taking a handleful of requests (experimental)

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  • I'm taking about 3-5 requests (not first come first serve, i'm taking whatever interests me :0) today to try and practice, and experiment somewhat

    i wanna practice my shading especially and a more painterly kinda look :')

    currently open :)

  • Hello! Would you be interested in drawing a blue point she-cat with white paws? She's a relatively serene character, though comes across cold due to lack of social skills. I have a reference image here for you <3

    Also, I just want to say I adore your art!

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  • you could try lucien out! he's a kitsune, and about the size of a great pyrenees dog. he's a relatively calm but burdened individual with an emotional / angsty side to him.

  • ooo

    wish i had some character refs to give ya

    if you're still around in a month or so, though i'd love to do an art trade. if you'd like one, anyways. when the time comes i'll send you details and whatnot.

    anyways, keep up on the good work!

  • you could practice on my boy Sam (:

    He is a grey German shepherd with a white chest and white around his eyes. He is German, likes to drink, and is pretty ambitious

    pic of lineart for reference



    ( don't you tell me what you think that I can be )

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  • Oh, I absolutely adore that new style you're trying out! Thank you so much, it's beautiful!! <33

    Amy & She/Her & 21 & Cat Mom & Moderator & Roleplays Cowspots & Join Traditional WindClan!

    "I don't know where 'over there' is, but I know it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful." John Green, Looking For Alaska

  • heyo its kaii!! i love ur art sm my dude

    this kiddo's tags are below, but they're a longhaired and somewhat mottled lavender and gray, a blend of muted but warm hues, with a bit of white on their chest and trailing further down btwn their legs and has several white paws and a spot of colour on one toe. they have sea glass green eyes with that pretty glass quality to them where the colours shift and bend in the light (im just being poetic shush). and they alao dont have any semblance of a tail

    and if u want to draw some gray/cream feathers on them somewhere thatd be lit but its optional!!!!

    theyre also usually a rather chill, if awkward, individual but easy to rile up and is fiercely attached to their brother <3

  • heya, not sure if you'd be open to doing a dragon kiddo, but i'll set this here nonetheless if u wanna try it out!


    tl;dr: a chinese dragon with iridescent black scales (though green is the dominant color in the reflection, and feel free to use creative liberty w/ that, i usually do with my own art of her lol) and a leathery, jade green underbelly. has an unruly mess of a midnight blue mane around her head that trails down her spine and tapers down to long tuft at her tail tip. golden eyes. white horns atop her skull that have grown considerably since birth. avian-esque feet.

    we're gods, it's fine.


    aksdfak ur art is so good!! and i see ur already a little swarmed, so ill just drop little hira here if you ever find time or want to draw her too?

    her tags are below wtih just one reference art that's a little outdated, but still good nonetheless lmao,, she has three eyes now compared to the two eyes she has on the pic down in her tags, but that's really it

    ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ————— ☼*

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  • just a lil update !!

    im gonna be at a summer camp thing at my university for the next week before my orientation so i wont have any access to my laptop, but i’ll get to these uhhhh around the 28th apologies !!

  • my babe is difficult so if you're up for a lil challenge I got the one for you c; and since I haven't really figured out this site more like I'm way too lazy to upload them into tinypic ill just upload them

    her name is Nelly and she is a snow leopard with pale green eyes and a red, unique marking that spans across her cheeks. she also wear a cracked ram skull and the crack coincides with a scar that spans from between her ears and tapers off between her eyes. she has extra stuff like a badge that marks her rank at lieutenant but you can honestly ignore that if its easier for you (you can find it in one of the full body images) and a number three on her back but you can ignore that as well. its really the facial stuff thats important everything else is kinda extra.

    **if she is too difficult, I completely understand and don't worry abt it

  • your style is so adorable I love the lines omg

    if you have any time I would greatly appreciate a drawing of my boy Skipper. I do not have a reference of him as this is a new character but he is a fisher ( ferret like creature ) and looks like this with the whiter head and then a brighter body and then finally darker feet and tail. He also has a small captains hat on it that is basically too big for him. He is fairly easy but if you need any more information don't be afraid to ask!

    I hope you have fun at your summer camp!

  • YOOO

    okay im back home!! and super pumped for when i move into my new dorm in a month :3c

    im gonna start working on some of these ~

    & i might do a stream if anyone is interested!

  • If you're still doing these, I have this girl >> here

    She's a kitsune with 3 tails. She has a white base fur colour, but all throughout, it's tinted with red. At her leg/paws and tails, the colour gradients to a darker red and her ears are tipped with red along with markings along her face. She has golden markings along her tail and legs, and also wears a double chain earring. She's usually found wearing a katana, but that doesn't need to be included if that's too hard. Fell free to take some creative liberties cos she's a new character and I haven't got a set design yet.