plot with barkscar?

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  • *wagglez eyebrows*

    he's a jerk, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it haha

    any sort of drawn out juicy plotting

    angsty banters

    crush / he is bisexual

    enemies - probably a lot

    developing a friendship is hard, but possible

    developing a relationship is also hard, it will be drawn out and he will be distant at first.

    looking for an apprentice / he will be rough on the said apprentice.


    - appearance - tags

  • I feel like barkscar will be casually snide with her at first, then, since daisy seems to be such an insightful sweetheart. He might break down his wall just to be friends with her, if you don't mind playing it out that way? :)

  • Rainpaw will probably try to be his friend tbh

    Maybe some kind of interaction thread where Barkscar is tasks with herb patrol with Rainpaw?

  • Y E S. that is perfect man!!

    that angst plot is awesome a f. Grandpa Cal gonna raise hell tho. If he finds out 2 things

    1 - rainpaw is his grand-daughter

    2 - whoever beats her up

    he would probably just beat the perpetrator into a pulp but allow them to stay in bloodclan tbh.

  • *coughs awkwardly*I just realized it's you clandestine*cough*

    Yeah, I plan on asking Bloodclan if any of their characters would be willing to be the attacker once it gets closer to that time but if not it would just be an npc

    I kind of want it to go down that she states she is the daughter of wolfgang and thats why they attack her, but have maybe another witness so the rumor that she was there spreads

    idk i'll figure it out when it gets closer lol

  • *narrows eyes further* how dare you lol jkjk

    Well, I have another bloodclan character Harley if you have no takers, which is probably unlikely. Bloodfam LOVES the angst.

    anywho, yesss. I can't wait. Feel free to tag me whenever you get it up.<3

    plus, I cannot wait for Cal to meet her tbh. It will be a highlight on his development.

    ... oml... if she has kits....he will be a GREAT grandpa. oml hahaha

  • I can't wait for her to meet her grandparents tbh

    She only ever knew Wolfgang had brothers but didn't know about his other family so it will be a "surprise i only have one eye like my dad"

    hahaha he'll be old XD

    Any ways, do you want to have the thread with Barkscar and Rainy?