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    And so, just like that, she was herself again.

    Settled near a poolside of collected rainwater, she was examining her scar. A single tawny-turning-white paw held her veil in place out of the way as she examined where her jaw used to be. 'Scar' was too gentle of a word, she recognized. This was disfigurement. With a shudder, she allowed the opaque fabric to fall once again, hiding the injury out of sight from everyone. Once before she had a similar injury, during her reincarnated life as 'Amita Paramour', but this was somehow different. It was the work of her nemesis, who seemed to plague her through the times. Even the destruction of a world didn't stop him from finding her. And he had done this to taunt her, maiming her as she had been done before to prove a point, she was sure.

    Giving her head a vicious shake she would turn away from the puddle, tail lashing as she contemplated all that she had discovered. A week ago, she had been a child. Now, she knew exactly who she was and how lengthy her history really was. It was a blessing to be aware of who she really was. But now, she was left feeling. . . Indescribable, really.


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    brokenwhispers / the dark dynasty & praetor / female [ ♀] / storage

    *:・゚✦ It happened and the woman was happy over it. Amour knew who she was and that was a great bit of news. That was why Broken was out looking for her. Wanting to make sure she was okay. Honestly, Broken did not mind the scar. If she could get into her old body, the woman would see they were not much different. Broken, or rather, Guillotine, was a scar covered mess in her true form. Sure, this was her birth body. But this was not her body of choice. That body was gone.


    The woman blinked as she spotted Amour and headed over. Steps regal and calm. Her eyes on the female. She purred softly for a moment. "Amour. How are you dear?" She inquired with a soft smile.







  • Biography ・゚ ✦ °

    "Hello, Brokenwhispers," the growing lion would say as she ducked her head in acknowledgement and greeting, brown eyes glittering as she looked to the leader. A lot had changed since their last conversation and the cat formerly known as Milovat was still grateful for the advice that she had been offered then; admittedly, she felt like a completely different person. Any room for forging her own path in her current life had been forsaken once her memories were implemented again, for better or for worse. The sentiment still rang clear in her mind, though - It was never too late to make a change and be the person you wanted to be. This time around, the prefect desired to do just that.

    With a flick of her ear, her telepathic tone would continue as she answered, "I'm doing much better than I was during our last run in, thank you." It was interesting how that worked- Mentally she felt secure in her identity, and therefore her place in the world, this despite her horrific injury. One jaw bone down. Tilting her head she queried,
    "And how about yourself?"

    —— bio | the world has gone mad today ・゚✦