*:・゚✦ SPARKLING SNOW [ glacewing's storage ]

  • Name: Glacewing

    --- Nicknames: Glace, Lacy

    Gender: Female

    Age: 32 moons old

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    --- Relationship Status: Single (crushing on Lilysong)

    Clan: Traditional SkyClan

    --- Rank: Deputy

    Species: Domestic shorthair carrying point gene

    Appearance: Short-haired blue point she-cat with white paws and blue eyes





    Parents: Brindlenose and Thorn

    Siblings: NPC (may be adopted out later)

    Kits: Moonkit (adopted)

    Other Relatives: Cousin (mother's side) is Robinfoot in DarkClan, tying her to many others in the DarkClan and RiverClan family trees.

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    CHILDHOOD [ 0 - 6 moons ]

    Glacekit and her only sibling were born to Brindlenose in the safety of SkyClan camp. Despite being each other's only sibling, they weren't relatively close. She spent a great deal of her time nagging the elders to tell her of the warrior code and convincing apprentices to give her hunting lessons. There was some talk while she was a kit of her father, whom Brindlenose was always quite evasive of. Some suspected she was half-clan, to which Glacekit had scoffed and told them off. Others figured she'd had a one night stand with another tom of the clan who wasn't ready to be a father. For a period of time, she watched the tom-cats of the clan, wondering who had parented her. But this proved futile after a few moons and she resumed her focus on perfecting her warrior skills.

    APPRENTICESHIP [ 6 - 12 moons ]

    The day she was apprenticed had been the most exciting day of Glacepaw's life. She was given a strict mentor in Blueclaw, however, it proved to be the exact partnership she needed. Under the fierce guidance of her mentor, she was whipped into shape. Countless hours were spent leaping from tree to tree, sparring with invisible partners, and bringing back the most fresh-kill. Anything less than two pieces was unacceptable in Blueclaw's eyes. While tough, she found that her mentor was a fantastic role model. She looked up to the other she-cat and the two grew close, spending ample time training together. It all eventually paid off when Glacepaw was given her warrior name, complimentary of her quick-thinking and passion for the warrior code. She spent moons thanking Blueclaw for being such an incredible mentor.

    WARRIORHOOD [12 - 30 moons ]

    For the first few moons of being a warrior, she followed in patrols. One day, on a hunting patrol with her former mentor, they were attacked by a fox. Glacewing managed to fight off the predator, but Blueclaw sustained fatal injuries and died shortly after returning to camp. While she mourned the loss of her mentor, the courage she displayed gave her the credit needed to receive her first apprentice: Beetlepaw. She found her apprentice to be eager, though he had a tendency to be over-imaginative. It was a true challenge to her abilities getting Beetlepaw to turn into a smart and capable warrior, but when six moons passed by and he turned out alright, she was amazed and proud. Wondering if this was how Blueclaw had felt after training her, Glacewing kept an interest in Beetleflight after he became a warrior and continued to follow his success. After spending the many moons after focusing on her duties as a warrior and mourning in the passing of Poppystar, their leader, the new leader Minnowstar named her as deputy of SkyClan.

    DEPUTY [ 30 moons - present ]

    Glacewing's first few moons as deputy were uneventful, business going as usual. Minnowstar had her kits, leaving her temporarily in charge while she mothered her new litter. During this time, old faces returned and some new ones arrived. Most notably, approximately three months in her new role, she discovered an orphan kit at the border named Taz. She took him into SkyClan and renamed him Moonkit, creating an unexpected bond between the two. Unfortunately, not long after this she was involved in a climbing accident and broke both her back legs, one dislocated on top of that! She's in massive recovery, still trying to get to know Moonkit...

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