✿ Tokoshima Academy— Revamp!

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    ✿ Tokoshima Academy

    Tokoshima Academy, a normal Highschool in a normal, half city/ half suburban town called Akibara in Japan. The start of junior year is upon them, as these characters are all set in the same class, room 4B. As if Tokoshima and Van never happened, if their lives were not ruined, turned upside down, and if they had never met, would they have been the same? Living a normal life, trying to follow their passions, trying to make friends, and trying to get to know themselves, finally they can face some real life trauma. And if the thread gets boring, they can get murdered by ghosts tbh.

    Character information ✿ Check back here for updated information and to keep track of the characters.

    Nakahara Saeko ✿ Best friends with Nakiya Akira, acquaintances with Kagome Emiko and Tsubaki Nana, dislikes Sato Issei and Sakurai Yuuto.

    Straight, female, currently in no clubs, likes the occult, tsundere flustered easily and stubborn temper, slender w/ c cup and average butt, long black hair and dark blue eyes 5’5. 18 years old.

    Nakiya Akira ✿ Best friends with Nakahara Saeko, friends with Kagome Emiko, acquaintances with almost everyone else, interested in Sato Issei.

    Bi-curious, female, community volunteer club, likes to party, closed off but outgoing, likes fashion, booze and warm weather, dislikes going home due to family issues, longe blonde hair and pale green eyes peach nails and tattoo of rose on hip, 5’4. Barely 18 years old.

    Kagome Emiko ✿ Friends with Achimo Kiyoko, good friends with Nakiya Akira, crushing hard on Achimo Kiyoko, acquaintances with Nakahara Saeko, awkward acquaintance with Sato Issei, has history with Sato Issei.

    Bi, female, community volunteer club president, likes glitter nailpolish and Lisa frank binders, desperately wants to be friends with everyone, bright red hair and 5’ exactly. Almost 18.

    Makota Hisao ✿ Interested in Nakiya Akira, dislikes Sato Issei.

    Straight, male, thinking of joining a club, likes apple soda and shrimp ramen, brutally honest somewhat clueless and overthinks resulting in planning everything thoroughly, average sized muscles and fit, unkempt brown hair and grey eyed 6’2. 17 years old.

    Sato Issei ✿ Involved with Achimo Kiyoko, has history with Kagome Emiko, best friends with Sakurai Yuuto, friends with Kagome Emiko, dislikes Kojima Iwao.

    Straight, male, works at Denny’s with Sakurai Yuuto and lives with him, has a dog named Butter, got expelled from his last school, likes misfits and fixing people’s cars, is 6’1 and is lean with big muscles, black hair black eyes. 19 years old.

    Achimo Kiyoko ✿ involved with Sato Issei, somewhat friends with Kagome Emiko, dislikes Sakurai Yuuto.

    Bi, female, class president, works at super market, ambitious and intelligent also gentle-hearted but strict and easily manipulated, likes sex, mathematics and lofi beats, wears contacts, brown hair and gray blue eyes, 5’6. 18 years old.

    Kojims Iwao ✿ enemies with Sato Issei and Sakurai Yuuto.

    Probably bisexual (is more interested in hobbies than relationships), male, skittish and odd but gentle nature, rich and likes taxidermy, gets bullied, 5’6. 18 years old.

    Tsubaki Nana ✿ Acquaintances with Saeko Nakahara, Kagome Emiko and Nakiya Akira, unsure of Sato Issei and Sakurai Yuuto.

    Straight, female, on swim team, likes strawberry flavored things and adventure, speaks up when something isn’t right and is easily distracted, small b cup and small waist but wider hips and plump booty, boob length brown hair, olive green eyes, 5’4. 16 years old.

    Sakurai Yuuto ✿ Best friends with Sato Issei, dislikes Achimo Kiyoko and Kojima Iwao.

    Straight, male, works at Denny’s with Sato Issei and lives with him, likes smoking and cats, on guard and uncaring most of the time and kind of aloof, used to get made fun of because his family name can be misheard as “Sakura” but now he beats anyone who calls him that, fit with average muscles but well toned, blonde hair and brown eyes, 6’5. Almost 18 years old.

    Amari Reo ✿ close with Kagome Emiko and Tsubaki Nana, friends with Nakiya Akira, acquaintances with Nakahara Saeko and Achimo Kiyoko, wary of Kojima Iwao, avoids Sato Issei and Sakurai Yuuto, interested in befriending Makota Hisao.

    Probably straight, male, looking for a club, likes to cook, friendly, sweet and a little feminine but doesn’t look it, physically affectionate, wants to be more manly and wears big oversized brown jacket in the cold, looks like a boy but face is a little feminine with blonde hair and baby blue eyes interested in piercings, 5’8. 17 years old.

    Makota Hisao is a new kid, presumably everyone else knows of each other but have not formally met if not stated above. Everything above is likely to change based on the story. If any changes should be made let me know and put it in the little character bios with the face claim.

    ✿ World

    A city/suburban town called Akibara with many parks and both city-like places and towards the outskirts more offset homes. The closest neighboring town is more of a city and it is Kyoshima where Makoto Hisao moved from and where Sato Issei's uncle lives and works as a police officer.

    Female school uniforms are tan and black long sleeved or navy and white long sleeved sailor suits with red or gray ties, and any cut of sock in black or white.

    Male school uniforms are navy or black slacks and navy black or tan overcoat with a white long sleeve button up shirt and an undershirt if the wearer desires as well as a red or grey tie. They can wear a tan or white sweater in the winter time.

    The school colors are grey and red so the gym uniforms can be gray or red with white stripes and all school swimsuits are navy.

    Mascot is a Fox.




