The Atlantic Was Born Today, and I'll Tell You How//Open, Thunderstorm

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  • The female had been leader for barely a day before the skies opened up and warm droplets filled the forest. The air grew thick with humidity, the clouds black as sin. Not even the forest leaves could save the patrolling cats below. Dust turned to mud, and puddles grew large. Even from the edge of camp, the territory was morphing to something Minnowno-star had never seen.

    Lightning flickered through the trees, threatening to burst into flames. Thunder rolled in the short females' plump stomach, sending her heart racing.

    She just hopes this isn't a bad omen. She had not yet gotten her lives, the promise of this very storm delaying her. And yet she answered to Minnowstar. Are they mad at me?

    No matter. The thunder erases her very thought from her mind, before she lets out a cry to the returning patrols, "Get to shelter! I don't trust tree branches not to fall."

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  • The first few pitters of rain had been easily washed off her back without issue. Though in the beginning Lilysong hadn't much realised it was even rain.
    Until it started to get a bit nastier with how heavy it was.
    Still, she bounded into camp with a bird snapped between her jaws in pride.

    "Minnownose!" she called, having already forgotten the update in name "we found-!"
    The large she-cat was cut off by the horrible thunderous rumbling, her fur on end and her eyes wide. It had managed to wiggle all through before she calmed down.

    Go to shelter...

    "You gotta come too, Minnow!" bounding over to the now leader Lilysong gave her a very obvious nudge to go to.
    "You're all wet!"

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  • HNfzwXn.gif The rain was nice, something that the apprentice could play in. But mixed with powerful wind and lighting caused danger, something she wouldn't play in. Rainpaw looked to the dark sky with worry in her blue eyes. Was Flick okay? No, she needed to stop thinking about that tom. This was probably a sign from Starclan to her, but she didn't know what to do. Were they finally talking with her? The apprentice didn't have much time to think about it as the new leader began to order everyone to shelter. She moved to the medicine cat den to make sure the herbs would be safe from the weather. "" .

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    TAGS ☆彡cin wasn't a big fan of thunder, despite his liking of the rain. he didn't do too well with the noise, and although one would think he should be fine with loud noises, considering his pops, he wasn't. flickering his ears back, the kitten would make a soft 'eep' noise, and randomly follow after rainpaw. sniffling, from the rain, obviously, he'd bounce towards her, attempting to wrap himself around one of her legs. i can help! he'd offer immediately, as if embarrassed.

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  • o a k k i t --

    Oakkit sat in the branches and watched everyone scramble for cover. Was the storm really that bad? He found it to be rather soothing. The sound of the rain on the leaves, the cool water in his fur, the beautiful lighting going across the sky, the deep rumbles that sounded like a loud deep purr, the lulling rocking of the branch beneath him. But the others were weird, he had to remind himself, and they didn't like lots of things that were actually fun and always did boring stuff. So he shouldn't be surprised that they were running for shelter. He was starting to fall asleep to the lulling sound of nature when he heard Cinderkit squeak in fear. Looking down, he noticed that his brother seemed afraid of the thunder. Silly boy, it just sounded like the sky was purring. Besides, it wasn't the thunder that could hurt you, but the lightning. But he supposed that it was kind of loud, so that might be what was scaring his brother. He sighed. He supposed he should go down and help comfort his brother. Dropping down the branches of the tree, he reached the ground and padded after Cinderkit, brushing against him to try and calm him down, hoping that it brought him some comfort.

  • As the rain pelted agains the ground, Orchardkit gave a squeal of frustration and sadness. "I'm all wet! Oh this going to take ages to get out of my fur! I want Stonepeak and Smokeblaze!" Tears started to form in her eyes as she sat there, being drenched and feeling sorry for herself.

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  • o a k k i t --

    Oakkit heard his sister squeal next and looked over to see that she was on the verge of tears. Of course, his 'princess' sister was very upset about this. Looking back to Cinderkit, he mewed, "Orchardkit needs me. You're with Rainpaw. Stick with her and you'll be fine." Then he dashed over to his sister and almost brushed up against her before realizing that she probably wouldn't appreciate his rain soaked pelt brushing up against her. Instead, he stood next to her and said, "You'll be fine. Stick close to me and I'll get you back to the nursery where you'll be safe and dry."

  • Orchardkit sniffled as her brohter approached. He gave him a 'woe-with-me' look and sighed. She was wet and she wanted to not be wet. She slowly got to her paws, which were now digging into mud. Another distressed squeal escaped her throat, but she kept going, following after Oakkit. "I don't like this, I don't like it at all!"

