had turned into a human. Right in front of him. What. The. Heck. "Um, I'm Yuri." He responded, finding himself short of words. It would be rude to continue staring like that. It certainly wasn't something he saw everyday, but he wanted to be polite. "Yuri Katsuki." A pit of dread began forming in his stomach, if he was speaking to someone who was a giant butterfly, what the hell else existed? At least nothing was trying to kill him yet. And Luna seemed nice, even if none of this made sense. What was an Arceus anyway, and why was she thanking it?

    Arthur had found a water source. A small river, found after walking for about twenty minutes. He had nothing to bring it back in, but was nevertheless relieved at the sight. He crouched beside it, observing the running water closely. It seemed clean. Good. He stood back up. Now he knew where a water source was, he could start building up his camp. He had a supply of food, a fire and now water. All he needed was to make a shelter. He returned to the fire, pausing at the outskirts of the fire. A small creature sat there. At first sight, he thought it to be Flying Mint Bunny, but it wasn't flying, it was yellow, not green and a certainly wasn't a bunny. It was cute however. And looked relatively harmless. He noted the bag, did it have an owner? Perhaps this was someone's pet? He approached slowly, not wanting to startle it at all, "Why hello there little fellow!" He greeted. God, it really was cute. "Aren't you absolutely charming!"

  • Kaiya had finished eating, quite messily at that. "That's definitely refreshing!" she said out loud, closing up the containers and zipping up the bag once again. "Now to see if I can find anyone else in this jungle." Sighing, she slung her bag over her shoulder and hopped down, retracting her Kagune and her eye returning to normal. If anyone had seen her, it would have been a disturbing sight indeed. Watching a ghoul eat human remains and seeing her eye and Kagune terrified many, especially if they didn't know of their existence. But there was no time to worry about that now. She continued walking, pushing the thoughts away, until she spotted someone. Anyone would be a relieving sight for the girl at this point, but to see their intentions, she decided to stalk for a while. Covering up the scent of the meat, coffee, and her own scent wasn't easy, but she managed.

    "Nice to meet you, Yuri." the female replied. She realized how confusing this must be, to see her change from a Butterfree to a young girl in a matter of seconds. "I guess I should explain, huh?" she asked. "I can change form to any Pokemon I like, at any time. I can also use their abilities easily. And, well, you seem confused about Arceus. It's the god of the Pokemon world, and there are plenty of stories around it." she explained. As she talked about her home and the legends surrounding it, she seemed to remember exactly what her goal was, and her face fell slightly. She looked to the side, sighing, silently praying for Pika to be alright.

    Pika was a bit wary of Arthur, seeing as he was a complete stranger. He couldn't help the few sparks that came from his cheeks harmlessly, nor his ears twitching. He held onto the bag, knowing he couldn't lose it, not to anything or anyone. "Pika... Pikachu!" he said protectively. As he moved the bag slightly, a small photo floated to the ground. The photo was of a girl, one with ice-blue hair and eyes to match. She seemed quite young, but happy, holding the small Pokemon in her arms and hugging it. Next to her was a blue turtle-like creature (Squirtle), an orange fox (Vulpix), and a brown dog (Eevee). A silhouette watched from the back of the photo, looking like her guardian. Pika didn't notice the photo fall out, and simply watched Arthur carefully.

  • So let's be happy

    OOC: Feel drew to bump into Mewtwo or Paracelsus. Just know Mewtwo might try to fight you

    Forever happy

    IC: Mewtwo padded carefully across the beach, and his headache and the heaviness in his limbs began to subside. Of course, his mouth still tasted like salt water and blood, but it was an improvement.

    With his headache subsiding, Mewtwo was much more inclined to use his psychic abilities. He used just a bit of his psychic power to get an idea of what was around him. He could feel presence of a few sentient creatures nearby, much weaker than the constant, rather intimidating pressure he gave off. He wasn’t exactly drawn to idea of interaction, but it may happen anyways. His tail stopped lashing at the thought, instead holding itself high and curled outwards at the end. His best bet was likely to go through the jungle, and find a quiet, secluded spot.

