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  • News had met the tyrant's ears that Waspwing, was murdered by a shadowclanner. Having been in Windclan helping them fight the tick plague, he hadn't time to be made aware that the news of Waspwing's murder was in fact a lie, she was only sick from a stray tick due to a Windclan refugee, and a way to frame Shadowclan. Harley, hated shadowclan and had been plotting this for moons, knowing that the only way to steer Caledon's wrath was to make Waspwing a victim. Ergo, Caledon sending Harley back to formulate a raid and to meet him at Shadowclan's border.

    The turkish van stood at the edge of the pine forest, bristling with rage. That once patient brute, long gone. He was the pure manifestation of hate, raining oceanic hues down over the said former ally's territory with potent venom lacing his daggers as they score across the shady underbrush. Every breath he sucked in, ate away at his patience, he felt hot tears betraying his eyes and streaming down his cheeks. Stinging the cuts he had endured from bolting across bramble-infested territory. Waspwing is dead. It cut into his soul, drinking it away into the abyss and leaving a hollow monster ready to spread war and destruction like a incurable pestilence. Ivory talons sinking deep into the earth as he waited for his raid patrol. looking up at the full moon with glistening mournful eyes. "I'll kill them all....every one of them until I find whoever took you away from me...." he whispered, his voice breaking toward the end. 'Lionstar' he set his mental target, pulling the rest of his lip back into a snarl.

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  • Dualkit

    She didn't know the cause for this raid only that this would be her first raid so she'd give it her best fight. Hetrochromic eyes drew towards her father, she watched his claws puncture the soft earth and took note of how wrong his stance seemed, she had seen him fight but he had never looked like this. Dual's optics stray towards the king's face, something definitely wasn't right but her jaw clamped shut as she steered her eyes ahead, what had Shadowclan done to entice such unholy rage from him?

    This fight would appear to be to the death, her ears slicked back against her head and her claws drew from their sheaths, she'd make him proud.

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  • Vale

    Waspwing was dead. As much as she hated to let that affect her, Waspwing did her best to look after Vale after Elijah's death. Even though it didn't do much good. So that was the main reason she was here, to help avenge her. Kill a few ShadowClanners on the way.

    Yet she was calm, the only sign of anger was her tail twitching from time to time. Looking to Caledon as she settled beside him, her gaze quickly turned to the trees, searching for movement, and saying nothing.


    There is no safety left

    my fate is broken!

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  • The male would have followed along, a slight rage set inside him every time he remembered the reason. Waspwing. Gone. Dead. Fucking wonderful. Blue and white pelt would flash harshly as he'd settle down besides his clanmates, eyes narrowing as he awaited the next happening. Would they be hostile? No possible way they'd have a valid reason for what Caledon was so angry over. What they were all so angry over.

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  • Felix

    Waspwing was almost like a mother to Felix. When Jailbird wasn't there, his aunt was. She was gentle, as well as fierce, a motherly creature for sure.

    So when Felix heard the news, his heart stopped. Everything seemed to freeze, and the male panicked. No. Waspwing couldn't be dead.

    .. but she was. Some damn Shadowclanner did it too. Felix had no idea what the hell it was over, but he was ready to tear someone apart. Make them pay for what they'd done. Hatred swallowed the tuxedo whole, giving him the energy and drive he needed.

    Digging his claws into the ground, Felix's amber eyes narrowed into slits.

    I'll avenge you, Auntie. I'm going to tear every ShadowClanner apart if that's what it takes.


  • cedarpaw was in camp, for that was where lionstar had said it was safest for young cats like him. he wouldn't dare go outside by himself, not with the rogues that had been attacking his clanmates rather frequently lately. he was safe here...right?

    an alarming scent his his nose, one he'd never smelled before. it was smoky and dirty and made him gag a little, and it was attached to a group of cats he didn't know. what is this? what's going on? the medicine cat apprentice had a bad feeling about this. he tucked his ears backwards and backed into the recesses of the medicine den; hopefully they weren't after him. he couldn't afford to get hurt! if these cats were as hostile as they seemed, the clan would need his help to heal them in the aftermath.

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  • ooc: Lemonpaw is still small and recovering, so maybe someone weak attacks her to keep things even? c:

    The scent of blood and snarls caught her attention as she laid within camp. Breaking through the bramble barrier came scarred rogues, danger in their eyes and venom on their tongues. Fear instantly pulsed through her, wondering why they were here. But they had one clear goal in mind: To kill. Backing up, Lemonpaw stayed close to Cedarpaw, hoping that if someone were to attack one of them, they could tag team and stand a better chance. That is, if only one cat attacked them and not two.


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    *:・゚✦ “Caledon?” Confusion sparked the tom’s voice as he made his way over to the gathered city cats. But this was no ordinary patrol! What the heck was going on?

    “To what do I owe the pleasure?” He intoned calmly. We’re they supposed to be helping them with something? Because no one came and told them? 