    ✿ Face claims


    ✿ Nakahara Saeko


    ✿ Tsubaki Nana


    ✿ Makota Hisao


    ✿ Sakurai Yuuta


    ✿ Sato Issei


    ✿ Kagome Emiko


    ✿ Kojima Iwao


    ✿ Nakiya Akira


    ✿ Achimo Kiyoko


    ✿ Amari Reo


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  • Nakahara Saeko

    Saeko is difficult, clumsy, cold and stubborn. She is easily annoyed, angered, and offended. She complains a good deal, and has a labyrinth of comebacks and snappy replies. She will resort in violence often, and it actually pretty strong. She avoids most confrontation, and is very easily embarrassed or flustered. It takes a long time for her to develop a sweet spot for anyone such as her best friend, and she is highly flustered by physical

    touch, though she may partake of it if she likes a person. Saeko would never admit she likes anyone even a friend, as she is mostly closed off. She remains stoic most of the time, and occasionally makes sarcastic or rude remarks that are regarded as ‘jokes.’ She doesn’t usually start conversation or interaction and merely refutes teasing by her best friend until flustered or annoyed. Saeko also has an interest in the supernatural. She is horribly afraid of the dark and ghosts and demons. She does rituals with brick dust and candles and stuff for protection even if its a scam or doesn’t work because she believes it is helping to protect her. She also likes creepy spooky stuff even though it scares her. Her favorite food is orange chicken, her favorite color is probably black, her favorite drink is original ramune, her favorite snack is almond taste pocky and she loves sweets of any kind. Loves cats and all animals and hates the dark and insects that can fly. Cute face, 5’5, larger breasts, very slender body and thighs, average behind, pretty blue eyes and long black hair. Does not to extracurricular activities, clubs or sports, and often regrets not taking track. Saeko is an only child who lives with her mother only, her father lives alone because they got a divorce and she only sees him for holidays. She has a black cat named Fuyu and a white snake named Mizuki. Her house is a normal size.

    Tsubaki Nana

    Nana is a generally all around kind person. She is nice unless someone is rude to her or has wronged her and she usually will always do what she believes is right. She is very true of heart and tends not to lie very often. Nana is easily distracted by anything she finds interesting. She has a short attention span, at times and even gets distracted by sparkly or shiny things. She is completely fearless, and no matter what she appears to not be frightened. She is also generally level-headed and doesn’t get easily offended because she has a thick skull. She also isn’t very judgemental and is rarely uncomfortable in social situations. Very observant, Nana is perceptive of emotions and things such as that within people, even if she cannot completely understand the. Tsubaki Nana is a very appreciated member of the swim team, she swims even when there isn’t swim practice. She has an average bust but she finds her chest too big because they get in the way when she is swimming. The rest of her body is very trim because she swims so often. Her hair is boob length and brown and depending on the day she will have it in a ponytail or down and she is 5’4. Nana’s favorite flavor of anything is strawberry. Her favorite food is strawberries, her favorite drink is strawberry milk, and she loves swimming and eating and dislikes people who are dishonest or assholes. Nana lives with her mother and father and her little brother Tsubaki Touma who is in elementary school. She takes care of him because both her parents work late so they sometimes don’t see each other, because of this Nana is also very responsible. Their house is pretty small.

    Makota Hisao

    Hisao can be described as clueless. He is the new kid at Tokoshima Academy. He is one to complain and say anything on his mind and let out any emotion he is feeling to the extreme. He is very blunt and uncaring with his words because if he thinks about it too hard he will overthink. Hisao is usually confused or in a daze thinking and over-processing, or else he is incredibly blunt. Hisao also has a smooth side to his personality, he at times proves to be incredibly good with his words, but that only happens when he thinks up a thorough plan. He is pretty slow and kind of reckless, he will also say anything on his mind if he isn’t overthinking it. He has a killer smile, dark brown, unkempt hair and grey eyes. His stature is 6’1 and his ‘moe’ is strong at times. His favorite food is shrimp ramen and his favorite drink is apple soda. Hisao likes to hang out with friends and enjoys getting under people's’ skin if they irk him. He also dislikes himself at times because whenever he talks, often what he is trying to say gets misconstrued. Hisao lives with his father and his older sister in a small apartment. Usually it’s just him and his sister as his father still works in Kyoshima but they had to move for financial reasons and because his sister Makota Rin goes to college in Akibara.

    Sakurai Yuuto

    Yuuto grew up in a family with his father leaving and no contact along with his mother smoking, drinking and mentally unstable. He took up smoking in middle school because he was already addicted from second hand smoke. Because of his mother freaking him out and freaking out on him he became very quiet and guarded person. He lived in an apartment with his mother and as a child was the butt of everyone’s joke because of his family name and also due to his living situation and the way his mother looked. Eventually he started to beat the bullies up as he got taller and everyone was afraid of him. Yuuto decided he didn’t really want or need friends or anyone and once his mother left (he was happy about it) and checked into the mental hospital, he got a job and lived in their apartment and fixed it up. He now feeds all the stray cats and even buys them cat food but lets them stay outside because they aren’t pets to him, they’re friends. He smokes mostly outside, or through the window, but will light up anywhere else besides like inside the apartment because “it already reeks enough” and gets mad at issei, who now lives with him. Inwardly, Yuuto enjoys company but he doesn’t really show it. He is a hard ass and you have to really watch his expressions to find out what he is thinking or how he feels. He doesn’t convey feelings well and he is basically a brick wall. He has some useful advice also and despite being threatening he is usually pretty neutral, only being outwardly rude if given reason. Other than that, he wears a serious face. He doesn’t want to visit his mother or ever see her again, and remains bitter. His only soft spot is cats, and he likes Issei more than he thinks because he is like the brother he never had. He likes girls but only if they like cats and won’t really bother with them unless they really allure him which hasn’t ever happened before.


  • 2i1pfz4.jpg

    sato issei


    19, expelled from Tochito High school, a small school in the next city over, for missing class too often.

    he lives with a Sakurai Yuutoin a shitty apartment a block over from the school, and he works as a the worst waiter in history at a shitty Denny's downtown. on the side, he fixes people's cars, too, but he usually just does that for free, because it's just something he likes to do.

    his other hobbies mostly involve substance abuse and playing with his dog, Butter, who he found a year ago by the garbage can out back of the Denny's where he works. issei likes him because they're both garbage-baby misfits. issei was raised by his uncle, who, notably, has a mullet and spends all his money on booze. he is a police officer in the next town over. they have a good relationship, but issei had to move when he got expelled last year...

