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    Welcome to the Delta Communion! We are a neutral group residing in the Waterway. The Delta Communion is currently lead by blank, and the guide is currently run by blank. We do not have a board at the moment, but function as a multi-thread group in the Other Territories section of North Orcadia. Every thread is tagged with Delta Communion, and there is a thread directory of all the threads of the group. The Delta Communion has a strong belief in spirits, and holds 5 events throughout the year for these various reasons. More about the belief in spirits can be found below, as well as any more information you may need. If you have questions, feel free to ask!


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    The guide is currently maintained by Bravo.


    The Delta Communion resides in the Waterway. Information about the territory can be found in the Codex.



    One day, lots of new creatures with wild and unbelievable pasts appeared in the world that Victor knew as his home. They caused chaos, ripping into what he knew as order and rules, enforcing their own beliefs upon the creatures who already lived there. Victor was not ok with this. To name, this was all wrong, and he needed to do something about this. So he went around and rallied the beings who had already existed here, encouraging them to band up under his command for their own safety. There's power in number, right?

    Now, after introducing them to his beliefs in spirits and the water, they live as the Delta Communion, striving to thrive in such drastic changes.

    The current leader is Victor.


    The Delta Communion is a very spiritual group. They believe heavily in the existence of spirits, and hold events throughout the year for various aspects of the spirits existing. It is believed that spirits are tied to the water, which is how they travel, communicate, and other spiritual activities. Due to this belief, members can look to the water and give something to the water in time of need. The Underground Glowing Cave is believed to be a resting spot for spirits, and is extremely good for members of the Monsoon guild to go to receive omens from the spirits in a time of need. Omens in the Underground Glowing Cave are read by the way the light dances on the walls, and interpretation varies from being to being.


    There are several aspects to the Amulets of the Delta Communion. First of all, members who can see and communicate with spirits are considered blessed, and are given an Amulet. This shows that they are blessed, and they are trusted with deciphering omens and signs from the spirits. Secondly, as the members of the Monsoon guild are usually the most spiritual, once a Delta joins the Monsoon guild they are given an Amulet. Thirdly, Amulets are believed to enhance the ability to communicate with and see spirits, so if a member pins the Monsoon guild without being able to see spirits beforehand, they are believed to be able to see spirits afterwards. If a member joins the Monsoon guild, receives and amulet, and still cannot see spirits, they are considered cursed, and are not allowed to have an amulet and are not trusted with talking to spirits. These members are usually looked down upon by the Delta Communion, and have to stick to solely foreign relation duties within the Monsoon guild.

    OOC note: Amulets do not actually grant the Sight, it is only believed to. The strengthening is a placebo effect and may or may not work. If the amulet "works", then the character must already have the sight. This is simply a belief backed by hella confirmation bias. It is not required to have the sight to be in the Monsoon guild, your character can be a healer or a diplomat.


    Throughout the year, the Delta Communion holds 5 events in rotation for spirits. Each event occur 2 or 3 times a year, at the beginning of each month, and have different meanings and purposes behind them. The Tempest is responsible for making sure these events are held and are on time.


    To make the changing of rank official and structured, the Delta Communion holds ceremonies when needed. The ceremonies are Droplet to Puddle, Puddle to Delta, and Delta to Gust. High positions do not have ceremonies, as positions are more responsibilities than age. The age a member is when they have each of these ceremonies vary. The minimum to become a puddle is half a year old, and the minimum for a Delta is one year. Droplet to Puddle is held when the Droplet's mother believes they are ready to begin training, which may or may not be with their siblings. Puddle to Delta is held when the Puddle's mentor believes they are ready to stop training and function as a full member. Delta(or any high position) to Gust is held when a Delta is ready to retire, or cannot serve effectively. This is determined with a recommendation from the Guild Heads. If the member was a high position, and is able to fulfill the duties of their position, they can still hold that position, but when they are demoted they are demoted to Gust, not Delta.



    - Respect the high positions, they are selected for a reason.

    - Puddles must ensure that Droplets, their mothers, and Gusts are well taken care of.

    - Typhoon's word is law.

    - The health and well-being of the Delta Communion is above that of other groups.

    - Help can be offered to any group, as long as it won't be dangerous to the Delta Communion.

    - Capturing, torturing, and raids can be done with the permission of the Typhoon and Tempest.

    - Demotions and Promotions can be made at any time for any reason.

    - You can be rejected from joining for any reason, and that reason does not have to be told.

    - More rules will be added as needed.


    - Keep IC drama IC, keep OOC drama to a minimum(none in a perfect world.)

    - Make joiners feel welcome, smother them in love!

    - Do not be rude to other members.


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  • FAQ

    Can I join?

    - Sure! We do not have an auto-accept policy, but we don't reject joiners without good reason. (Ex, the character is a threat to the group, the character has harmed members in the past, the character has harmed an ally)

    Can I play a HP?

    - Not right off the bat, however with consistent activity, friendliness, and helpfulness, you can easily earn one!

    Why haven't I been promoted? I'm active!

    - Promotions are given based off of the character's potential and abilities, as well as activity, friendliness, and helpfulness. If you character is a jerk to joiners, don't expect a promotion. Both IC and OOC actions effect promotions. Also, another member may be more qualified for the position, so a promotion was given to them instead.

    I have another question/need clarification!

    - Then feel free to ask down below!