Two Beasts (Private with Kheleesos)

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  • Kheleesos A.S - The Healer Tags

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    Kheleesos furrowed his eyebrows worriedly, it wasnt good to not be able to shift. It could mean a lot of things and he didnt want the young creature to get more hurt. He nodded. "Lets hope that the storm only lasts a few hours but yes, if we get hungry there might be a mole that we could find. Though it will be very hard." He paused and looked down at the cold dirt infront of him. Khel curled into a ball, trying to keep the heat he had left. "Do you think this harsh weather comes from up the Arcane mountains? There might be some cold wind spirits up there playing a trick on us."


    Played by SilverHawk

    Kinship Cirlce Healer

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