plot with miss jerk 2018

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  • hi I wanna do blOTs with Deuel my relatively new Wind Haven child and she’s probably the meanest character ive ever played fabssajws

    for a quick summary of her character, because she was abandoned here by her dad as a baby, she has this constant need to prove herself and often tries to put down others in the process. She’s snarky and pretty smart for her age but tends to overestimate her own intelligence like,, a lot

    She’s also a sore loser and will cry if you beat her in roblox hunger games

    plot ideas!! if you have other stuff in mind just bring it up these aint required or nothin

    • deuel picks on y/c because she thinks she’s better than them
    • y/c picks on deuel for being a biptch and she gets very angry
    • deuel sees y/c as a parental figure and they teach her some basic goddamn respect
    • deuel gets a crush on a gorl but she can only express her feelings through being a total ass
    • deuel brutally obliterates y/c in a spar
    • deuel is defeated in a spar and she gets vERY angry
  • my guYY

    lem here is just a fuckin bitch all the time bc he feels like it

    and he's a moody teen

    so like maybe they have this really angry love/hate relationship where they're constantly yelling at each other and it kind of develops from them despising each other's presence to them being like wtf i actually don't hate you that much,, but still insulting one another all the time



  • idk if this is something deuel would do

    but maybe

    she says something about midori

    and he's like 'wtf only i can say that about my mommm!!!!'

    and then they fiteee


    or she can just be like let's fite and he's like lets go bitch



  • ooh snap

    maybe public? but tbh it doesn't really matter that much to me so if you think private would be better that's cool too