Adventures Of The Odd Squad [PRIVATE]

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  • "Well, we'll be sure to at least try to help you find it," Selene said with a small smile. She stored the information of the bag's appearance into her brain. She did wonder whatever happened to the bag, though. Though then again, people steal things all the time. She knew that there were just plenty of people out there who weren't meant to be trusted with other people's belongings, so perhaps that was what happened to Hana's bag.

    "Brought a knife to hell and saw
    What was left down there and more
    Hide-and-seek'd for far too long
    Kept my treasures with my bones"

    "Lived for lies, lived for tales
    Lived for good and hit the rails
    Love you, boy, with what I know
    Hid that love up with my bones"

  • Gale agreed with what Selene said. "I'm sure we'll find it soon enough. I don't think the bag, if stolen, could've gone too far, right?" Gale said. "Although, could we stop by the Professor's lab first?" Though Gale wanted to help, he was more eager to get his first Pokémon.

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  • "Thank you so much," she repeated with joy in her heart and smile. If anyone stole her bag, she was ready to kick some ass! Well.. without hurting anyone too bad, of course... However, since they wanted to go to the Professor first, she would agree instantaneously without disagreement. "Of course! Have you guys not gotten your first Pokémon yet? Sorry, just curious."



    a woman of masculine strength or spirit; a female warrior.

  • Gale shook his head as a reply. "That's why we're on our way to Professor's lab," he said eagerly. "We can go looking for your bag again once we get our Pokémon. I promise." He looked over to the road ahead and his face perked up. They were close to the Professor's lab! He was glad that Hana didn't mind them going to the lab first. He was just really, maybe even too excited, to get his Pokémon.

    ✧ God is unmerciful ✧