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  • The wind whipped across Dakota's sides as she galloped her way through the Homewood Forest. Lush branches full of green leaves swayed above the collected winds. Bushes crumbled and twigs snapped beneath her talented hooves. Her white and gray mane danced behind her. Dakota's chocolate-brown eyes stayed tune to the path before her. Eventually, the worn forest trend began to climb. The canopy of trees began to unfold. The shadowed forest floor grew light. The unicorn broke through the hollow of the forest. Before her rested a large clearing, devoid of the trees. Sun shined down onto her fleabitten coat and warmed her cold cheeks. Dakota let out a breath of fresh air. Life had seemed to turn upside down. She felt stuck, unable to travel out of fear of coming into contact with the newcomers. Everyone feared something, but most did not let fear decide their path. Dakota was different. Home was in the Kinship Circle and she would stay for as long as the newcomers felt dangerous. Dakota slowed her galloping pace to her elegant walking gait. The clipping sounds of her hooves grew soft as she climbed the steep meadow. Above the distant trees lay the Arcane mountain range. Was someone looking down at her now? Did they wonder who she was and why she was here like she did? Days ago, she wouldn't have asked such questions. Days ago, she would have been racing through Vessel Lake Meadow and stopping for a swim in Hale Lake without a care in the world. Now, it seemed, the air was still with mystery and the lands tense with danger. How long she would feel like this, she wondered.

  • Eiva felt at peace, even with the looming threat of dangerous newcomers Spero had hinted at. In fact, Eiva was resting in a spot of sunlight on the edge of the clearing Dakota had burst through. She wondered if Dakota ever had the urge to find other unicorns on Bound Meadow, or if she was content and felt her family was more so in the Kinship. Eiva sure felt like everyone here was part of her family... and maybe that was why she felt so at peace. As long as they remained strong together, nothing bad would happen.

    She brought herself to her feet and stretched, deer-like hooves stepping out in front of her and behind her to loosen the cramped muscles. She stretched her head to the sky, her pink nose reaching for the sun while her cream and white soft fur shifted with her movement. She shook her head, ears flopping a bit, a leaf trailed to the ground as it became dislodged from her antlers.

    She sneezed once to clear the dust from her nose and then she walked towards Dakota, small tail flicking back and forth. "Hi Dakota, getting a good run in?" Eiva enjoyed a nice job every so often, but she could never match the gallop of the magnificent unicorn.

  • His legs were long and skinny but his paws were overly sized and often he would trip on them. That’s why he preferred to practice everything in solitude with not a soul nearby. Of course, occasionally, he would choose to spar against a living animal instead of a low branch hanging from the middle tree in their territory. “Hey.” He calls a few moments before coming into view. Atlas liked the meadow. He liked how the grass swayed with every slight breeze. He liked how it would tickle at his Black and tan belly like it was it’s only purpose. He liked the serenity of it. All in all... he just liked it.

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