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  • he hadn't even recognized the non-response from piratepaw as anything but polite silence until he heard a soft snore. having found himself turning in the opposite direction from his brother, he didn't waste any time in whipping his head around to confirm his suspicions that he had fell asleep. he grumbled at the complaint his neck gave before it turned into a laugh at the sight of the other male. quickly locking his jaw to stop himself from being loud, he'd shake his head in amusement. "damn. and here's me thinking i wasn't a boring person." garrus commented, obviously to no one but himself. with a dramatic, defeated sigh as the lack of sleep hit him like a truck, he'd lower himself down to the floor before rolling himself up into a ball. and despite all the talk of not needing any sleep, it didn't take no time at all for him to fall into unconscious. and he'd sleep soundly. without a single nightmare.

    /hahahah yep i think they are so that sounds good!<3

    even if i have lost the fight

    you should see the other guy