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  • ✦ ✧ ✦// lil thread for the raptors and hazel to re-meet. they temporarily truce because they are starving and a fight would not be dandy. the rest of the raptor pack is free to lowkey follow echo. the raptor squad and hazel will intersect at the sundran jungle, thus the reason for this thread taking place around thunderclan's territory

    BLUE !

    CHARLIE !!

    DELTA --


    getting used to their territory was difficult.

    echo would always have liked to imagine herself as independent. the strongest in the group. the most cunning. yet what she thought of herself did not change what she really was.

    a child.

    a child in a near desolate landscape. while thea could feed them, she would never be able to truly rob them of their instinct to hunt for themselves. it was in their nature. the freedom was their own.

    but this world. it was frightening. this landscape? it was harsh. the desert gave them little shelter. little covering to ambush potential prey. even finding food was a struggle. this barren world held nothing for her.

    it was why she needed to find greener landscapes.

    of course, she could never truly abandon her family. departing from the pack, however, was scary in the way it was exciting. after all, if blue could do it, why couldn't she? in fact, she'd do more than that. she'd carve out a living for herself in the wild on her own. self-sufficient. self-reliant. and when she came back, the pack would think of her as all the better for it. they'd worship her for the strong goddess she truly was. and then she'd show them all that she was worthy of leading.

    it was then that she set off. no, she did not tell the pack of her departure. why would she? she went where she wanted, when she wanted. the world was for hers to explore.

    the hunger rumbling in her belly had become a familiar tandem to little echo. but the world was big and there were better things out there. maybe if she returned to the pack with a fat, juicy catch between her jaws, they'd worship her.

    she had taken a day's journey out of sunclan into the wilderness. the blistering sun licked her back, and the sand clotted between her toes. there were times where echo almost stumbled.

    in hindsight, it hadn't taken long to reach sundran forest. the travel was worth the wait, and though she was starving, she was rewarded with the shelter of tall trees stretching overhead and cool grass beneath her feet. she could hear the lazy chirp of the cicada, and she licked her maw hungrily at the thought of catching a potential meal.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel was used to the hot sandy deserts of the Sanguine Ruins, she was used to the sun beating on her back until her scales were burning to the touch. The raptor child was not used to the blistering cold of the Sanguine Ruins now; there had been a bright light and Hazel had found herself in a world of chaos, somewhere where she didn't know who was left and where her mothers were. Talia was gone, Malkyn was gone, her bond was broken and gone. Everything she loved and everybody who was bonded to, her pack, her family, was gone.

    She couldn't find food anymore, everything that she had hunted either dug into the frozen sands or just...disappeared. Hazel had adapted to the deserts, she was built for it and now, she would have to adapt again to the exact opposite of what she was meant for, what she was built for. Nature had run its course and now Hazel had to deal with what was left. That meant venturing outside of her home, out of her territory and into the unknown to find something to keep her belly full and her spirits up. She was alone now, nobody she could rely on to feed her, so she had to feed herself. A harsh reality it was, but it was the harsh reality that was now the raptor's life.

    Cicadas buzzed in her ears as the humid air clung to Hazel's muddy scales like a second skin, the raptor's nostrils flared to try and catch the scent of food. Hunger clawed its way into her mind yet again, pounding on her instincts like a drum, telling her to kill and to eat, to hunt and survive. Hazel was trying to survive, but it seemed that whatever world she was in now was against her.

    「 YOU ARE THE PORT OF MY CALL ———— ・゚✧ 」

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