College Tips for a Freshman?

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  • Yessh. I have finally joined you college students! Anyway, I start on August 20th and i'm curious if anyone who has gone to college or is still going has any tips! I'm taking four classes: English online, Chemistry (+lab), Mathematics (a review of high school algebra from what I gather), and Honors Intro to Psychology. All my classes are in the afternoon and into the night. Any tips would be fabulous! <3

  • Hi there fellow college student! One of the biggest tips I can give you falls under your online class. Since it’s likely your first fully online class, I suggest you to check in the class daily. You’ll probably have to do some sort of discussions with your classmate along with the writing assignments itself. Online is not for everyone and can get overwhelming if you don’t take the time to log on and make sure you’re keeping up.

    I also suggest printing out your syllabus for each class and mark the due dates in your calendar (on your phone is a great idea) so you won’t risk falling behind and failing. Also, always communicate with your professors if you need help with anything or if you run into a situation where you can’t get to class or turn something in. From now on, it’s all going to be on you to make sure you do well.

  • Hello! The following are just things that have helped me. I'm not sure if they'll hep you, but it can't hurt to read 'em through!

    1. If there's some kind of freshman orientation-- go to it. I skipped mine, and I regret it because that was a huge chance to make friends. Even if they're only temporary friends for while you're settling it, you'll probably want someone to go to get food with.

    2. Get involved in extracurriculars. Don't overdo it, but all of the clubs are worth looking into. Find people with similar interests!

    3. Everything Phantom Wolf said about online classes. Absolutely. Check it daily, because professors can add assignments without much warning.

    4. Go to any free events. My college has free movies and comedians and food events and they're so worth it! Plus, you're probably playing a fee that helps put those events on.

    5. Explore the town/city your college is in--every nook and cranny of it! You know, within reason. I don't know how big it is, but mine has a population of like 5,000, and half of that is the college. You bet I know that town like the back of my hand.

    6. Some people don't like being marked as a freshman. If you are one of these people, there are certain things that make you stick out. At my college, it's lanyards. Don't wear a lanyard around your neck. I really don't know if that's an everywhere thing, but it makes freshmen targets. Sad, but true.

    7. Make positive relationships with your professors!!!! Cannot stress this enough!!!! Especially in smaller classes or classes particular to your major, really get to know them. This is also handy if you ever forget about an assignment or need help.

    8. Take advantage of counselor's offices if you need to. Stressed? Unhappy? Need to miss class due to a family emergency? Contact them.

    9. Get a fish for your dorm. Take pictures of said fish and post them on snapchat/instagram. Fish are cute.

    10. Find out where your classes take place before the first day.

    11. Do fun things with friends. Vague, I know, but have sleepovers or make casseroles in the evenings or go on walks and throw baseballs back and forth or binge spongebob I don't know. Homework is important, but you need to have fun and relax, too!

    12. Rent textbooks, or buy them from somewhere other than the campus bookstore.

    13. When signing up for more classes, it can be helpful to look up the professors on

    I hope at least a few of those help you out! Good luck with your first year!

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