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  • Name: StonePeak

    Nicknames: Stone, “Stonespeak” {by AdderCloud}

    Age: physically: 20-ish moons? I literally forgot. Mentally: 8 moons {due to the abuse from the WildSide Rogues}

    Appearance: a long haired grey main coon with dark stripes, white chest and white front paws with aquamarine eyes.

    Scars: across flanks, shoulders, chest, face, though most is hidden from sight by his fur. The only indicators of scars are his shredded unhearing ears, and his muzzle.

    Gender: biologically: female. Identifies: Male

    Pronouns: He/him

    Mate: Outlaw {SmokeBlaze}

    Kits: Adopted: Orchardkit. Biological: Oakkit, the rest TBD

    Affiliations: WildSide Rogues, SkyClan

    Battle: Physically: Hard

    Mentally: Hard

    Noted characteristics: Deaf, Naive, feels no pain/ pretends not to, no good at hunting whatsoever.