let's try this again [plotting, open]

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  • yoink guess who's back (again (again)) !!! it's jo & im ready for some more pokemon rp adventures with friends old and new!!

    the only rules i go by/will ask you to follow:

    - characters must be 16+ (unless it's a backstory sort of deal)

    - no less than one paragraph per post! (about 5-7 solid sentences), i just find it difficult to work with posts shorter than that

    - i always use my own original characters, unless i need to throw in someone official in the background. you're of course free to write whomever you'd like!

    - im really flexible with gender/orientation, so just use whichever kind of character you're most comfortable with, and i'll work with you!

    - romance is Gucci, but i also love developing friendships or partnerships, etc.!

    - let's just!! make things fun !!!!

    - all rps are as much your threads as they are my own!! teamwork makes the dream work :) so please implement whatever ideas you'd like!!

    as far as actual plots go, im def open to suggestions, or we can work one out when we decide on our characters! i'm a big fan of the in-game lore, as well as some of the elements that make the anime as loveable as it is. i'm mostly interested in trainers, but i'm also HUGE fan of the mystery dungeon games if that's what floats your boat!! please hit me with anything that you enjoy, and i'm more than happy to accommodate!

    ahh, im a fan of journeys & traveling regions for adventure! or working with a character's profession, i.e.: studying ancient ruins, searching for rare pokemon, working to take down an underground crime unit!! or just goofing around city, going to whatever pokemon college there is, playing sports. lots of fun stuff!

  • Heyo! I'm willing to plot with ya! I usually use a certain character for almost all my Pokemon roleplays. Shall I post her information?

  • Okies! I'll do that now!

    Sooooooo yeah that's her in a nutshell. This character is for journeys, or if we want to do mystery dungeon:

    Well, there's my characters!