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  • Oh, what a land this was! Some rocks here, some grass there. Through the grass he went, prance prance prance, each step lifting his legs higher and higher. What a fun game this was, to trot through the coarse grass like this while it poked at his belly. No touching his legs today, no sirree! His throat rumbled as he chortled at his own musings. No grass on his legs today, no sir! Oh, now he was out of the grass and on the rocks, but he continued his prance for a few more steps just for fun. But it was not as fun anymore, and in fact he found it quite painful as the rocks stabbed his delicate paw pads. These rocks were not as fun as the grass, but he would make do. Persevere through every obstacle! An excellent plan.

    Crunch crunch crunch went the rocks underneath his paws as he continued on. His breaths were getting shorter the longer that he trotted. Was he going uphill? A quick glance confirmed that the ground was indeed sloping upward. How ridiculous. He had not signed up for sloped ground touching his paws today. How foul, how rude! And what was that disgusting smell? He gagged quite audibly. Whoever had left such a strong scent behind needed to sort some things out with whatever they were eating or something. The rocks crunched more aggressively as he scampered forward through the stink zone. Oh, it was lingering. He shuddered. Goodness gracious. "Nasty cats...need a deep clean...dumb rocks...miss the grass..." He liked grumbling. He also liked kicking rocks, which he did now for emphasis. Speaking of which, he needed a bath himself. Plop. Down he went, stretching his neck to lick his leg before his body even hit the ground. Excellent.



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  • Sky had heard the comment on her cats needing a cleaning. She had seen the tom frolicking along until the stone began to bother him. The Stoneteller was going to just tell him to screw, but now she was just amused. And a bit offended.

    For a cat who decided the owners of this land needed a bath, he sure was quick to wash himself.

    The dark leader makes her way over to the lackwit, and simply takes him all in for a moment through emotionless eyes. Why a cat like this would be up in the mountains, where it was either entirely too cold or too hot, was beyond her. He seemed the type to be by the Clans, near the grass, like any sensible loner. Perhaps he was more of a moron than she thought. And not knowing the damn fool certainly made Sky believe he was quite a moron indeed.

    "Hey you," Her montone voice rings out, finally deciding to see what the hell he wants, "What are you doing on Tribe territory?"

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  • Oh, this cat was interesting. He thought they were nasty and stinky and mentioned missing the grass. Some cats had a gross way of marking the borders. It left a stronger scent, but it was nasty. Ansley couldn't mark the border yet, though. She was still new, and her scent was still really different. It'd probably take a long time for her natural scent to mix in with the others. Anyway, Ansley approached, glancing sideways at the leader with wide eyes in hopes that her presence wasn't an issue. She wanted to hear more from this cat. gBNODWd.gif