    Paracelsus searched for any indictation that might show her where she was, or if she was actually alone. She found nothing so far, but looking across the beach, she found something in the distance. She gripped her knife tighter, unsure if what she saw was an enemy or a fellow hero.

    Completely happy

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  • Kaiya continued to stalk, watching from afar. She managed to spot the other being that Paracelsus saw, narrowing her eyes. She couldn't quite make out what-- or who-- it was, but she did make an attempt. It wasn't like any sight she had ever seen before. 'What is that...?' she asked herself, staying silent. Her senses tingled, and she was able to tell it was not human at all. It had almost a completely different DNA makeup, as she could tell from the scent. Not being used to it, it almost caused her to slightly vomit. But the smells of her bag and the other human were preventing it. Not quite appetizing, as she had just eaten, but cancelling it out. She continued to observe, her senses slowly growing used to this strange new smell, until it merged with the others.

  • The explanation helped somewhat. Yuri still had no idea what exactly pokemon were, but they seemed similar to animals, albeit ones that could be caught and used to fight against each other. Which was a bit disturbing in all honesty. But Luna's home sounded interesting. It definitely wasn't located on earth. Was Luna an alien? Pokemon certainly sounded like aliens. Wait till everyone back home heard he'd made contact with an alien. Everyone back home, Victor. The thought of being so far away from the man was saddening and he absentmindedley toyed with the ring on his finger. He needed to get back home, soon. He looked back at Luna, noting her crestfallen expression. She was probably missing home too. "Do you know where we are?" He asked, praying she may have an idea. Although it seemed their circumstances were the same.

    A fond smile played on the edges of Arthur's lips as he watched Pika withdraw with the bag. It was protecting it. "I understand. You don't want me to go near the bag, I won't." Pika somewhat reminded him of his magical friends, although it Couldn't be magical. He couldn't understand it. There was still an odd fondness though, for this small being. It was obviously lost and looking for its owner. His gaze flicked to the side as he noticed a photograph flutter down onto the ground, from what he could see it was of a girl and a number of odd looking creatures. Pika seemed to be present amongst them. His turned back to look at Pika, "You must be missing your family." He mused sadly, gesturing to the photo. He had no idea whether the creature could understand him or not, but it felt better than talking to himself. "If that is your family, that is."

  • "I have no idea where we are. But what I do know is that I miss my friend..." she said, sighing. "He has to be here somewhere, he was with me last I knew before I woke up. Although I have no memory of how we got here... I can sense him." she said. And, as if on instinct, she jumped up and transformed into him. "This is what he looks like. I was hoping that if I flew around as Butterfree, I'd find him..." Not a moment later, her own red cheeks sparked. "That means... He's close enough to be linked to my electric current!" she realized, jumping up happily.

    Pika nodded, looking upset. He used his lightning-shaped tail to bring the picture closer to him and picked it up, carefully dusting it off. He pointed to the girl. "Pikapi! Pika!" he said, trying to tell Arthur that she was somewhere on this island, when his cheeks suddenly let out a spark. His ears perked, and for a moment he forgot most humans couldn't understand his language. "Pika! Pikachu!" he said, becoming happier than before. He and Luna must be close enough to at least link with each others' electricity!

  • // Once again, mobile.

    Well, his search was coming to a standstill. He called and called and called until his already hoarse voice could no long yell. Izuku quickly found himself to be sweating profusely in the midday heat of the island, the wind only barely making it manageable. At one point he had taken off his shirt and rolled up his sweatpants to try and cool down, wrapping his shirt around his green hair like a turban. It was going to lead to sunburn, he knew it, but it was better than being stuck in the sweat-soaked fabric.

    Izuku really didn’t want to, but he knew he was going to have to walk into the jungle-like area if he wanted to survive. He couldn’t drink the salt water of the ocean and he hadn’t found anyone on the beach. With no idea what lived past those trees and no shoes to protect his feet, it was going to be painful. I’ve had worse, he tried to say. Truthfully he had.

