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  • Cedar

    Cedar's powerful muscles rippled under his pelt as he crept towards the stepping stones leading to RiverClan's island.

    Here it was. This was it. The raid.

    Cedar was more than ready..and it seemed his recruits were too. Perfect.

    Amber eyes shining, the male grinned. Nightgaze was going to paw for refusing him. Her and her whole damn clan. They were going to lose everything. Eyeing each rogue, the male paused. "Fuck around with anyone. I don't care who you kill or attack. But leave Scorchedface'a family alone. Them and Nightgaze. Besides them I don't care who you attack". Giving them one last look, he smirked. "Do your worst".




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  • Trick

    The threads lil' ol' me has made

    "Life is like a game of CHESS

    To win you have to make a MOVE.

    Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and KNOWLEDGE

    and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way.

    We become each and every piece in the game called Life."

    -Allan Rufus

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    i'm addicted to madness, but what can i say?

    i'm addicted to badness, but what can i do?

    i'm addicted to madness, but what can i say?

    i'm addicted to badness, but what can i do?

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  • ☼ ☼ ☼ Nazar grinned. Oh boy, this was going to be fun. He flexed his claws, ready to attack the camp. But he wasn't stupid enough to go charging in there alone. He turned to the others, waiting for them to make a move.

    (that's a good rule to have Renegade since there will probably be a lot of cats posting here.)

  • Scorchedface

    His head turned towards Cedar at his words, gratitude was something he hadn't felt in a while but he felt it now, so then if things rolled as they should he'd need to remind Dovestrike and his kits to find a safe place- Then cause hell upon the clan the treated his family wrong.

    Muscles were clear to see through the flame point's short fur, they were taunt like wounded springs ready to jump. The 'x' scar across his chest, a gift from Lilystar, was old yet still clearly visible against him. There was also another gift a leader had given him, Doestar.. She had clawed his only good eye, rendering him blind though he had returned the favor to her deputy taking away one of the sights in her eyes but he didn't feel it was enough, another life will suffice? He had already taken one, how many more could she have?

    Scorchedface would calculate who he attacked then he wondered if Riverclan's leader had any children- That would be a weak point on her that he could strike very well. Nothing would take him down though, at the command of Cedar's he'd go and knock aside anyone in his way.



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  • //here we go

    Gleaming amber eyes traced her movements from the shelter and shade of the reeds. Cold eyes glinting with ambition and darkness. Nightgaze stopped in her tracks at the river’s edge, blood roaring in her ears as she met her father’s gaze. Fire. It sparked in her paws, her chest, her lungs, burning her up from the inside until it became rage. Flickering flames of war danced in her golden eyes, so similar to her father’s across the stream.

    He was back.

    The deputy flew from the reeds with claws extended, paws thrumming against the sand in a thundering rhythm as she charged towards the rushing currents, the only thing separating her slashing claws from the smirking face of Cedar. This time, he would pay. She charged across the stepping stones, lips curled back to reveal pointed fangs ready to pierce flesh and bone. She would not wait for them to come to her side. No, the time to attack was now. Nightgaze would attempt to barrel into her father from the side, claws extended to rip and tear at his flank.




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  • The chocolate hued tom padded gracefully towards the water. Using stepping stones was for wimps. Scoffing inwardly, his attention turns to the river. He slides in easily, kicking strongly for the opposite bank. Ah look, already being attacked. Lovely. Fangs bare in a blood thirsty smile, as he gets out of the river. His fur seems darker now, and his paws sink into mud. Claws extend, digging deep into the ground. Seems Dragon’s already gotten to the female. His caramel hues look for another Clanner.

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  • Riverpaw

    You know what was real smart? The most inexperienced apprentice aiming to charge the scariest looking intruder. She struggled with swimming, and the most experience she had with fighting was mostly kit fights. Luckily, her target was blind, but she wasn't aware.

    Riverpaw aimed to bodyslam Scorchedface  , the apprentice most likely just knocking the tom off balance, but the she would aim to dig her claws into his exposed skin, hoping to keep him busy until somebody could help her. "I am so tired of this! Leave! Or die!"