    other: 6'1" with a lean build and excellent biceps, wears a lot of gray and black, not because he's emo, but because he's lazy, earrings on the cartilage of his left ear

    best friend is Sakurai Yuuta, who works with him at Denny's
    currently "involved" with Achimo Kiyoko
    had an awkward past fling with Kagome Emiko that he honestly would rather forget, however, they are decent friends now and issei occasionally goes along with her schemes


    kagome emiko


    almost 18, 5' exactly, bright red hair, tokoshima high school's community volunteer club president, likes glitter nailpolish and lisa frank binders, desperately wants to be friends with everyone

    good friend of nakiya akira, aquaintance of nakahara saeko, crushing hard on achimo kiyoko

    awkward aquaintance of issei sato — he is the only person who knows her secret


    kojima iwao


    18, 5'6", skittish, considered very odd

    iwao is gentle and generally kind, but other students give him a tough time. he does not usually have any strong emotions, but wants to make friends. he lives with his mother and father in a very rich neighborhood. his mother and father are naturalists, and are quite odd themselves.

    kills animals sometimes, for his collection — usually small animals and insects like moles and moths. once he killed a cat — but the next thing he knew he was up against a wall getting his lip busted because Sakurai Yuuta and his Sato Issei found him out. it's been hell with them ever since.

    gay or straight, iwao really doesn't know. he doesn't care, either — he's never even had a relationship. he is pretty sure he does like women, though. they're nice to look at. mostly he prefers his hobbies.

    enemy of sato issei and sakurai yuuta

  • ✿ ✿ ✿

    Rainy, how fitting for the first day of school. Saeko Nakahara sat in the seat of a public transportation bus. Because it was so early, not many people were taking it unless their job required it and they couldn’t walk. The school was located in the more city-like and occupied part of the town where most of the shops were. Saeko lived in more of the suburban area were the trees seemed to be more dense and the buildings more spaced apart.

    Saeko gazed gloomily at some students who walked in the rain with their umbrellas. She sat safely on the bus, black umbrella at her side. Some other students she noticed were also on the bus, but Saeko decided to ignore them, being as cold as ever.

    As the bus approached Tokoshima Academy, her stomach began to twist and she started to feel like she needed to use the bathroom. Her outward expression appeared calm as she looked at her reflection in the clouded, frothy window. She winced inwardly, trying to calm herself. She knew Akira would be in her class, since they had spoken to each other beforehand, and honestly no one else really mattered, so why was she so worried? But still, Saeko’s fingernails dug into her soft thigh skin as the bus came to a hault a block from school. Herself and the others from the school slowly piled off the bus along with a few adults going to their jobs.

    The second Saeko’s dark head came from the threshold, she clicked open her umbrella and wielded it above her head. As to not make conversation, she walked quickly away from the others who chattered behind her. Her blue eyes remained locked forward, a look of disdain plastered on her face though inside she felt nothing but dread. Soon, after a block or two of walking, the Academy was in sight. Her black shoes sloshed through puddles and the sound of rain unnerved her as she inches closer and closer and finally— Saeko stepped under the stoop and moved aside to shake off her umbrella outside. She put away her umbrella and headed in, attempting to keep her gaze in tunnel vision. Seeing everyone gave her anxiety and Saeko suddenly felt her index fingernail scraping away at the skin on her thumb as she made her way up the stairs and to 4B. At least she would know soon who she would have to deal with all year, since in Tokoshima, the kids stayed in the classrooms and their teachers changed so there weren’t so many different classes and people to meet and know.

    Saeko poked her head into the room, and notably not many students were there yet, not even the home room teacher. Something about that both relieved and terrified her. The dark-haired girl stepped into the room, adjusting her black messenger bag strap and heading towards a desk in the back row. She kept her gaze fixed and didn’t look at anyone, and therefore came off as icy cold, her eyebrows narrowed and gaze irritated. Taking her seat, she sling the bag over the back of her chair and then plopped down, her hands revealing that she was nervous due to them shaking as she took her smartphone out and pulled up her text messages. She shakily sent out a nervous text to her closest friend Akira,

    are you sure you are in 4B? are you almost here?’

    Saeko would never admit she was nervous, and no one would be able to tell unless they noticed her hands or touched her trembling body. Her black bangs shaded her eyes and her hair caressed her face as if it were a shield as the girl took a peek over the top of her cellphone to scope out the other students in the room.

    Nana hummed to herself in her seat in the classroom. She was next to the window in one of the front rows, regrettably so, she knew her seat would be moved. She gazed out the window at the rain, enjoying the sound. She was excited to see the people in her class after break, no where near nervous or afraid. Tsubaki wasn’t like that. She tapped her pen on the desk and took a sip of her strawberry milk in the carton when she turned her head to see if anyone new had entered. Living close to the school, she got there generally early. Her gaze landed on Nakahara who she only had talked to a few times but she considered her a friend. She took note of their different uniform choices as her green gaze scanned the girl. Nana had chosen the tan and black uniform while Saeko has chosen the navy and white, but they both had black knee high socks. The brunette offered Nakahara a smile but it appeared that Saeko had just glossed over her and was now looking back into her phone.

    Nana turned around and faced front again, her attention back to out the window. Her attention was now locked at the kids walking in through the front gates.

    Lost and confused, Makota Hisao walked around the school as it began to crowd up. Luckily, the new kid had managed to find at least one bathroom and the cafeteria. He walked around in somewhat of a daze and decided not to ask for help. He hadn’t been up the stairs yet, but he could almost completely confirm 4B was not downstairs. He raked his fingers through his brown hair and followed a few girls up the stairs, but he was lost in thought to notice they had paused at the top. Hisao walked into one of the girls who started to say something to him annoyedly, but he ignored her and waved his hand with a simple “excuse me,” and kept walking. His grey eyes were scanning the numbers on the doors os much that he hadn’t even bothered to look at the girls besides the fact that one had brown hair and the other had black hair, but he soon forgot that detail too.

    His expression lit up when finally he found the door. He was happy he had found it, but in general not happy to be in school. It annoyed him that he wasn’t able to just stay back in Kyoshima and go to his old high school. Still deep in thought, Hisao walked into the room and sat in the closets seat to the door, just so he wouldn’t disrupt anyone else while he was brooding and not paying close attention to walking. All together, Hisao sighed and let it go. I’m here now. I guess I have to try to make friends for this year and the rest of next year. At least I’m not bad looking but.. all the friend groups are probably established.. unless I somehow get lucky and this is a class of people who mostly don’t know each other. I could also join a club or something but I’m pretty boring, I guess if a girl invites me to one or something.. I could just be a loner, don’t girls think that’s hot?

