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    So this is basically a jump-in horse thread, just copy the form and post yours, I’ll accept you and then you can make your first post


    Lead Mare

    She is in charge of the herd and leads them through everything they do. The lead mare is respected highly by the members of the herd. She chooses a lead stallion once a year, sometimes she leaves him, to mate with. She is just the matriarch and authority figure of the herd.

    Lead Stallion

    He is the second in command of the herd for a whole year, sometimes more if he forms a bond with the lead mare. He is the defender of the herd against predators and other things.

    Herd Mare

    These are the normal everyday mares of the herd. They are mothers to many foals and protect them in the springtime when many are born.

    Trailing Stallion

    These are Stallions who are trusted by the herd. The name being Trailing Stallion suggests their role, they follow behind the herd and help the lead stallion. They also claim mares during the IN season.


    These are the youngsters of the herd, small ones who aren’t yet old enough to be considered mares or stallions.

    Rogue Stallion

    These are Stallions who aren’t in the herd.

    Loner Mare

    These are mares who aren’t in the herd.

    Extra (rules/info)


    - The Lead stallion can only claim the lead mare, he is not allowed to mate with anyone else

    - Lead mare will pick a new lead stallion every new heat season to breed with

    - Stallions can claim more than one mare, but don’t have set partners that they stay with year round. They breed with a mare and then don’t like have love or anything like that

    - If two stallions want the same mare they must fight for her, winner gets the mare

    - Mares can breed starting at the age of three, any younger and the mare would die during childbirth

    - Mares can refuse to breed if they don’t want to, that is to be respected

    - However Stallions shouldn’t refuse the lead mare, also in the case that a stallion is in the lead mares cannot refuse him

    - Herd mares cannot refuse if the lead stallion wishes to breed with them, but he must get the lead mares consent

    - Forced breeding happens, but just talk to me and the owner of the OC before you do that

    - All positions may be challenged for, although there are only two big ones


    - New herds will form, but I’d like that to happen later in the rp

    - Have as many characters as you want, just keep in mind that they’ll have foals

    - Don’t be hungry for your OC to mate, please do a fade for mating and birthing

    - Just since it’s the IN season don’t start out preggers, for the sake of tying to find a father to your foal, thanks!

    - You may not mate with your own OC, however I might make an acception if you talk to me about it

    - Please talk to me about big Plot Ideas, I don’t like to be left out like that...

    - There should be more mares than stallions in this rp

    - NU SPAMMINGGGGG (sorry for caps it just gets on my nerves)

    - I might make more (probably not I was just too lazy to delete the extra dash, dang it takes longer to write this sentence... I’m severely disappointed, in myself of course lol)

    1. lynn-m-stone-appaloosa-horse-in-snow-illinois-usa_a-G-2635054-14258389.jpg
    2. Speckles
    3. Female
    4. 1.5 years
    5. Yearling
    6. Herd Mare (when older)
    7. Skittish around strangers, other wise she is friendly, open to her herd and helpful with those younger then her.
    8. Lilly ( Mother, deceased) Father unknown, Siblings unknown
    9. CRUSH: Open for now
    10. OFFSPRING: Too young
    11. nothing at the moment.

    1. 5476c2703fdf640465aac5b623a9e7b0.jpg
    1. Seth
    2. Male
    3. 3.5 years
    4. Trailing Stallion
    5. some day lead
    6. Seth tends to look up to the older stallions. He learns by watching them. He can be a bit shy around mares, but he just wants to be noticed by them as well. He isn't a very dominating buck, unless he really likes a mare, then he will give it his all. He will lay down his life for his herd specially to protect the foals.
    7. Starlite ( Mother) Dillion (Father), Siblings unknown
    8. CRUSH: Pepper
    9. OFFSPRING: Not Yet
    10. nothing at the moment.
  • Season: Early Spring (mares are In, or pregnant, or about to have their foals but for now just in)

    Weather: Warm, with a cool and gentle breeze

    Time: Morning

    Lead Mare: Azlan

    Lead Stallion: TBD

    (claimed=pregnant for mares)

    (interest/claimed= what mares he wants to claim or who he has impregnated for stallions)


    Azlan | F | 8 | Lead Mare | In/Out/Claimed | Interaction: Open

    The early call of a bird and the shuffle of grass as it was shifted in a gentle wind seemed to beckon the mare to open her eyes. Azlan knew it was time to get up, and yet a part of her, the more immature part, wanted to sleep in until the sun was high and it warned her light buckskin pelt. The lead slowly got up and stretched out her legs, which seemed to have become tight during her sleep. Az snorted quietly and slowly trotted up a small hill where she could watch her small herd. Personally, the mare was extremely proud that a female was in charge of a herd for once and not a dumb male. From her experience, stallions tended to be reckless and enjoyed keeping mares around just for breeding, which just annoyed her greatly. Azlan shook her head and focused back on her herd, dipping her head down so she could graze. She flicked her tail to shoo away flies, annoyed at how many there were so early in the morning. The flies tended to get worse as a mares heat progressed, which was another thing that annoyed her. Luckily, Azlan was very level-headed and knew how to hide her annoyance of such things, it was key for one to be calm in the hopes of running a herd. “I wonder when everyone else will be awake.” She spoke to herself and laughed gently watching some sleeping members. The mare took notice of a particular trailing stallion who seemed to be having quite the interested dream. Azlan laughed quietly again before going back to razing and focusing on herself, looking like she was tuning out the world, while in reality her ears were perked in the case of danger.


