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  • Character Storage

    Oakstar - blue rosette tabby tom with golden eyes and his spots are rather large and uniform in shape; LEADER of Trad. DarkClan; son of Dayspring and Ridgelily [both deceased]; siblings with cicadathrum (Cicadathrum), Sweetpea ! (Sweetpea) [deceased], BRISTLEFUR (Bristlefur) (previously Gorsepaw) [MIA], and HAILCLOUD. (Hailcloud); born member of DarkClan; former apprentice of DRIFTINGSTAR (Driftingstar) [deceased]; mated to .:NightBlaze:. (Nightblaze); father to SHEEP-PAW (Sheeppaw), .:Nightpaw:. (Serenepaw) [MIA], and flurrypaw (Flurrypaw); mentored MOOSEHEART (Mooseheart) and fawnspots. (Fawnspots) [former MCA to DarkClan]; sub → oakstar.

    Hickoryroot - tall Havana Brown with large ears, darker brown paws and ears and white chin/neck and pale green eyes; son of Shadefall [MIA] and Tommy [deceased]; no known siblings; mentored by npc; current member of DarkClan; sub → hickoryroot

    Flurrypaw - slender, shorthair pale blue she-cat with spotted fur and golden eyes, medium sized ears and tail, bright pink nose and tiny paws; daughter of .:NightBlaze:. (Nightblaze) [MIA] and Oakridge/star; siblings with SHEEP-PAW (Sheeppaw) and .:Nightpaw:. (Serenepaw) [MIA]; mentored by Mothflame (Mothflame); current member of DarkClan; sub → flurrypaw

    Doewatcher - shorthair curly furred seal lynx point with blue eyes, medium ears, and a pale pink nose; daughter of sheepskin. (Sheepstar/skin) [MIA] and .:Shimmersong:. (Shimmersong); siblings with Beetle . (Beetlepaw) [MIA], cottonbright (Cottonbright/Calamity), Smokeshine (Smokepaw) [MIA], yew (Fleecepaw), .rosepaw. (Rosepaw); born member of ThunderClan; apprenticed by npc; sub → doewatcher

    Wren - tall, broad shouldered tortoiseshell with mostly gold around her chest and ears, black nose and toffee brown eyes with dark pink inner ears; daughter of Rook and King; siblings with Heron; former loner now member of WindClan; sub → wrenfire

    Icefeather - white tabby female with indigo/violet eyes; former medicine cat of fallen HawkClan (fan Clan) now member of ShadowClan; only child of Silverslip and Snaketail (both deceased); mated to tansystar (Tansyface/star); former medicine cat of ShadowClan; mentored by Mistflower (deceased); former mentor to cedarhaze (Cedarpaw) and SUMMERNIGHT (Summerpaw) [current member of DarkClan]; former mentor to OLIVESLIP (Oliveslip) [former ShadowClan MC]; current unofficial medicine cat of ShadowClan and mentoring TAWNYPAW (Tawnypaw) and Spindlepaw! (Spindlepaw) [current ShadowClan MCAs]


    Rockleap - mostly white tom with pale grey coloring over his ears and the top part of his head and shoulders and pale green eyes; former loner with undisclosed past; no family among Clans; parents deceased (Angela x Ross); adopted by loner Mac (deceased) with adoptive brother Fizz (MIA); member of DarkClan; former apprentice of Jewelpelt (Jewelpelt); sub → rockleap ; DECEASED (bobcat attack)

    Snow - white tabby female with pale blue eyes; she had six litters - two with her deceased mate Jet, one with Storm (deceased), one with Oakfur (deceased), one with an unknown/NPC father, and one with +BLACKSTAR+ (Blackstorm/star) [deceased]; only her two most recent litters are still alive; former loner, then member of fallen SnowClan, now of ThunderClan; DECEASED (fox attack); adoptive mother of slatewing (Slatewing) [deceased], pumpkingrin (Pumpkinkit) [MIA], ~Fallowsoul~ (Moonstar) [deceased], stagkit. (Stagkit), and probably more; sub → snow !

    Petalpaw - non-binary white tabby with pale brown/orange paws and pale blue eyes; kit of Snow and NPC father (loner); sibling to silverspring. (Rustsky) [deceased], Scotchsour. (Astralpaw) [deceased], and -stone (Stonecloud); born member of ThunderClan; DECEASED (fox attack); bio found here

    Rosewater - tiny calico female with golden eyes; former loner with two siblings - one resided in SkyClan (deceased) and the other in BloodClan (deceased); daughter of Bella (loner/deceased) and NPC father (BloodClan); member of ThunderClan after separated from family; DECEASED (hit by monster); bio found here; former apprentice of +BLACKSTAR+ (Blackstorm/star) [deceased]; mentored .:Shimmersong:. (Shimmersong) and stormstride (Stormstride); sub → rosewater -

    Laureltwist - pale grey striped tabby female with pale green eyes; only surviving kit of Snow and Blackstar's only litter as her other two littermates were stillborn; born member of ThunderClan; currently residing as a LONER on a farm with her mate BloodOrange (Bloodorange); former apprentice of Sunspots (Sunspots); mentored twilightdust- (Twilightpaw); sub → laureltwist

    Jester - tall, russet and brown bengal she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye; mysterious past and skittish nature; unknown lineage; born under a different order of cats; former member of ThunderClan; currently MIA; sub → flurrypaw

    Mollyleaf - long-haired cream cameo tom with no white and pale blue eyes; son of laureltwist (Laureltwist) and BloodOrange (Bloodorange); sibling to .PEACH. (Thistlekit), Holly, and Myrtlepaw (Myrtlekit); born on a farm, forer member of ThunderClan; former apprentice to sheepskin. (Sheepstar/skin) [MIA], former medicine cat mentored by sunflowerglow (Sunflowerglow) alongside OCEANHAWK. (Oceanpaw); currently a LONER; sub → mollyleaf

    Pepperpaw - short-haired orange tabby with big ears and green eyes and runner's build; daughter of two NPC loners and two NPC siblings (Rook and Daisy); birth name was Bishop, changed to Pepper by her parents; born a loner, then member of ThunderClan, now LONER; former apprentice to sheepskin. (Sheepstar); sub → pepper !

