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  • Laika || Aussie || 5 || Location: cage|| Interaction: Roxy *Twinkle* and all doggos

    Laika looked at her sister, with narrowed eyes. Get a bigger group? The aussie thought everyone was coming, why would it just be them? ¨I think we should rescue everyone first and then leave together. It will be safer that way for everyone else. Leave no dog behind!¨ Laika nodded and looked at all the other pups still locked, ¨Whoever is out of their cage come to me now and we'll devise a rescue plan for everyone else¨ She barked, loud enough for the rest of the dogs to hear her

    Chase || Klee Kai || 8 months || Location: cage || Interaction: Open

    Chase whimpered from the cage doors and bit at the bars, trying to get the part that opened and closed cages to move. He may be a puppy but he wasn't that dumb, at least he hoped not. ¨Help!¨ He barked, still trying to free himself but failing miserably

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  • *Interacting with: Laika ~Fennec~ *

    Hearing some dog's announcement, Bumble lifted her head and turned away from thanking the massive dog that had helped her escape. Trotting quickly over to the dog, the shepherd reached out her neck to the stranger and wagged her tail excitedly. "I can help," she said with a joyful tone in her voice. "Just tell me what to do!"


    *Interacting with Sammie, Phoenix tubig. *

    Caspian narrowed his eyes at the husky that sassed him, flicking the end of his tail in annoyance. He kept his mouth shut though; huskies were stubborn as all hell and the borzoi wasn't about to get in a yipping match with the female. He looked back to the little dog with an unamused stare. "Come with me or don't, I don't care." And with that he pushed past the husky and butted the door open with his head, surveying everything before him. It was dark, and cold. The world smelled of petrichor, and mud seeped between his toes. Everything smelled abandoned. There were no humans anywhere Caspian could see, just an empty parking lot dimply lit by a flickering lamp. What was there to do now?

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  • Roxy | 2 years | Aussie

    Roxy nodded to her sister. Yes, she will listen. With her sister, nothing can be wrong. Laika is attracting friends as a magnet! But Roxy felt useless. She can’t get anyone out of the cage with her useless paws. She sighed. Then she heard something behind her she turned arohnd and saw the doors open. “Yes!” she barked joyfully. “Thanks!” she barked at Nazareth. She looked out of the door.

    Interaction with: Nazareth ( neighbourhood )

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  • Minnie

    Having followed behind Phoenix, Minnie would bear witness to the scene between her, and a really tall dog of a breed she wasn't familiar with. She frowned at his rather curt words, and in that moment, recognized him as the voice that had once before snapped at everyone to shut up. Her chocolaty eyes glaring, she would trot after the male, ready to give him a lesson in manners, but before she could, there was a rattling noise at the door, and it suddenly swung open, revealing a dog standing in the door way, staring at them through wide eyes.

    Her own eyes widening, Minnie would scamper back to Phoenix and bounce around her legs. "Phoenix! Phoenix look! That dog opened the door for us, I thought he was a person, but he's a dog!" She exclaimed, before dashing to the open door and the dog standing in the doorway.

    "Thanks for letting us out stranger, I thought we were gonna die in here" she yipped, rearing up to lick his chin before dropping back down and trotting around him to peer outside. Her maw parted in a heavy pant from all her hyperactivity.

    tubig.   neighbourhood

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    nazareth / interacting with / male ♂

    *:・゚✦ he looked down a the little dog with growing excitement. "woah.."

    he glanced around, seeing that the dogs were all out of their kennels- which he could piece together that they were stuck in. pound dogs, of course. he had opened the room to pound dogs. but the majority of them looked friendly, and Naz saw himself being able to trust these dogs. after all, the only dogs he had run into on the deserted streets were angry beasts.

    "hello, guys, I'm Nazareth."


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    navishi / interacting with / female ♀

    *:・゚✦the thought of Nazareth opening the door and freeing them all hadn't even crossed her mind at this point, she was more worried with the surrounding dogs and helping them at all costs. Naz can take care of himself, just as I can. she told herself frequently.



    desmond / interacting with / male ♂