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  • Everything was normal, or as normal as it could’ve been. The many groups of creatures on Earth were going through their lives while one wretched white dragon lay hiding in the shadows, plotting.

    Ululare was gone for so long that he was probably forgotten by many. The white dragon had his fun earlier in the year, throwing meteors and destroying groups, leaving a trail of fire and destruction in his wake. And then? It was as if he dissipated into shadow, leaving hardly a trace of himself.

    But he was far from done. Weakened by the energy used to draw the meteors down to Earth, Ululare had been thrown into a state akin to hibernation. While in his deep sleep, his energy slowly replenished, his power slowly grew. Whatever dark force gave him the ability to sense and draw the meteors in the galaxy remains unknown. When he awoke, he felt the power within him - stronger than ever.

    Ululare’s mind was absent of reason, focused on the want to destroy all that he had hated in his long lifetime. He roused himself quickly and let the dark forces guide him. Ululare knew that this was the time he would accomplish his greatest goal - complete destruction of everything.

    But rarely does the villain emerge victorious in a good story. As Ululare gathered the meteors in the universe - the largest collection yet - and began to drag them to earth to drop them on the unsuspecting creatures.

    The sky turned red, the Earth shook as it was thrown from it’s careful balance by the incoming masses. The meteors could be seen by everyone, getting closer and larger by the moment.

    Ululare laughed from his vantage point, feeling invigorated by what he was about to accomplish.

    And then a streak of white light cut through the sky for all to see. A booming voice speaking words unknown echoed to the furthest reaches of the planet.

    Everything became white. Every creature lost all sense of direction.

    And when the white would fade, the creatures of earth would find each other in a world with landscapes both old and new. This is where the rebuild begins - your characters in their respective territories, attempting to figure out where they are, why it happened. If they are still with their groups - most of them traveled and ended up together, near a camp that would soon be called their own. Does your character panic? Calmly assess the situation? Do they decide to travel and explore the new planet? Find the other groups? Do they fall into the niche of normality and carry on with their lives?


    Check the Creatures Available to Play section and ensure your character’s body is allowed. If not, you can assume that with the rebuild their bodies changed.

    Check the Available Powers section to ensure that your character’s powers do not add up to be more than 100%. If they surpass the 100% limit, choose which powers to get rid of. They can be added to your inventory. To add a power, go to “credit store” at the top, which will bring a drop down. Click “inventory store” from there, which will give you a list. Click “buy” near the item you want. Then click “inventory” in the menu, find the power, and click “use.” This will now appear in your mini profile!

    The Codex should have all the answers you need! Check there before asking in the Help Den!

    Leaders of groups! You can keep information about your clan's history and ranks, but please remove the territory information as they have a new territory in the new world!