A Shadow On Your DoorStep (Intro)

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  • 「I muse be dreaming — cause I don't believe in ghosts

    It was a silent day on shadowclan's territory as a loner's scent seemed to circle one spot in particular. A mewing sound sounded from some underbrush, alerting any passerby that something was nestled between the thin branches. If anyone dared to lean closer they would fit a small kitten, injured with a few scratches across the back of it's neck. The poor thing was to startled to call or speak out, only forcing a few meows to try and get his mother back. Crow had no understanding why he was left here, and couldn't force any energy to move out from the bush.

    The monsters that his parents had been fleeing from had caught them, giving the exact reason why such a young child was left here. They didn't want their son to face such an early demise, especially at the hands of some vicious predator.


    This will be when he was 2 moons old, then I'm gonna age him up to 5 after.

    also i still suck at starting posts.

  • ・゚ ✦ ° CALMAMBER - Calmamber was taking a leisurely stroll through the pines when she heard a kit's tiny mewls and was instantly alert. Looking around frantically, she tried to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. Following the tiny voice she eventually found herself at a bush. Looking beneath it's branches she spotted the little thing and her heart broke for it. It looked so lonely... Looking around, she didn't see anyone else, so she scented the air. There was some loner scent there, but it was getting older. It looked like this little guy had been abandoned... Looking at him again, she gently meowed, "It's alright little one, no one's going to hurt you. I'll take care of you." Reaching in, she went to grab him and pull him out and into her paws. "wait for it"

    (this is good darkened! don't know what you were worrying about.)

  • 「I muse be dreaming — cause I don't believe in ghosts

    The feeling of something grabbing him made Crow squirm from pure fear, knowing this wasn't one of his parents from the scent. Were they gonna save their son or let whatever take him away? The dark kitten was quite frail and to young to know of the dangers that had stolen both of his parents from this world. It was all an unfamiliar blur to the tom, as he finished squirming due to slight exhaustion.

  • ・゚ ✦ ° CALMAMBER - Calmamber felt the tiny kit try and wriggle away and grabbed him with both paws, pulling him towards her as she gently said, "Shhh, it's alright little one, it's alright. You're safe." As she pulled him to her chest and noticed some scratches on his neck. Her heart sinking, she said, "Oh, you poor thing. That's why you were left here. It's alright little guy, I'll keep you safe." She started licking him and purring, trying to help comfort him. "wait for it"

  • 7KkOSxP.gif Kits. Ratshadow had seen many kits come and ago throughout her life. She had never considered having her own till she meant Yowlthroat but he was long gone now and she was back on her normal pathway. Which was to become the best warrior in Shadowclan and serve her clan till she died. Of course, she wanted to become the leader one day in the back of her mind but she didn't want to say that out loud. Her brown eyes caught sight of the injured kit and Calmamber. Wondering if they had always wanted kits themselves before pushing her way over. "Abandoned?" .

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    shadowclan leader 9/9 lives 20 moons girl berrybreeze x npc

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