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    Russet was grateful HawkClan had let her in. The girl truly was, even if she couldn’t express this via spoken tongue, which may be one if the reasons she was so grateful for her new campmates’ hospitality, more specifically that of Liza and Ravelights. Even better, she seemed to have a gradually budding friendship with the equally anxious ‘Hydroplane’, or Hiraeth as she was commonly known. She couldn’t be mote happy in her new home. Everyone let her do her gardening thing, and she enjoyed it—even if she did have to spend a good chubk of time fixing the beds that Dollface unfortunately tramples over, but she was hardly one to hold a grudge.

    While she called it her ‘new home’, HawkClan was really the only home she currently knew. Unknown to her, the pup suffered from amnesia, resulting in a change of personality she didn’t realize and a complete loss of every memory except for how to walk and comprehension of the common language, English.

    Whether she knew her personality was potentially different or not, what mattered was what her personality was currently. Russ was, frankly, a gentle and friendly soul, but a shy and anxious mess all the same. This mix ended with the poor gal bottling up her negative emotions, as she refused to burden her kindly hosts with a display of anxiety that she couldn’t explain for more than just the lack of conscienceness towards where the panic can from.

    Today, however, the unforunate girl knew exactly where her panic was coming from.

    It was... a mix of things. First and foremost, her recent promotion to guard. While deemed a somewhat lowly position, it was still a stepping stone towards something greater, and Russ recognized this. Maybe this is what made the rank up so overwhelming, or maybe it was her new high expectations for herself. Some NPCs had described to her the purpose of a guard; to simply greet visitors and watch over the camp. Simple, right? Well, not to Russ. To her, thoughts along the lines of ‘but I can’t speak! what if people think I’m rude?’ and ‘what if I miss something? rave will be made at me!’ ran fast in her busy, broken mind, pushing forward waves of nonsensical fear.

    Now, Russet was far from ambitious. She didn’t really crave a higher rank the way others may. No, her fear was much pettier than demotion.

    She feared being exiles from HawkClan for not performing her duties to the utmost perfection.

    A, admittedly, dumb, unrealistic fear, however in the moment it made complete sense. If she didn’t contribute, what use was she to have around other than to consume resources and take up needed space? To her, exile seemed like the most likely result. What kept her on her toes was the amount of others around her, let alone that she didn’t know most of them.

    Let’s see. Was she forgetting something?

    Ah, right.

    They were located on an entirely different fucking planet now.

    Russ had been placed beside an odd glowing lake, a strange sight to the voiceless creature. Frankly, the sight only unsettled her mote. All that escape the girl’s lips were a panicked yelp and a loud, singing dog howl—a noise that she could still make, even if she did lack words.

    Where was Hydroplane?




    And, most importantly, Liza?

    These five were the only ones she knew as of now, and thus her homing beacons if comfort in this strange new world. But, the issue was, where the hell were they?

    Anxiety erupted from the lost girl in waves, quickly overflowing to the point of breaking. Hyperventilation, burning eyes, trembling limbs. The devastated lass was terribly shaken and didn’t know what to do. New didn’t suit her tastes. She wanted the old HawkClan back. She wanted her plants back.

    Shit! Her plants!

    Who was going to take care of her poor vegetation?

    Not knowing what to do, Russet, bless her, collapsed into a sobbing pile of trembling fur, scared to move away from her spot but also worried she might get eaten by whatever the hell was on this mother fucking world.

    At least her body was in one piece.


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    Hira didn't know what had happened. There was a string of inaudible words she couldn't quite put together, and then a flash of white lit up the sky like lightning. But for a split second, just before the flash, the ginger swore she caught a glimpse of something so powerful it sent a chill right down her spine and froze her in her place. They looked like balls of fire shooting across the red sky with hunger. Fire. It was a merciless element that ate away at anything and everything in it's path. It's only goal was destruction, Hira had the scars to prove it. After the flash, all the child could remember was her Papa's sweet features burning into the back of her eyelids. His smile, and his brave green eyes hiding away the pain she could still see as he died.

    And then she awoke on the cool ground, her sore eyes fluttering open with ease, her lashes soaked with tears. She must've been crying whilst unconscious, knocked out by panic after witnessing such a terrifying sight that shook her to the core. It took her a minute, but the chubby feline eventually lifted her heavy head off the ground, only for a wave of pain to strike her temples and the center of her forehead. Her ears rung with a high-pitched sound before the noise reduced to the silence that surrounded her. Only it wasn't all silence. There was.. crying? And this time, not her own.

    Hira pushed herself off the ground, almost stumbling back into the long blades of jungle grass that stabbed into her thick fur in all different angles. "Hello?" She called out as she fought away the overgrowth, holding a paw to her forehead as she searched through the grass for the source of the familiar crying. Was that.. "Russet!" It was only a glimpse of russet fur that she caught between the tall blades of grass, but Hira knew it was her. The crying emitting from the new guinea singing pup sounded almost beautiful, like a melody. She was a pretty crier. "Russ, are is you okay? Did you get hurted?" She burst past the grass, breaking free from it's curled grasp before looking the girl over thoroughly, more afraid the dainty girl received another head injury on their transfer here, wherever this place was, than the reason as to why she was crying.