    Hisao grinned to himself, he would just have to see what would happen. Hopefully he would avoid making himself any enemies or embarrassing himself but his honesty and inability to keep his thoughts to himself would probably get him in trouble.

    Outside of his apartment building, Yuuto crouched in an alleyway. His blonde hair was soaked wet with rain and his clothes soggy. He unbuttoned part of his white shirt that was becoming somewhat see through and clinging to his muscle. Yuuto hadn’t worn an undershirt that day, instead it was in his hand. His gaze was transfixed on a box laying in the alleyway and he made a quiet clicking noise with his tongue. And after a few seconds a little white head poked out, pointy ears flat against her head. Yuuto watched, straight faced and then offered the cat his hand. She sniffed it and rubbed her cheek gently against his hand before retreating into the cardboard to avoid the rain. Yuuto eyed her, noticing her stomach and his expression changed slightly. You’ve been naughty Tsuki. He narrowed his brown eyes at the cat before sliding his clean shirt into the box for her to lay on. Giving her a light pat, he reached with his other hand into his pocked and pulled out his cigarettes, lighter and a bag of cat kibble. “Don’t have your kittens today, it’s too cold.” He warned her softly, presenting the kibble. He uncaringly sat on the wet concrete, rain drops running down his cheeks from his hair as it pelted him. He attempted to light up a cigarette and finally after covering it with his hand he was able to keep it lit, taking a puff in the rain. He would be late, but he wanted to be sure the cat would eat, and besides, he really didn’t care.

    Tsuki, the dirty white cat, seemed happy, storing up kibble for her litter soon to come. Yuuto watched her with a brooding look on his face. He didn’t want any kittens to die. He sighed, scratching his head, and grabbing his bag. What am I going to do..

    The tall blonde headed out of the alleyway, his clothes sticking to him uncomfortably, he ignored it, minding his own business, walking.

    ✿ ✿ ✿


  • Issei came to conciousness with a sigh, sitting up in the gray-blue shadow of his bedroom. His eyes swept over all the shapes, too exausted for details: crumpled clothing on the floor, three feet of floor to a cramped closet, a corner, a door...

    He dangled his hand over the side of his bed (two stacked mattresses on the floor), and met great mass of fur, who recognized his touch and whined. Her tail started up thump-thump-thumping against the mattress.

    Issei smiled to himself in the dark, and climbed out from underneath a downy gray comforter. The clock on his cell phone read six thirty.

    Outside, the world poured.

    Issei poured himself a glass of orange juice in the kitchen, and then searched for his school pants, cursing to himself that he hadn't woken up later. But this year, he'd promised himself he would actually try...

    Issei hurriedly buttoned his good white shirt and slid on the uniform blazer, and slicked back his hair with gel and water in the mirror. Ten minutes later he was out the door, umbrella popped above his head. First day of his last year. Yay. Supposedly, this was some kind of an event, something memorable. But sloshing through puddles in his school oxfords it seemed like just another rainy, shitty day.

    The community volunteer president stood in front of the mirror in the girls' bathroom, wringing her long, red, wet hair and looking anxious. She smoothed out her uniform and stood up straight, staring intently at her face in the mirror. Was that a spot? A pimple?? Damn it, my mascara... Emiko beat on the broken automatic paper towel machine until it registered her movement and spat out what she needed. Then she scrubbed under her eye, where her mascara had smudged in the rain.

    She bent over and tugged up her socks, and tugged down her skirt to cover her ass more. Then she looked herself over in the mirror once more, praying not to look completely stupid on her first day back.

    She grabbed her messenger bag and pushed open the bathroom door with her foot, shouldering past a gaggle of girls huddled just in front of it and awkwardly striding to her classroom. She felt totally paranoid.

    Outside the door, she tightened the glittery blue scrunchie in her hair once more, and braced herself mentally.

    Classroom 4B. This is fine.

    She took a seat near the front, and promptly unloaded her arsenal of glitter pens and notebook, busying herself and trying not to look at anyone she didn't recognize from last year.

  • Nakiya Akira

    - barely 18, bi-curious, 5'4, blonde, pale green eyes, community volunteer club -

    Akira is a confident, outgoing girl who tends to be a bit over-the-top. Well-known around the school for her bubbly nature. She has definitive contrast to her best friend, Saeko, and often gets the two of them into some kind of trouble.

    Spends most of her time outside of school hanging out with friends, partying, or shopping. Doesn't go home often. Surprisingly closed-off about personal matters.

    Has a minor alcohol addiction. Very reckless. Selfish. On the bright side, she's all smiles and laughs, and her cheerful and easygoing energy is often contagious.

    Enjoys piña coladas, fashion, and warm weather.
    Close with Saeko and Emiko. Finds Issei intriguing. Acquaintances with everyone else.

    Other: Often has peach-colored painted nails, Takes a lot of inspo from kfashion, Wants to dye her hair pink, Has a rose tattoo on her hip (see spoiler).

    Achimo Kiyoko

    - 18, bi, 5'6, brunette, grayish blue eyes, class president -

    Kiyoko is an intelligent, quiet person with intentions to get into an Ivy League school. Has a difficult time sticking up for herself. Lately, Kiyoko has let her strict nature go a bit due to Issei Sato, her boyfriend. The two of them often hang out after school if Kiyoko isn't working at the local grocery store or managing classwork.

    A very gentle-hearted person once you crack her shell (it's not very hard). Her emotions are easily thrown off and manipulated. Really desperate to be loved. Wants to get married and have a happy family like the one she grew up in.

    Dislikes people who don't try their best. Likes mathematics, sex, and lofi beats.

    Close with Issei and sort of friends with Emiko. Doesn't really talk to anyone else. Dislikes Yuuto.

    Other: Wears contacts, Has a caffeine fixation

    Amari Reo
    -17, probably straight,5'8, blond, baby blue eyes, searching for club -

    Reo is a very friendly and sweet boy. He almost exclusively hangs out with females and is terrified of being bullied by males. Shows talent in reading and writing, but severely lacks in the math department.

    Enjoys cooking and researching recipes. Often brings his friends sweets that he makes at home.
    studying and rude people.

    Just wants everyone to be happy. Very physically affectionate. Sort of acts like a big brother to a lot of his girl friends.