    Pepper | F | 4 | Herd Mare | Inslightly/Out/Claimed | Interaction: Open

    The young mare woke up with a fit of sneezing, as a little pollen had creeped into her nose. Pepper shook her head with a grin and laughed happily. “Well! That was unexpected. How interesting, now I need to remember to never ever EVER sleep right near a flower again. That could explain my weird dream however.” She tended to ramble on and on uncontrollably sometimes, not knowing when to stop. Pepper turned red with embarrassment realizing she might have woken some members up with her blabbering. “Sorry.” The mare whispered and pinned her ears slightly, uncomfortable with her situation. Pepper slowly inched away, giving a small nod to Azlan, in respect, before continuing to walk over towards the trailing stallions. There was a young stallion who she had grown up with and was good friends with, also she enjoyed how playful many of them were. (At the moment it’s Deacon but it could be Seth)


    Deacon | M | 3 | Trailing Stallion | Interest/Claimed: | Interaction: Open

    The young stallion was deep in sleep, tossing and turning as he was having an odd nightmare. Deacon tended to have weird dreams but this one wasn’t like the rest.


    Marius | M | 6 | Rogue Stallion | Interest/Claimed: | Interaction: Open

    I’ll write for him later :3

    1. lynn-m-stone-appaloosa-horse-in-snow-illinois-usa_a-G-2635054-14258389.jpg

    Name: Speckles Age: 1.5 years Rank: Herd Yearling

    Speckles was already awake, watching the sunrise was her favorite part of the day. She tilted her head some, turning a single ear back to the sound of movement as the sun rose higher. Slowly she turned her snow white head, speckled with black toward the sound. Azlan had woken up and moved to her hill. The young spotted mare smiled and turned to follow her. "Good morning, Azlan..." She spoke softly, keeping her head slightly lower then the lead's. "I think they will wake on their own time, some seem to want to sleep in.." She lightly teased the older mare, gently bumping her shoulder with her nose. The cool breeze of the morning air felt wonderful against her coat as it lightly teased at her mane and tail. The young mare lowered her muzzle down to sniff at the grass before she began to graze.

    1. 5476c2703fdf640465aac5b623a9e7b0.jpg

    Name: Seth Age: 3.5 Rank: Trailing Stallion Crush: Pepper

    A young snow white stallion lifted his head up as Pepper began to sneeze. His ears perked toward her as he made his way over to her side. "The flowers are jealous of your beauty, therefor they want to make you uncomfortable." His voice was lower then normal, wanting to make sure that only Pepper heard him speaking. It wasn't that he was embarrassed by his words, he just didn't want to alert the other stallions to his flirting with her. Being so young, Seth knew he would have to be discreet about wooing a mare. He could not take on the older stallions as of yet, but his hopes were high on winning Pepper over. With a bit of nervousness and shyness he reached out to lightly touch her shoulder. Quickly he glanced around before moving a few steps away from her. He looked toward the lead and young spotted mare then glanced toward the other stallions before returning his attention back to the lovely creature he stood next too. "Your beauty makes them look pale and unseemly.." He felt his nose warm with a blush. "...uh..." What was he going to say again? The sounds of someone dream drew his attention away from Pepper toward Deacon. Slowly he walked over to him and nudged him with his nose. "Deacon, wake up!" He skipped to the side to avoid thrashing hooves. The distraction gave him a chance to regather his thoughts about Pepper and to make sure he was doing his job.

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    Masha // herd mare // in-out-claimed // info // interaction: open

    Masha adored mornings. Everything was calm and quiet, no squealing foals were awake to break the peace, and she had some time to be alone for the most part. She had made it a habit to wake up earlier than the others and patrol the area. One could never be too careful of their surroundings. The cool morning air did wonders for her mane as well. She stood watching the sunrise with the other few that woke up early, and sighed as she heard the rest of the herd slowly waking up. And thus the peace is broken, she thought to herself, walking a bit further away from the group as to get at least a few more minutes of quiet.


    Merry // herd mare // in-out-claimed // info // interaction: Azlan Jaybird Speckles Silkswift  

    A light sleeper, Merry was woken by the voice of one of her fellow mares. She lifted her head from where she stood sleeping, eyes blinking in the bright morning light. "What a wonderful day," she sighed to herself, breathing in the crisp air and shaking out her pelt. She looked around to survey who was awake, and her ears pricked in interest when she saw the herd leader. Quickly trotting over to where Azlan and Speckles grazed, the milky palomino tossed her head in greeting. "Morning to the both of you," she nickered. "Azlan, what's the plan for today? Are we going anywhere interesting?"


