Tell me who I'm suppose to be [Open: Development + Disappearance]

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  • HNfzwXn.gif Her blue eyes stare out of the den to watch the clouds roll over the sky, not from the medicine cat den but the apprentice den. She wasn't stuck from the rain, it wasn't raining today, in fact it was dark out and the cats behind her were asleep. Rainpaw was demoted, no longer a medicine cat apprentice of Skyclan. Just an apprentice to train to be a warrior one day. Her heart felt heavy, the worse part if she had lied to Minnowstar right to their face. Starclan rejected her, it wasn't meant to be and it felt so unfair. Squeezing her eyes shut to keep her cries soft, she didn't want to wake her new den mates. So she waited till everyone had gone to sleep before slipping out into the darkness, to cry alone.

    Rainpaw lets out a shaky breath, trying to wrap her head around the new situation she was in. She should have never hanged out with that tom and even now her heart earned for him. Flick. He had stolen her heart and even after agreeing to never see each other again, he still had a tight grip on her very soul. The apprentice wished more than anything to go see him right now, she found her paws carrying herself to the border where she meant him. She could practically imagine him tackling her with joy, sharing their stories, taking in his scent as if it was the best thing in this world. Rainpaw stopped, staring out ahead of her as she battled with herself and wants. There was no way she could go back to him now, she left him not the other way around. Starclan was already upset with her and she didn't want to make it worse. Who else could she go to? Her family was basically all gone, probably dead expect for... her father Wolfgang.

    He had left to Bloodclan right? Her paws turn herself to head towards Bloodclan, with her heart racing at the thought of visiting them. They weren't enemies with Skyclan to her knowledge and if it was too see if father they would understand, right? Rainpaw found herself breaking into a run, the sun beginning to peak out and light up the world. She would be quick, she would just see him and talk with him. Starclan owed her this one. The apprentice of Skyclan disappeared that morning, by the time they traced her sent out into the territory it would begin to rain again, covering up her scent. Maybe a final act from Starclan to mess up her life? "" .

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  • brookkit, five moons

    Poking her head excitedly out of the nursery, Brookkit took a deep breath of the fresh, dewy morning air. She could taste the oncoming rain sitting heavily on her tongue, but for now, the sky was relatively clear and the sun's rays were reaching golden and long across the pre-dawn sky. Brookkit had finally been allowed to move into the nursery for her last moon of kithood after being kept in the medicine den due to her injuries. Despite her initial excitement, Brookkit missed the comforting, musty smells of the drying herbs and fresh moss. She had also eavesdropped on the warriors the other night and overheard that Minnowstar had finally given birth. Elated at the prospect of seeing new kits, Brookkit happily trotted over towards the medicine den, eager to see the newest members of her new family and maybe even say hello to Rainpaw.

    Brookkit had been in awe of Rainpaw's calm, collected, and friendly demeanor while treating Brookkit and others, so she had looked up to the older she-cat and hoped they could become friends despite their difference in age. Creeping as quietly as possible into the den, Brookkit's golden gaze swept around the cozy den happily until confusion settled across her expression.

    Minnowstar was lying in one nest, five multicolored kits laying curled up against the leaders stomach, all purring quietly. Wheatbloom and Addercloud were in their respective nests not too far back from Minnowstar. Stray bits of herbs lay in a scattered dusting across the floor as the sharp tang of various medicines permeated the air. The grey early morning light filtered into the den as it always had when Brookkit was a temporary resident. Everything was in place except for one thing.

    She couldn't see Rainpaw anywhere.

  • Dawn. Time for morning patrols, and to wake the apprentices for their rounds of training. Glacewing had her own trainee to look out for now in Orchardpaw, though the young she-cat was proving to be a decent huntress already. She was pleased. Exhaling hard against the cool morning air, the deputy of SkyClan began to seek out warriors who would be ready to lead patrols. Barkface would be able to lead a hunting patrol, which meant she could ask Lilysong to join her border patrol. Maybe Rainpaw would like to come, too. Truthfully, she felt badly for the former medicine cat apprentice. Having StarClan themselves tell of a different destiny was a difficult thing to cope with. She wouldn't know herself, for obvious reasons, yet the very idea was mind-boggling.

    Paws drawing her across the dew-coated stone towards the apprentices' den, the blue and cream cat poked her head inside. "Rainpaw-" Her voice cut off the second her clear gaze swept the den, finding no traces of the familiar young girl. Brow furrowing, she emerged back out, almost surprised to find one of the many kits of SkyClan lurking nearby. "Have you seen Rainpaw this morning?" the deputy decided to ask, wondering if Brookkit had witnessed her slip out of camp earlier.


  • brookkit, five moons

    When Brookkit had found no trace of Rainpaw in the medicine den, she was harshly reminded of the whispered gossip she had heard before falling asleep last night among the camp. StarClan had rejected Rainpaw. She didn't know what that meant - one had to know who StarClan was to know what that meant - but Brookkit thought that maybe it had something to do with why Rainpaw hadn't been where she normally was. Wandering out of the medicine den, forgetting about cooing over the new kits, Brookkit was surprised when Glacewing addressed her in concern of Rainpaw.

    Shaking her little head quickly, Brookkit moved closer to the older warrior, weaving between the deputy's front paws and feeling safe beside the she-cat. Brookkit had a hazy memory of Glacewing being mentioned when she had been found and taken in by SkyClan almost a moon ago. So to Brookkit, Glacewing was nice and safe. "I haven't...I was hoping someone else had." Pouting down at the ground between her paws and Glacewing's, Brookkit moped, "I don't know what everyone's talking about with StarClan, either. Are they our neighbors?"

  • o a k k i t --

    Oakkit woke to the sound of pawsteps. Cracking his eye open, he noticed that it was still very dark out. That was strange. He never heard anyone this early in the morning. Stretching, he looked down from his branch. He much preferred sleeping up here and would always do so if he could. Even though all the dens were in trees, it just wasn't the same as being amongst the leaves. What he saw surprised him. Rainpaw was running out of camp. What was up with her? Where was she going? And why was she going this early in the morning? Curious, he watched her for as long as he could. She seemed to be heading towards the border. Was she heading towards Bloodclan or Riverclan though? Or maybe even further than that, to Windclan or Darkclan? But he wasn't close enough to the border to see which direction she went more towards. And he wasn't willing to risk getting in trouble by following her. Shrugging it off, he turned back towards camp in time to see other cats starting to get up. This was certainly an interesting start to the day. He hoped that more happened that was also interesting because of it.