    Used to be made fun of for looking girlish. He holds onto all of those insecurities from years ago and is oblivious to the fact that he's physically grown to look like a boy, even if he has a somewhat feminine face. Is very conscious of his appearance.
    Eager to make friends that are boys and become more of the 'manly' type.

    Close with Emiko and Nana, friends with Akira, acquaintances with Saeko and Kiyoko. Is wary of Iwao and avoids Issei and Yuuto at all costs. Wants to try and get to know Hisao.

    Other: Wants to wear piercings but is afraid of being 'girly', Always wears an oversized brown jacket on cold days (see image above)

  • Akira was blow drying her hair in the bathroom when her phone lit up with a notification. She smiled as she glanced at it, immediately noticing the contact name for her best friend. Her eyes scanned the message, and she let out an amused huff. Saeko almost always got to Tokoshima earlier than Akira, especially on important days like his one. She was almost envious of her best friend... imagine actually being prepared and on time for things.

    In Akira’s defense, something would always find a way to go wrong in the mornings. For example, last year she had run late about six times because there were no clean towels and she refused to go to school without showering first. She snorted at the memory of Saeko shamelessly smacking her upside the head the fifth time it had happened.

    She picked up her phone, unlocked it and began typing. Her phone charm- a white rilakkuma bear head- dangled wildly at the sudden movements.

    i’m sure. i’ll be there soon bb. don’t be nervous. ):

    She paused and watched the blue message deliver before deciding to add on.

    are u in the classroom? anyone else there?

    After a few seconds of no sign of Saeko typing back, she tossed it away and began combing through her long blonde strands, humming quietly.


    Kiyoko stood awkwardly at a corner of a building near the crosswalk, looking like a lost puppy. Ever since she began dating Issei, the two would meet up around here to walk to school together. It had become a habit to wait for him, however, now it felt strange. They hadn't needed to gather in the summer months, so it had been a while.

    As off as she felt, Kiyoko would be lying if she said she hadn’t missed this. It was an excuse to see her boyfriend without feeling clingy, and this way she could make sure he didn’t skip. Most happily of all, Yuuto was never there to bug them. Honestly, Kiyoko wasn’t sure if Issei's friend
    would even bother showing up on the first day, let alone the entire year.

    She crossed her fingers and made a silent wish in hopes that Yuuto would be in a different class. Her red umbrella, held loosely in her left hand, blew slightly in the windy rain. Kiyoko stared into an upcoming rush of people crossing the street. No Issei yet, it seemed.

    What awful weather to begin the year with. Hopefully, it wasn't some kind of omen.


    Reo bounced up and down in front of the school's bathroom mirror, attempting to psych himself up. He did his best to ignore the shakiness in his hands, but after a long look at himself, his optimism faltered. His hand instinctively grabbed at his phone. He pressed his most recent chat and keysmashed.


    His good friend would already understand why he'd be nervous about today, so he looked for encouragement. As bad as he felt about worrying others, it would be less healthy to hold all his feelings in when he felt like his stomach was going to flip.

    Crippling self-doubt cut through most of his built up self-esteem. He was going to get bullied again, wasn't he? He looked gay, right? He looked like a girl. Pathetic.

    Reo rubbed his eyes, took a deep breath, and allowed the overwhelming thoughts to disperse. This wasn't what he wanted. Besides, that was wrong! This year was going to be the year of change. No more being pushed around... that's what his friends had told him time and time again.

    A yawn escaped him as he waited for Nana's reply. Brownies he had stayed up baking all night were wrapped individually and stored carefully in his bag. He hoped that they wouldn't be for nothing.

  • The second Saeko’s phone buzzed her hand jerked upward. As to not seem desperate, Saeko poked around aimlessly for a good minute before quickly she got back to her messages. Attempting to be cool, she flipped her long dark hair back behind a shoulder and glared out at the students in the room. Eyeing her messages she replied, ‘of course not, and yes, not many people yet.’ Her reply was devoid of any affection and basically completely disregarded Akira’s friendliness but that’s just how Saeko was.

    She sighed quietly, crossing her legs and letting her leg bounce a little to help relieve stress. Her matching black rilakkuma bear charm jangled a little when she put her cellphone down on the desk, and leaned over it to keep looking around on it.

    Nana became distracted away from the window when her cellphone buzzed loudly on her desk. It scared her a bit and she quickly picked it up as to not disturb anyone. Calmly, she looked and noticed it was from Reo and already she was concerned.

    Just come in, I can come get you if you want. There’s one new guy here but he looks really lost in his own thoughts. Don’t freak out!!! It’s just people! We know of most of them already, and making new friends isn’t hard, weeding out sh*tty friends is! ^0^/‘

    Nana smiled at her phone, pushing her seat out a bit as she was ready to leave. Any other day Reo would have been on his own, she probably would have been late but she was just too excited to get back to swim practice. Either way, uncaring as always, Nana was ready to help him however she could because Reo was a person that Nana felt was not a dishonest or bad person.


  • Issei plodded along the sidewalk, staring disaffectedly at the slouched commercial buildings and the green dripping trees along the road. The rain seemed to lighten, but the damage was done. Issei's shoes were soaked. Regardless his face brightened as he approached a shitty little corner store.

    There someone waited underneath a hazy streetlight.

    He stopped just behind her, familiar female student, with long brown hair, standing restlessly by the crosswalk.

    "Ki-ki-chan. Baby," he cooed, honey-smooth. He hugged her from behind, gently, so he wouldn't startle her too much. "Hey. Long time no see."

    No kidding. It had been nearly a whole summer since they'd seen eachother.

    Iwao felt like he was choking on his tie as he spooned piping burnt oatmeal into his mouth. Both of these issues were a direct result of the careful direction of his mother, who wanted to make damn sure her baby boy was all perfect and ready for school. She tied his tie herself and watched eagerly as he ate the breakfast she had made. Every few minutes, she checked the time.

    "Oh, you have to eat faster! Its time to go—oh, forget that, get up, damn it, you're going to be LATE!" Iwao flinched as his mother spit into her hand and rubbed down a stray cowlick on his head, while practically chasing him into her minivan.

    Needless to say Iwao arrived to his first day at this new school pretty much hating his life. He stared out of the window and counted the cars he could see in the school's senior parking lot. Maybe if he payed someone well, he mused, they might do him a favor and run him over...