    That didn’t mean he still wasn’t apprehensive and hesitant.

    It took him a moment, but the teen caved into the cool look of the shade and walked towards the trees. A sigh left his lips as his skin escaped the harsh rays of the sun. I’m still parched though, he thought, his emerald eyes looking gazing into the woods.

    But then he spotted it. A flicker of shadows. What? He soon realized that he could hear voices coming from up ahead of him. Just as he was about to call out, he pulled back. What if they’re part of this test? What if this is some sort of villain camp? He was sure he didn’t recognize any of the voices, and he could never be too cautious. Especially with his unknown situation. Slowly, careful of the leafy plants and sticks on the forest floor, Izuku made his way closer to the unknown figures.

    The closer he got, the more confused he became. The young feminine voice was talking about “Pokémon” and “butterfree”, causing Midoriya’s thoughts to churn. What is she talking about? Is this some sort of code? Or am I just looking to far into this? After another quick thought, he decided that, yes, he was overthinking this. He highly doubted that such a young voice belonged to a villain. Pushing some greenery from his face, the teen spotted two people, one of them being the owner of the young voice. From the looks of the people and place, Izuku decided whether to present himself or not. He had always been taught not to base things just by looks, but he also knew that instinct played a large role too. Honestly? They looked like the least threatening thing that could be lurking on the island.

    H-Hello?” he called out, his voice raw from overuse. He slowly stepped towards the unusual duo, his face coated in anxiety and slight fear, but also curiosity.

    _ _— • — _ _

    Rosellien has quickly left the vicinity of the startling black bag, Izuku’s shoes held tightly to her chest. Her mind was reeling with unpleasant thoughts, mostly centered around what happened to her poor friend. He wouldn’t have just left these here. I know he’s too smart for that. Maybe he just booked it outta there when he saw what was in the bag? It’s plausible.

    She kept trying to keep the unsettling thought in the back of her mind, but it wouldn’t lay to rest. Eyes wide, one thought ran through the woman's head. What if whoever owned that bag found him? No, she quickly tried to calm herself, he’s got One for All. He can defend himself. He’s fine! Perfectly fine!

    But it wasn’t enough. “Izuku?” Rosellien called, breath slightly catching in her throat when there was no answer. Claws tight around the red sneakers, she couldn’t see any footprints in the sand. He’s in the forest, she immediately thought, running towards the greenery with labored breaths. Primus below, please let him be ok!Izuku?!

    Branches and leaves slapped her face and smacked her muzzle as she ran through the undergrowth, ears swiveling and eyes, brimmed with tears, looking over the tall plants. She was spooked to say the least, and really needed to find the green haired boy quickly.


  • Kaiya had quickly grown bored of watching the other two, so she hopped across the branches with her bag on her back. She had scented the smell of a human that had touched it earlier, and she had been able to pick it up again. Her senses picked up a voice in the direction of the smell, seemingly yelling out for someone named Izuku. The blonde continued to go towards the voice and scent combination, soon spotting a girl. So she was the one who found the bag. Losing concentration, Kaiya suddenly lost her footing from the tree and fell, her bag falling next to her. Managing to catch and lower herself with her Rinkaku, she retracted it as soon as she landed, the fall giving her a bit of a fright.

    Luna spotted Izuku and jumped, still in her Pikachu form. She was slightly startled, but not too much. "Uh, um.. Hello." she said simply, looking to the side shyly. She was embarrassed that she let herself be startled. 'If they saw me being so careless with my power, they'd be extremely angry with me. She knew well that she was only supposed to use it for protection, but she WAS just trying to find her friend. But, after what happened with the lab, how exactly was she supposed to know they weren't undercover? To take her hostage? Despite her worries, however, trusting these strangers was the only way to find Pika, definitely, especially if she was this lost. Hey, at least she wasn't alone, not anymore.