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  • 「 adolescence — didn't make sense 」

    There was some sort of commotion going on outside, Pale yellow eyes focusing as a tufted ear raised to listen. Oh, Crap.

    Her heart instantly began beating as fast as it could ever, her legs trembling in fear. Fighting, Violence, the one thing she hoped to avoid. Now she'd have to stay levelheaded amidst it, or her clanmates would suffer. Chamomile wasn't sure she could do it. Her head was swirling, her vision blurry as the feline stumbled around the medicine den to try and grab needed herbs, unable to focus enough. She wasn't even sure she'd gotten enough. Oh, starclan, how was she going to do this?

    Hesitantly, her paw reached for the thyme, swallowing a rather large amount as her whole body trembled. If anyone were to attack, her bloodclan training would take over, she wouldn't be able to control her killing instincts, every swipe of her claws aimed for murder. Her vision turned red before the thyme began to take effect, but not enough. Any more and they'd be too low to treat others, or she might give herself issues. She couldn't.

    Instead, the girl trembled in a corner, her whole face flooded in fear, her body paralyzed for fear of an attack, herbs littered in the corner in extremely messy bunches. This was going to end terribly bad for her, either way. Fuck.


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  • Amanda didn't want to do this. At all. But she had to keep pretending she was one of the rogues so she could continue to gather information. So she had to do this. And luckily, she'd always been pretty stealthy. Going around the main fighting, she slipped into the camp and looked around to find a young cat trembling in a corner with a bunch of herbs around them. Huh, must be one of the healers. This might actually be perfect then. It'd gain her their trust and this poor cat might be left alone after she was finished. Padding over, she meowed, "Why hello there young thing, why don't you come out and fight?" Ugh, she hated to say that. It was something those nasty rogues would say. But that was why she'd said it, to prove that she was one of them. Or to at least fool them into thinking so. Not wanting to scare the young cat too badly, she quickly whispered, "I don't want ot hurt you buy I'm spying on the rogues so I need them to trust me. Let's 'fight' then I 'beat' you and leave. That way no one else will bother you and I'll be trusted." She hoped this young thing went with her plan. Neither of them wanted this, after all


  • Scorchedface

    // ~RIVERPAW~

    Something ran into him, the smell of fish told him that it was an enemy so he stopped running to entertain. Claws dug into his flesh, the pain burned him but he dudn't make it this far by crying over every injury. The brute rose a paw and flung it towards his foe in attempt to knock them back. "Strong choice of words but neither is happening." Scorchedface growled.



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  • Riverpaw


    Riverpaw's claws dug into the ground as she felt the paw slam into her face, but she aimed to hook her claws into his leg, and then chomping down on it. "Die. Just die. I never understood how somebody could be so bad their kids are hated for it, but I'm beginning to understand." She mumbled, mouth most likely full of fur and flesh. It was true. For the most part, Scorchedface's kits were okay, Blazekit had seemed nice enough, Emberpaw was okay, and she was still pissed at Flamepaw, but still. She could see why everybody thought they would be as terrible as their dad.


    Somehow, I've gone and lost my way

    All this time, I've led myself astray

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  • His eyes rose from the tabby kit at his paws. He growls at the conflict and noise and tenderly ushers beewing -- away from it. He presses his nose against the visible ribs and exits the den, sulking with tired eyes. He assumed it was Sharkpool squabbling with another like he usually did, but he snapped awake when he realized what was really happening. He spots Riverpaw and his upper lip flickers, exposing his fangs. She was way too dumb, why would she pick the scariest one? Rye gallops to them, launching himself in an attempt to find himself on the tom’s back. If he landed, he would pierce his claws into the flesh and try to hook a paw to slice near his feet. That would hopefully catch him off balance and Scorchedface would fall.

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  • LCtcVVU.gif He was confused on what in the world was happening. The sound of fighting quickly took him away from whatever he was doing. His brown eyes looked around as cats fought each other. Toadpaw didn't have much training but he wasn't about to stand there and do nothing. Seeing the medicine cat apprentice with a look of fear, he charged forward to put himself between them and the rogue. Not hearing their whispers to them, seeing them as just another attack. "Back off!" he snapped at Amanda InnerGlow

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