    "Mom, can you drop me off here?" Iwao said abruptly, loosening his tie. "This is where the kids get dropped off."

    "Are you sure?"


    They were all the way down the street from the carpool lane, but luckily, Mrs. Kojima didn't seem to notice. So, Iwao walked the rest of the way to school in the pouring rain—and he didn't care at all. At least he wasn't getting dropped off in front of everyone else in the soccermom-mobile. He would rather be shot.

  • Reo felt his heart jump out of his chest as he walked closer towards classroom 4B. The door was open, of course, and so he could already see a few number of students sitting down. Nana was right- the first seat in the front row was occupied by a guy he didn't recognize. Reo bit his lip, fidgeted with his and forced himself to continue forward.

    Instead of the mysterious newbie, he focused his attention on a familiar sight. Despite his nerves, the brightness in him managed to jump out as he walked inside.
    "Nanchan!" Reo called excitedly, rushing past the boy and practically sprinting to his friend. She was pretty as always, and the tan uniform somehow complimented her- maybe it was that it brought out her eyes. He smiled widely at her and then made a hand motion for her to wait. "I have something for you."

    A moment later, Reo pulled out a brownie in a cutely fashioned wrapping. Then, he leaned forward as he set it on her desk. His voice lowered. "I didn't sleep at all," he told Nana with a chuckle. She probably wouldn't be surprised. After all, he had texted her a few times throughout the night.


    Kiyoko began to turn around once she heard what she thought was Issei's voice, but before she could, her body was enveloped with a hug. She made a small hum of excitement and acknowledgment. "I missed you." The first thought that came to mind was also the first thing out of her mouth. With her free hand, she searched for his. Her back pressed harder into Issei's chest, as if to make sure he was real.

    It had been too long, and half of that was her fault. Working almost full time and always being busy with her family definitely took a toll on how much time she could spend with her boyfriend. There was also the fact that her parents didn't approve of Issei at all...

    Well, it didn't matter. Now that school was starting, they could be together at least five days a week, and she could always lie and say that she was staying after school for clubs while the two of them 'hung out' at his place. It would work out, Kiyoko was sure of it.

    "Let's get going, baby. Your class president can't be late," she joked, turning her face to see his.


    Akira had managed to slip out of the house unseen. God forbid her father see her in makeup. With a sigh, she brushed off her black skirt and began walking to the high school. Since she lived about ten minutes walking distance, there was never a need to take transportation unless she had stayed at Saeko's house. She cleared her throat and ran her fingers through her bangs, attempting once more to get them perfect.

    Once she was at the entrance, Akira pulled up her thigh high socks and stretched. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted someone from her class last year. Kojima-san, was it? She hesitated for a moment before deciding he looked like he didn't really want be there, much less talk to anyone. Instead, Akira whipped out her phone and frantically tapped.

    be there in like two secs lol

    She changed into her black school shoes- ugly, if you asked Akira, but they could be worse- and then headed up the main flight of stairs to 4B. Students were now flocking like sheep. Too many faces began to pour into every hallway. Akira laughed to herself. Saeko would have to wait... clearly, she had underestimated the traffic. Oops.

  • Suddenly, Hisao looked up, taking his head off the perch of his hand. His train of thought was abruptly interrupted and out loud he said—

    “It smells like brownies.” But it was probably only loud enough for the people in the front of the room to hear. Hisao’s hand krept over his mouth and his gray eyes looked around to see if anyone had noticed his outburst but if they did, no one said anything. Get it together, just shut up would ya? Hisao ran his hand through his messy brown hair and let his eyes and nose attempt to locate the source of the scent, and then he spotted a blonde boy, talking to a cute brunette. A cute couple? Sh*t everyone does know each other..

    Nana was gazing out the window again when Reo approached her. His light-hearted air made her smile gently as he approached. She watched as he pulled out a sweet smelling treat for her, and before she even thanked him she started opening it. “Reo! Thank you!” Nana exclaimed, focused on the sweets. She was known to love sweets, especially strawberry, but the brownie would compliment her strawberry milk.

    When Reo revealed his secret with a smile, Nana sighed, “You should have had some tea or something, not sleeping is so unhealthy..” she scolded, her green gaze flicking back to the brownie as she broke off a piece and popped it into her mouth.

    “Aaah! Delicious!” She exclaimed shamelessly. Unfortunately her excitement would probably draw attention.


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  • Holding Kiyoko again, it felt like everything was going back to normal. And rather than feeling comforted, Issei felt a knot in his throat. Back to normal? Normal was no good. Issei was ready to get into some trouble...

    Issei squeezed her tight, and let her go as she turned, feigning disheartenment. "Aw, not even for me?" Issei played with the bow on her uniform, smiling like a fox. Seeing her expression, he relinquished easily. "Fine. Let's walk."

    Issei walked with his hand on her lower back, to both guide and possess her. On his first day back, Issei felt it necessary make it known what was his. He found himself guiding her into their homeroom the same way, standing tall and looking dangerous—after all, his reputation preceded him.

    Issei sat down near the back, behind Nana, and looked around for his friend Yuuto. He wondered if the guy would even show up today.

    Room 4B smelled like floor wax. Iwao stepped in carefully, his blonde hair stuck to his head and dripping into his clothes. He stiffly dropped his books onto the nearest desk and looked around, paranoid, before taking his seat.

    The clock ticked ominously above the funny model skeleton in the corner, who wore a labcoat and a name tag reading 'Bones-san.'

    Iwao huffed. Stupid, he thought, looking away. He looked down at his desk, and concentrated on the ticking of the clock hands. Finally, the door opened once more and a very skinny old woman with gray hair stepped into the room. She wore cokebottle glasses so thick Iwao wondered if they really helped her see at all. It wasn't quite time for class too start yet, but Mrs Hanami (the name she wrote on the white board) didn't seem to be in a rush. She moved like an iceberg.

    The old woman paused for a good 2 minutes once she had established herself at the front of the room to slowly take her glasses off, and polish their lenses with a cloth. Iwao watched a couple students who had been loitering outside take the opportunity to sneak to their seat. Mrs Hanami, the homeroom teacher, hummed to herself, unconcerned and oblivious.