    Heather // herd mare // in-out-claimed // info // interaction: open

    Beauty was everything to Heather. Already having woken, she had wasted no time shaking out her coat of dust, and stretching out her legs so none of her joints were sore and stiff. She stood tall and silent for a moment, gazing upon her slowly waking herdmates. Her dark coat shimmered in the morning light and the mare posed gracefully where she stood. Everything about the way she held herself seemed to call, "look at me!" Even her eyes held a flirty glint. The mare certainly hadn't forgotten what season it was, that was for sure. She tossed her head and sighed loudly, bending down to graze on the freshest patch of grass she could find. Heather made sure her good side was pointed towards the rising sun, and her hooves were poised delicately. Her eyes were upon the ground, but her ears were pricked to catch the sound of an approaching stallion that would inevitably come.

  • Season: Spring

    Weather: Warm, with a cool breeze

    Time: Morning

    Lead Mare: Azlan

    Lead Stallion: TBD

    (claimed=pregnant for mares)

    (interest/claimed= what mares he wants to claim or who he has impregnated for stallions)


    Azlan | F | 8 | Lead Mare | In/Out/Claimed | Interaction: Speckles, Merry, Heather

    The lead mare looked at the young yearling with a gentle gaze and a small nod. “Yes, tis a most wonderful day to be up and about.” Azlan laughed and nudged the filly with a smile still showing upon her face. She looked over as an older mare walked over, the mare was recognized as the mother of Deacon. The lead smiled at her and thought for a moment, trying to answer the question. “Well, I plan to take us over a series of hills and such to a good river where I know many lone mares come. I was hoping to add a few new members to our group, but try to avoid the stallions. So older mares such as yourself, and I should be keeping a lookout for them.” Azlan finished up and looked around the herd, focusing on a certain mare. The lead knew how much Heather wanted to be lead mare but in fact she didn’t have the strength for it.


    Pepper | F | 4 | Herd Mare | In/Out/Claimed | Interaction: Seth, Heather

    The young mare blushed uncontrollably at the stallion and rolled her eyes slightly. Pepper smiled but immediately frowned as Heather strutted out. Of course, all the Stallions will want her. I’m not as beautiful or as good as her. She thought to herself with a deep frown and pinned her ears. The mare slowly walked away slightly, glancing at Seth and Deacon.


    Deacon | M | 3 | Trailing Stallion | Interest/Claimed: | Interaction: Seth

    Deacon screeched as he was woken up and laughed brightly. “Morning Seth! It’s so wonderful to see you this morning.” He winked and looked around, focusing on Heather with a slight roll of his eyes. Although the mare was flirty in his mind she wasn’t very lovely and he didn’t like her craving for attention. Being like most stallion, Deacon still wanted to claim mares and would of needed but he was young.


    Marius | M | 6 | Rogue Stallion | Interest/Claimed: | Interaction:


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    Merry // herd mare // in-out-claimed // info // interaction: Azlan Jaybird  

    Merry nodded as Azlan answered and smiled. "It would be nice to see some new faces around here." The mare couldn't remember the last time there had been new members. Several seasons, at least. Some fresh blood could help strengthen and bring wisdom to the herd, so she could understand why the leader wanted to search for more horses. Noticing the mare's gaze drifting to Heather, Merry huffed and touched her leader's shoulder with her snout. "You shouldn't worry too much about the young one," she said. She spoke to Heather often, and knew of the pretty mare's ambition to become leader. "She's too caught up in her flirting, just let her have her fun."

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    1. lynn-m-stone-appaloosa-horse-in-snow-illinois-usa_a-G-2635054-14258389.jpg

    Name: Speckles Age: 1.5 years Rank: Herd Yearling

    Speckles flicked her ears toward Merry as she spoke with Azlan, slowly moving back to allow the two older mares to speak with each other. She glanced around the herd for a moment, twitching her ears and tail before shaking her snow and peppered mane some. She stomped a hoof at the flies then returned to grazing, listening to Merry and Azlan. Once more she lifted her head to look around while chewing on some grass. Her dark brown eyes glanced over at Heather as her head tilted some. I sure hope I never act like that.. She thought then lowered her head again for more grass. New members? Again she looked up, moving closer to Merry. Since her mother passed, she had leaned toward the mare for mothering. Sometimes she still wondered what happened to her mother. ( hope that's ok)

    1. 5476c2703fdf640465aac5b623a9e7b0.jpg

    Name: Seth Age: 3.5 Rank: Trailing Stallion Crush: Pepper

    Seth shook his mane as Deacon jumped awake. "Dreaming again?" He asked as his head swirled around to see where Pepper went. He noticed her unhappiness and wondered why. "Hey Deacon...do...eh..." He paused for a moment. "Hey do you have any pointers on getting a mare to look your way?" He paid no attention to Heather, his mind was on Pepper.