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  • o a k k i t --

    Oakkit sighed. His sister was so fragile. He wondered how she'd do as a warrior. She'd probably never hunt or battle for fear of getting her pelt messed up. So she'd be a pretty useless warrior. Whatever, that was later, this was now. They could worry about that when it came time for her to become one. Turning back to her, he mewed, "Yeah, I know, this sucks. But the fast we go, the faster we can get out of it and get you cleaned up, so let's hurry and get back to the nursery."

  • Grumbling and sighing, the kitten picked away daintily through the mud. Finally they reached a nursery and she slumpe down next to her siblings, looking defeated. As thunder rolled through once more, the kitten's eyes widened. That was loud! "Is it ever gonna end?"

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  • o a k k i t --

    Oakkit sighed in relief as they got to the nursery. Finally, she'd stopped complaining. Though he was surprised she hadn't grumbled about having to climb up here. He shrugged. Whatever, one less things for him to worry about. Though then she had to go and complain again. Huffing, he turned to her and said, "Whenever the sky doesn't have dark clouds in it," then he sat in the entrance to the nursery. He really wanted to climb back up into the tree, but he'd seen lightning hit the trees before and while it seemed to only affect the tops of the trees, it was still dangerous and meant that the higher he climbed, the more danger he was in. And he wasn't stupid enough to do that. So he settled with just laying halfway in the nursery and halfway out of it, enjoying the raging elements.

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    Orchardkit sat there, feeling miserable for herself. She was wet, she was muddy, and it was noisy outside. Suddenly lightning struck nearby and the she-kit gave a jolt of surprise. Usually she didn't get along the best with her siblings. But this time she found herself pressing up against Oakkit for comfort. Where was Smokeblaze? Or Stonepeak? Shivering, the kitten sniffled once more.

    Traditional SkyClan - Warrior - Female - 12 months old.

  • o a k k i t --

    Oakkit sighed in frustration as his sister cuddled up with him. Why was she even doing that? Normally she liked to stay away, but he especially expected that while he was sitting by the entrance. Was she really so scared that she wasn't concerned about her appearance right now? Hmm, maybe she had a chance as a warrior then. Hearing her whimpers, his heart softened a bit and he gave a defeated huff before he said, "Hey, let's get into our nest and get you cleaned up."

    (oh, ok, good to know. just wanted to make sure. :) )

  • Smokeblaze

    Smokeblaze shivered, pelting back to camp with the mouse he managed to catch before the first drops of rain began to fall.

    Sure he saw the clouds.. but he didn't expect a storm to begin so soon!

    Smokeblaze sighed, wishing he had fur like his mate instead of the short coat that was getting wetter and colder.

    Quickly slipping past trees and shrubs, the male climbed into the nursery, green eyes shining when he spotted his kits together.

    Hm.. where was Stonepeak? Maybe hunting as well..?

    Smokeblaze hoped not. It was freezing out.

    Shaking his pelt out before entering, the male dropped the fat mouse and pushed it to his children.

    "Sorry, kids. I guess the storm caught me by surprise" Smokeblaze chuckled, settling down next to them to try to warm them.

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  • HNfzwXn.gif The medicine cat apprentice gave the kits a quick smile, not minding if they ended up following her inside the medic den. Once she was inside she would make sure none of the herbs were being touched by the weather outside. They seemed just fine so she turned to focus on her clan mates, hoping that no one would get hurt. Since it got slippery from the rain and many thought they were invisible these days. Rainpaw let out a small sigh in content, they had been getting a lot of rain lately which would bring lots of herbs to them. Her mind wondered about Starclan and Flick before shaking that off. Starclan would talk to her soon, right? "Wow, it's really coming down today." .

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    The tom had jumped at thunders roar, his pelt puffing ,spured by ilogical thoughts.

    "Are we being attacked?!" He yowled, racing out if the caves, only to be greeted with rain. Oh.

    He blinked in surprise, backing up into the caves. Oh.

    He spotted a familar face ,Rainpaw, if he remebered correctly, in the medicine cats den. He padded iver, catching the last tid bit of her question.

    "Yeah it really is."


  • Orchardkit gave a pitiful look at her brother, who was mentioning they should go inside and get her cleaned up. Oh, she'd never get clean! She was doomed to be dirty. Ugh. Getting to her paws, the shadow of Smokeblaze soon fell over her and she sniffled, looking up at her father. As he laid down with a mouse, she curled up next to him. "I'm wet and muddy," she whined to her father.

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  • o a k k i t --

    Oakkit stepped back as his dad appeared and seemed to be tending to Orchardkit. Looks like he wasn't needed anymore. He'd let his dad deal with her and her antics. Going back to the entrance, he looked down to check on Cinderkit and see if he was alright. If not he'd have to help his other sibling. Why couldn't they take care of themselves? They were so whiny.