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  • ・゚ ✦ ° CALMAMBER - Calmamber noticed the Bloodclanners and her father walking towards them and followed, though she stayed further back. Something seemed wrong. Their expressions and body language conveyed nothing but anger and hate. That usually came with a battle and blood, especially when their were skilled fighters there. She was incredibly nervous about what was going to happen. She hated fights, but if they really were here for a fight then she'd try her hardest to keep everyone safe. "wait for it"

  • Nightkit was confused when she had smelled the wave of bloodclan scent, getting up from her nest she slowly walked out of the nursery, she was also about to greet the bloodclanners when she felt that anger and distrust that the bloodclanners felt right about now, she kept her mouth shut but still she went over and was only a few tail lengths away, she laid down and listened carefully.

    Nightpaw- Long-haired black/gray tabby she-cat, is blind in both eyes but left eye is pale blue, right eye is pale gold eye, she doesnt know why she was left there and has no whereabouts of her family, lives in shadowclan, she is shy, sweet, passive, quiet, helpful, and careful. Is 6 moons old.

    Fallenkit- short-haired dusty gray tabby she-cat, is blind by birth, black spot on right eye, three unknown scars on each eye, lives in no clan. Is 2 weeks old.

  • Revolution stuck next to Dual. Both of them were young, but battle-hungry and blood-thirsty little BloodClanners. All they knew was that this was their first raid, their first big fight. His eager claws were out and his eyes were already beginning to scan for his first victim. Or victims.

    “Hey Dual, you see those two cats?” He pointed, “I think it’d be nice to give them a few nightmares. You with me?” Revolution usually wouldn’t ask for help attacking, but he had been ever so slightly humbled ever since his failed attempt at capturing a RiverClan apprentice. Well, there was a reason BloodClan had a leader, and there was a reason that BloodClanners didn’t keep on killing each other daily.

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  • Dualkit

    Her attention veered to Revolution as he spoke before her eyes followed to his gesture, "I agree Revvy, lets let the grown ups talk while we have a little fun!" She grinned, her tail tip ticking as she crept over towards the two soon to be victims. She eyed the black furred molly and the cinnamon silver classic tabby tom before glancing to her company, "I think the molly is a match for you, why don't you introduce yourself." Dual purred before moving quickily towards Cedarpaw, her claws aimed to roll over his chest as she went by him, coming to a stop right next to him. Her one blue eye and one brown one were locked onto his green pair, "Your clan made a mistake of enraging my father so you're all going to die." She said it so sweet and innocently but the words were anything but that.

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  • confusion and fear, mostly confusion, rushed through the small tom as two young cats approached him and lemonpaw. they were clearly hostile, but why? their explanation didn’t help at all!

    unfortunately, he’d never engaged in play fighting as a kit, and had hardly had any training yet, so he had no idea what to do. he felt claws pierce his chest and he scrambled backwards, fur fluffing up to try to protect himself. even as he was being attacked, he didn’t let emotions get in the way. his words were calm and even, even if his looks betrayed his fear. “you should be aware that punishment is ineffective unless the receiving party knows what they are guilty of. further, collective punishment only fosters resentment. the probability of killing every member of shadowclan is highly unlikely, so you’re making things worse for your clan in the long run.”

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  • hTGUJzs.gif Vixen wasn't 100% sure why they were here but she was super nervous. The feline glanced at Caledon before looking across to the Shadowclanners that began to appear one by one. Some Bloodclanners already making their move. She had just gotten to learn a few basic moves along with the whole 'guard protects Caledon' thing. Would she even be able to protect him? Did he even need protecting? The skinny feline had a feeling that the leader of Bloodclan could do just fine on his own. So she stayed by his side, waiting to see what she would have to do. "" .

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  • //just for the sake of angst, dual can not know that wasp is alive, if that's what bael whats to do of course :O




  • // once the truth is out, Harley will be executed for framing shadowclan.
    who wants to rat out Harley? or maybe Waspwing can stop the war (maybe she followed their scent to Shadowclan? if she's not too weak.

    oceanic hues glittered with a pique as the met the familiar ebony pelt of Lionstar. The vindictive tyrant stepped forward as his comrads spread out within the camp. A cold-war set in, a battle-eve's silence hanging heavy around them. Rev and his daughter seemed to have set their marks but Caledon wasn't paying attention. His eyes were on nothing but the Shadowclan leader. "pleasure is all mine" he hissed through his teeth not feeling much like answering a question when he couldn't keep from shaking in rage, broken and raspy his voice was. "ATTACK!"

    Caledon barreled forward, his claws sinking into the earth below as he pelted forward, kicking up pine needles as he did. Everything seemed slow motion as he advanced on Lionstar, a wicked glare in his oceanic daggers. Rearing up he would aim to uppercut the male with a swift paw-strike below the chin, and with the other he would aim to sink into the male's shoulder. Should this succeed, he would drop his hindquarters and try to roll Lionstar beneath him.

  • //oh lord wasp will totally rat out harley, rip in peace precious bb :,( just tag me when you need me! <33




  • //Dual does know but she doesn't know the reason for the raid so she's not gonna spoil her first raid saying anything

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