    Hanakosong - pale brown tabby female with dark green eyes; daughter of Poppywhisper and Moonshadow [both deceased]; had one kit named Hollowkit with NPC, both who passed away from sickness in SnowClan; former member of fallen SnowClan, then of RiverClan; DECEASED (drowned self); former mentor to Toadjump (Toadjump)

    Eaglewip - pale brown tabby tom with green eyes; mate to Lily! character Lilypollen; father to Smokepaw (deceased), Patchpaw, and Lilypaw; born member of WindClan; INACTIVE

    Nightwind - black furred female with dark green eyes; mate of Hawkblaze (deceased) and mother to Blackpaw and Moonpaw (both deceased); adoptive mother to Smokepaw (deceased); born member of WindClan; DECEASED (age)

    Smokepaw - dark grey tom with pale grey eyes; adoptive son of Nightwind; parents unknown to him but Eaglewip and Lilypollen were his parents; born member of WindClan; has minor heart condition that makes physical labor hard for him; DECEASED (heart condition); former apprentice of Cowspots (Cowspots)

    Phoenixfire - golden tabby female with golden eyes; mate to Mooneyes (deceased) and Tigerheart (deceased); mother to Jetheart (killed by dog), Dwindlesoul (died in battle), and Pinepaw (killed by Tigerheart) as well as a litter of six to Tigerheart before she murdered him, one unknown litter, and one with Mooneyes; adoptive mother to Smallpaw (decased); born member of ShadowClan; DECEASED (age)

    Smallpaw - dark brown tabby tom with pale green eyes; blind from birth; adoptive son of Phoenixfire; born member of ShadowClan; DECEASED (killed by bird of prey); apprentice of greenzor

    Datura - small genderfluid oriental short hair cinnamon tabby with blue eyes and slight runner's build; former kittypet; child of Percy (kittypet/Dark Forest/deceased) and Liz (kittypet); sibling to .cherryblossom. (Cherrypaw) [deceased], .Dawnpaw. (Heronpaw), -lemonpaw (Lemonpaw) [deceased]; former member of ShadowClan, now lives as kittypet with mother; INACTIVE; sub → datura

    Bianca - on the small side with narrow shoulders; sleek, long white furred purebred Persian with pale blue eyes; former show kittypet; former Guard of BloodClan; one of five from litter of Maria and Leonardo; made guard of BloodClan under WILLOWPAW. (Ruth), and made Head Guard alongside darkflower. (Artemis) under EMBERTHROAT (Wildseas); currently living with one of her brothers on a farm as LONER; sub → bianca -

    Bard - tall, broad shouldered grey tabby with pale green eyes; his right ear has a clipped tip from when he was plucked off the streets as a younger cat and taken to get "fixed" before he was released back into the streets; also has a long scar on his left shoulder where no fur grows from a fight he got into with a dog (he won); born member of BloodClan; close friend of PHOENIX- (Phoenix); INACTIVE; bio found here; sub → mollyleaf

    Peter - tiny Scottish fold tom cat with dark brown stripes on pale brown fur with dark brown eyes and stubby ears; runt of the litter; son of WILLOWPAW. (Ruth) and EMBERTHROAT (Wildseas); sibling of sonata. (Sonata), Dog ( Gooey ), Gloom ( || EchoEye || ), and Maria ( snappy. ); born member of BloodClan, lived with Twolegs as kittypet briefly; INACTIVE; sub → mollyleaf

    Brookfur - small Chartreux female with golden orange eyes; former loner with two siblings - one resided in ThunderClan and the other in BloodClan [both deceased]; daughter of Bella (loner/deceased) and NPC father (BloodClan); member of SkyClan after separated from family; former medicine cat of SkyClan; DECEASED (unknown attack); former apprentice to wheatbloom (Wheatbloom) [deceased]; sub → brookfur -

    Whitenose - white and brown tom with hazel eyes; son of former SkyClan leader Minnownose (Minnowstar) and unknown father; sibling of Breezepaw, Poppypaw tinybabyleafs , Wasppaw, and Millstone (Wolfwing); former mate to BUCKWHEAT (Buckwheat) [deceased]; born member of SkyClan, would-be member of BloodClan, then loner, now returned to SkyClan; bio found here; sub → whitenose -

    Plumbpaw - long-haired blue furred tom with pale grey eyes; has white paws and longer fur on ears and tail; son of former SkyClan medicine cat apprentice Rainpuddle (Rainpuddle) [deceased] and kittypet Flick (Flick) [deceased]; sibling of PEACOCKKIT~! (Peacockkit), Breezetail (Breezepaw), and Tigerclaw51731 (Jasminkit); born member of SkyClan; bio found here; birthing thread here; sub → plumb ; DECEASED (fox attack)

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