  • Reo's entire body went rigid when he heard a male voice comment on the brownie scent. He gulped and turned around to offer a hesitant smile once Nana had thanked him. "I have extras.." He responded, presumably offering one. Whoever this was did seem excited, after all. This was his chance.
    Before walking over to the new kid, Reo glanced back at his friend. "I'm glad you like them," he replied sweetly.
    Reo looked into his bag and picked out the prettiest wrapped treat before making his way across the class and holding it out to the other male.
    "Sorry if it's not very good, they were kind of rushed." He lied. "I'm.. My name is Amari Reo." He faltered, trying to hide his anxiety.

    Once Mrs. Hanami entered, he decided to sit down as to not cause a disruption. "Sorry, hope you don't mind." Reo apologized, gently plopping down at the desk to the direct left. They'd probably be moved around, anyways, so hopefully Reo would be seated near Nana, but that was wishful thinking.

    He looked down at his desk when he saw Sato enter with a girl. His hands fidgeted. Of course they were in the same class. Reo recalled a specific time when Sato had actually made eye contact with him. He had never been so intimidated in his life. Honestly, the guy was a walking nightmare. Reo held back a shiver.


    "Not even for you," Kiyoko confirmed playfully, a half-smile growing on her face. She let Issei take the lead as she walked next to him, rather enjoying having someone be possessive over her after weeks of missing it. Kiyoko looked at Issei's face every now and then, wondering how she got so lucky to have such a cool boyfriend.

    Once they were in class, Kiyoko took a seat up at the very front. As much as she wanted to be with Issei, it helped her focus more to be away. Plus, she was class president- it would look bad if she was slacking in the back. With a sigh, Kiyoko realized the teacher would probably change seating around, anyways.


    Akira finally made it up the stairs and down a hallway or two after the seven most dreadful minutes of her life. Could people walk any slower? She felt unbelievably claustrophobic, not to mention the fact that she was now late.

    Luckily, the teacher seemed to be in another world. Akira took a few glances around the classroom and noticed that there was an empty seat to the right of Saeko. It was good karma after the pitiful student traffic she had just experienced.

    She grabbed the seat quietly before grinning at her best friend. "I'm not late unless the teacher says I'm late," Akira stated matter-of-factly. It wasn't true, but it was something she could tell herself to feel better. What kind of student is tardy on their first day? Akira wanted to slam her head on her desk.

    Regardless, she kept her smile on and continued. "You look cute. Did you take more time on your hair today?"

  • Hisao had not wanted to attract attention, but he was thankful that this once he seemed to not disrupt anyone. The boy who approached looked generally normal and talked like a nice guy, to which Hisao outloud said, “Oh, you seem nice.” Hisao reluctantly took the brownie, unsure as to trust him. He seemed nice yeah, but new kids sometimes got pranked, from his experience with new kids at his old school. “‘I’m Makota Hisao. It smells good, I think i’ll save it for lunch though, I already had breakfast.” The brunette reasoned politely. He really was truly not hungry at the moment, but to drive it home that he was going to have it, he put it in his backpack that had hardly anything in it. He set the bag down on the ground afterward, turning back. “him suprised you’re not sitting with your girlfrie— Sato-kun?” Hisao cut himself off, recognizing the black haired delinquent with the girl on his arm. He wasn’t sure if that was really who he thought, having only known him briefly before he stopped going and then apparently transferred to Tokoshima. He doubted Sato would really remember him much, but the times they’d interacted hadn’t been necessarily negative. Hisao thought he’d dome Sato’s homework for him at some point or gave him answers when he asked or something. Unfortunately, Hisao neglected to see Amari’s reaction to Sato’s entrance, and now was focused on Sato. He definitely didn’t look friendly, and Hisao could cross the straight-laced girl at his side off his possible list for sure, at least Sato wouldn’t be a rival for anything.

    Saeko perked up when Akira rushed in, her anxiety quelling a bit. Her stomach had stopped feeling like it was going to come out her ass and she took a deep breath before glaring icily. “You are late to me.” She glowered, noting Akira’s appearance. Saeko extended her hand and gently (for once) chopped Akira on the top of the head, “Overhead chop! You look cute too.. and not really.” She lied. Saeko was up early doing her natural colors make up and black mascara to match her long, pin straight, silky black hair. Saeko’s attention was caught off guard as she watched the class president waltz in. “Oh look class rep is here.. ah they don’t look like a good fit.” Nakahara commented to Akira, quietly as so neither of them would here. “Sato is actually on time, wow, I heard he always comes late, maybe it’s a rumor?”


  • Akira raised her eyebrows at Saeko while she rubbed the top of her head. "Well, that's pretty subjective.." She giggled a bit at the blunt nature of her friend. "But god damn, he's fine. I'd pay him to spit on me," Nakiya whispered, obviously exaggerating but clearly still interested. The tall, built male with jet black hair was definitely an eye-catcher. Something about him seemed familiar. They had probably met at a party, but then again, wouldn't she remember someone this nice looking? She contemplated for a moment, racking her brain.

    In the end, Akira came up with nothing. Instead, she just responded to Saeko's last comment with a smirk. "Delinquents are my type, you know."

    She said the ending bit a tad louder, probably on purpose.


    Reo flushed at the sudden compliment from Hisao. His opinion quickly grew for the other male. He's so cool... he can just casually compliment people like that.
    He watched with a satisfied smile as Makota slid the homemade brownie inside of his bag. "That's fine! Just let me know how it is. I'm always looking for critique on my recipes.." Reo faded off, feeling awkward. God, why did he always come off as such a loser?

    He didn't really have time to ponder, because Makota was talking on about something else, and then he had called Sato's name. At that, the shorter male went frigid once again.
    Please don't respond. Please don't come closer. Oh my god, I'm going to die.

    The panic button in Reo's brain had already been slammed, and sirens were blaring. All he could do was sit still and stare at his desk.

  • The male had barely sat down when Hisao started asking questions. Leaning forward in his desk, toward's Hisao, Issei's expression looked dark and almost offended. He looked like he might actually get back up.

    "Who the f* are you?" he asked, too forcefully, most likely, as he was trying to figure out why this new kid was talking to him like they knew eachother. He wasn't necessarily trying to be a d-ck or anything, not on purpose—he just had no idea who Hisao was, at all. Zilch.