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    The voice Russ heard rung with welcome familiarity, and by instinct the girl lifted her head to assure herself that it was true.

    Her beloved pal, Hydroplane!

    Scrambling to trembling paws, the pup took a few tentative steps towards the two-tailed feline to take in her scent. While it was mostly familiar, her senses were quickly overwhelmed with all the new smells wafting their way around the area, a mix of water, other animals and, most importantly, plants. It was overwhelming to the balling canine, as she was even jumping at rhe gentle rustling of leaves.

    However, she forced herself to focus her dualcolored eyes on her clanmate despite her displayed fear. Russet shook her still-healing head as Hira questioned if she had gotten hurt. A little sore, but that was simply a result of her tensed muscles relaxing even the slightest bit.

    As another response to the question, Russ gave Hiraeth a thorough visual checkup before tilting her head, attempting to ask her the same question.


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  • Doll had also found himself on the lake's edge before waking. Though, an entirely opposite side of the body of glowing water. Having gotten up before the two Doll had been quick to realize his new and rather odd situation. His body was not entirely his. In fact, the only remaining similarity was that his mind was trapped in yet another canine body.

    At first he thought he'd been the only one. That perhaps he'd been stranded out here in another person's body because he so highly wished to get rid of his own life and dilemmas. But now, having found familiar clanmates in the Thunderlands new jungle territory, Doll was certain this was permanent and not just coincidence.

    Others had their bodies changed as well. Though, he had yet to see anyone with such exponential damage as his. But, then again, nobody had gone from demon to mortal that he'd seen.

    Nonetheless, the Thunderlands had been quick to come together once more. Having been given the task to check for stragglers, as many had fallen to injuries during the mass event, Doll was now trekking back to the lake at which he'd first awoken. He wondered if any other clans were facing the same ordeal -- if he'd ever see Hawkclan again.

    The thought quickly vanished as the ex-cambion came upon a familiar pup as well as his favorite little feline.

    "Hira, Russet," the much shorter dog called out to the two younglings as he quickened his pace towards them. Almost forgetting his change of appearance until he realized how long it now took the reach them.

    They were much more... Doll didn't know how to explain it. But, having shrunk about five feet and having weighed at least one hundred times less then he used to really made the two younglings much more real to Doll. Not as fragile. Though he still towered over them in his full-grown state, he no longer had the high reach of his ivory direhound form.

    It was as he approached that he realized they probably didn't know who he was. Hiraeth may have known Doll from his voice alone, but he didn't suspect she would assume it was him.

    "Don't worry, I'm not a stranger," spoke the multi-colored guard, his breaths coming out labored from exertion. "Just a bit different after the shift. I'm Doll. Or, should I say Dollface," his voice sounding a bit unsure of itself.

    'What am I?'

    He wasn't a demon anymore. He'd tested that theory and it had turned out horribly wrong. He wasn't a direhound anymore. That was plainly obvious. The only thing he now could identify as was a member of both Hawkclan and the Thunderlands. And he wasn't even sure if either clan would fully accept him the way he was now.

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    Hira was more than relieved when Russet gave a gentle nod of her head in response, releasing a breath she hadn't known she was holding until then. The two-tailed ginger wanted to wrap Russ into her arm and squeeze, for both of their sake, but she refrained from doing such a bold move only due to her fear of the quiet pup rejecting her friendly action. That didn't change the fact that her heart still now ached with fear and paranoia as she took in her surroundings for the first time, drinking in new terrain and the fact that they were not in Hawkclan anymore. Her eyes snapped back to Russ, squinting and tilting her head as she studied her movements before acknowledging she was trying to return the question. Hira nodded her head vigorously, confirming she was okay, though she still held a paw to her forehead securely. "Th-This one is finesse. Just a big ached on the head." Though her words were spoken with certainty, her eyes flashed with fear. She could feel something under the soft pads of her paws, right at the center of her forehead. It felt like a slit, with soft hair protruding from both sides. She didn't want to remove her paw, or even look, in fear that she might've busted her head open. Maybe this was actually all a dream, and she'd received a head concussion like Russet did.

    That proved to be false when another set of familiar vocals reached her long ears. "Doll?" Hira shouted before she turned around, aching to see the tall hound's captivating ivory features and the enthralling crown sitting atop his head, deeming him a magical prince. Only she was met with a canine a couple feet smaller than Dollface, though still much taller than herself. He would've looked like any other bland canine, but this was Doll she was looking at, she was sure of it. The way he walked and talked and carried himself around was just enough to satisfy the need to see his precious face. "Oh noes, what has happens to you?" There was sadness in her vocals as she pressed the side of her head to his chest, shutting her eyes, quietly mourning his tall, ivory direhound body.

    Anger flushed through her veins in an instant, mixing with the heavy sadness that left a pit in her stomach. Anger for this new world that made sweet, quiet Russet cry and stripped Dollface of his divinity. Someone would pay.




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