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  • THEY HAD IT COMING && shadowclan && tags

    NEEDS: apprentice!

    CHARACTER NAME: maggotscar

    PREFERENCES: maggotscar is harsh, prefering tough love over coddling. throughout her apprentice's training, she will also make a point to teach them life lessons, either through words or action. her apprentice would need to be able to deal with this kind of training, or be able to learn how to deal with it (character development? wink wink)

    NUMBER OF APPRENTICES (mentor only): 1

    OTHER: n/a

  • NEEDS: mentor

    CHARACTER NAME: dustpaw

    PREFERENCES: dustpaw will probably be a difficult apprentice, as she's extremely stubborn and prefers to deny mistakes instead of fixing them, so her mentor will need to be someone who can put up with her being difficult and keep her in line to actually make progress--or it could be someone who absolutely can't handle her, and poor mentor will be pushed around a ton but it could lead to some plots. either way is fine!

    NUMBER OF APPRENTICES (mentor only): n/a

    OTHER: n/a