  • Hisao paused for a moment taken aback. He looked at the guy with a blank look for a few moments, his brain attempting to compute what was going on. Suddenly, he came to a conclusion. It seemed like the guy’s tone and overall appearance didn’t bother Hisao nor did it register that he might have put the guy off. “Makota Hisao. I guess you aren’t Sato Issei, nice to meet you. You look like a guy who hardly showed up from my old school, I was hoping to see a familiar face even if we didn’t know each other well.” Hisao shrugged, and then began to turn around, when his linear brain caught sight of a girl who he’d not seen come in the room. His grey eyes widened and it was obvious he was distracted, and again, he did it again— “Damn. Is she single?” Escaped from his lips to no one in particular, quietly, she wouldn’t hear. Hisao’s intrusive gaze swept over her stature and his gaze was caught mainly by her long blonde hair and pretty pale green eyes. He didn’t give her body more than a glance but he was awkwardly checking out her cute face before he sighed and finished turning around. He assumed in that moment that she was taken but despite that he decided— “Target acquired.”

    Saeko rolled her eyes. No doubt her friend would get in trouble. “I don’t trust him or Sakura. I hope I am misjudging them.” The dark haired girl said, narrowing her blue eyes. Again, no one would hear their conversation unless they moved closer, so Sato wouldn’t hear. Saeko lightly ran her hand over her navy pleated skirt, making sure it sat comfortably, before leaning her elbow on the desk and resting her symmetrical face upon her hand. Saeko was cute but hard to notice sometimes, especially next to Akira, unless a guy was exclusively looking for breasts. Hers weren’t huge but they were definitely a good and noticeable size against her lean body. Her straight, long black hair made her skin look paler and brought the blue out in her eyes. She was more plain, but at the same time unique, having a slender figure, and silky hair, the only explanation for not getting hit on more was Saeko’s inherent ability to ignore and retort to remain the loner she always seemed to be. If they wanted to date her they’d have to be determined and get to know her, even her flustered side and let her warm up. That’s what scared Nakahara. Akira wasn’t completely like her in that sense. Saeko worries for her friend, being so beautiful, that she would be used, especially by someone like Issei, purely from his looks, mannerisms and activities.


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  • When Hisao explained, Issei settled down—not that it made a whole lot of difference to Hisao...

    Issei followed his gaze to a blonde female seated a couple rows ahead.

    "That's Nakiya-san," he answered. "She's hot, but she's always hanging out with that Saeko-san. She's like a barbed wire fence."

  • Hearing what the other male had said, Hisao began to turn again, this time to have a look at the other girl. His gray gaze was again attracted to this Nakiya girl, as she seemed so bright, but he tried his best to see past her. He narrowed his eyes at the girl with dark hair sitting down and chatting with Nakiya. The way they touched each other so casually was cute, and made it easy to see they were close. Hisao tapped his fingers, eyeing Nakahara and noting her cute face, pale skin, silky hair and over all shape. She was cute too but Nakiya was way more his type. As Hisao watched, he noticed too late that Nakahara picked up her gaze, and while his eyes scanned her legs and up her body to her face, they met.

    “Uh oh. She sees me.” Hisao said quietly, not breaking eye contact. He picked up his hand and waved at her trying to be friendly.

    Saeko’s face had reddened and she lifted up a fist and slowly up sprung her middle finger and gestured at Hisao from across the room.

    Hisao looked shocked for a second then laughed to himself, turning and facing the guy again.

    “Yeah I see what you mean. I think she thinks I was checking them both out. I mean she’s not wrong. Anyway what’s your name?” Hisao asked, still really slow. “She’s cute, if you look under her long black hair, and she’s got some big boobs.” He commented shrugging. Suddenly, remembering Amari was still next to him and notably quiet, Hisao looked over at him. “What do you think, Amari-kun? Or do you only look at that brunette over there?” He referred to the girl he believed Amari was seeing because of how he had approached her so quickly and probably just because they were talking and Hisao is an idiot. Obviously Hisao also didn’t detect that Amari was uncomfortable, all he noticed was that the guy wasn’t talking as much, but he didn’t think anything of it. He also hadn’t noticed that the other guy had calmed down, and he had ignored his hostility in the first place because it just didn’t compute in his brain. Had Hisao been more interested he’d have noticed it, but he hadn’t really cared, he was more confused by his momentary recognization.

    While Hisao waited for an answer, he started to overthink again and mull over in his mind what the nature of Nakahara and Nakiya’s relationship was. Maybe they were just friends and Nakahara was the prickly type and because of that no one talked to Nakiya by association? Hisao had finally gotten something right, but instead his brain led him away, and to wondering if they were a secret couple and not out yet.


  • Issei let his eyes linger on Nakiya's pretty blonde hair, her pink lips, her small but undeniably squeezeable frame...

    She almost looked familiar. Issei wondered if they'd ever been to a party together. Or...something. He hoped not. That would have been something he wanted to remember.

    When Hisao announced they'd been caught, his eyes fell on Saeko flipping them off from across the classroom. He flashed her a crooked grin as the teacher started calling roll.

    "You already know my name," he answered. "You literally just said it." Moments later, the teacher called his name, and he leaned back in his chair, cupping his hands around his mouth to yell, "PRESENT."

    Mrs Hanami checked off his name with an arthritic hand and continued moving down through the list, until she came to two names she didn't recognize scribbled in at the bottom.

    "M-ma...Makoto Hisao....Kojima Iwao..." She squinted at the students in the front row.

    Iwao waved his arm in the air in response. "Kojima Iwao. Present."

    Mrs. Hanami nodded and moved on, shuffling back over to the white board with the seating roster in her hand. She posted it up with a magnet shaped like an apple.

    "Could everyone stand up please!" she said, raising her voice twice as loud as necessary. "I've put the seating roster here, please come have a look and move to your correct seat! These will be your seats for the rest of this year!"

    Emiko looked up suddenly, her face becoming red hot like her hair. ASSIGNED SEATS?!

    "Is that allowed?!" she whispered to the students sitting around her. If they put her in the back, or with one of those delinquents like Issei....

    She would lose it.

    How could she focus? "Oh, please be okay...don't move me..." She kept mumbling to herself. Emiko stood up and awkwardly gathered all her things as students rushed the blackboard. She pushed people to the side and fought her way through to where the roster was posted.

    "No way! Hell no! I'm not sitting next to that baka!!!" The roster had her placed right next to Sakurai Yuuto.