the horsemen of the west. [ chat/plot thread. ]

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    Here, there is no location other than west. There is no date other than now, no home other than horse. No food unless there's money, no money unless it's stolen. For these cowboys, there's nothing for them unless a job comes around. Jobs, often offered by rivaling gangs or shady politicians, could include anything from a train heist to a town raid. That was how these horsemen survived; earning the smallest sliver of a deal from powerful people was enough to sustain themselves until another job could arise.

    Soon, there were more cowboys than jobs due to the crackdown by the law. With the sudden lack of work and expenses to cover, the thin-stretched riders took matters into their own hands. They grouped together, built themselves a reliable camp, and called it home. There was finally a permanent, though also nomadic, town for these horsemen. With a full society with children and old ones alike, it is easy for this town of criminals to get along so easily with the law. Any sheriff to step on their grounds is welcomed, spoken to as though it was any normal settlement. No eyebrows were raised, questions harbored. It would stay this way for them, as long as they kept their mouths shut.

    Thieves, outcasts, killers alike are all welcomed into the settlement. As long as they work for their stay, they are a member. Work can include a variety of jobs, some being as simple as cooking and cleaning while others are more dangerous - train heists are the horsemen's specialty. Any capable cowboy can participate as long as they have a role in the plan. Keeping the law away from their jobs stands as the most important role. As a staple, the riders paint their faces in elaborate painting, a trade from the Natives, to conceal their identities more effectively. A select few higher ranks have been tattooed on their faces to mark their roles.

    Perhaps the most involved members of each job are the horses. A wide variety, some stolen racehorses and others mustangs tamed from their lands, serve as an important piece in each raid. The powerful beasts must be reliable and steady in order to bring success and riches to their riders. Any dangerous or old steed will be released and untouched by the town members. Horses are frequently swapped during jobs to maintain that anonymity. Riders will trade mounts or have multiple horses to avoid being identified.

    To these horsemen of the west, secrecy is key. They will not name their gang or single out any one job type. They don't refer to themselves as a gang but instead a community of mismatched people. Avoiding the law is a priority; should any officer be nearby, the group has two options - conceal themselves, or remove the problem, regardless of what that might entail.



    A general reference of the whole settlement, the ground is any land that has been settled upon for the time being. It is currently a narrow valley covered in sparse prairie grass and red sands. Large bluffs surrounding three-fourths of the location ensure no attackers can surround them, but they can easily become trapped. Just to the west of the grounds by three miles is a busy train station and town of around eighty people. The settlement, built unusually during this time as a circle, is divided into rings as thirds.


    The horsemen's favorite location, the kitchen is run by anyone who is free at the moment and a good cook. Meals are made for whoever is present. The kitchen itself is not very large and very open, just covered with a net to prevent flies from bothering the lunchers. The dining hall is attached to the kitchen and built out of whatever wood and hide was available at the time of settling. The kitchen is snugly located in the center of most homes.


    Considered the most important building, and covered in various paints and art inside and out. With the use of different soils and plants, colors safe for the body are used to conceal members during jobs. In order to be tattooed by the painter who resides here, one must hold a high position or be considered honorable enough to the painter. Located in the outer ring.


    Called the household, this is the meeting point located in the dead center of the settlement. Any member can attend in this wide, circular hide tent during any dispute or decision. In the center is a roundtable, where maps can be plotted or jobs written in word. Each member present at the household during job discussions are automatically assumed in the job, unless dismissed.


    Considered the location of most, if not all, homes. These homes are divided in three rings; the innermost, nearest the kitchen and household, being mostly child-bearing and old one homes. The middle and largest ring hosts the majority of working people. The Head is located in this ring. The outermost and thinnest ring holds The Watch and stablehands.


    Horses, an important member of the settlement, are loose to freely roam the surrounding grounds. Few stray far, and stablehands are ready at all times to keep the herd from disappearing. A stream or well source is always available for the horses; a well in their current establishment keeps the horses well maintained. Along with horses, there is a small collection of cattle for meat.


    Where prisoners and disruptive members are held on the outskirts of the settlement. Since prisoners are considered stablehands, this building is located near an outlying well with the horses. Prisoners are held in individual cells, but trusted ones can be moved to open and unsupervised holds when acting as stablehand. Tack and hay is stored in the jail.



    The law of the town, in a sense. Takes command over all plans, finalizes decisions, can promote or demote anyone at will. While there are no specific laws, what they say cannot be questioned. They can call off jobs before and during, and are the second-highest respected member of the group.


    Bo Reid, 24, Male


    These are four patrollers, often on the outskirts of the town and only involved when convenient. Very highly respected and considered the law enforcers of the ground. Often watch prisoners and subdue disruptive members. The only members who can kill without being questioned. They can be demoted by the Head, or challenged by other members to a display of strength to obtain their position.


    Jessie Parker, 25, Female





    A well-practiced medic for the settlement. They can be involved in jobs, but tend to stay on the sidelines to treat wounds. Since they are a peaceful member, they do not need their face concealed, but often do just to avoid any accidental arrests.


    reserved until tues night.


    An artist, usually native, that takes influence from the natives in the area to learn tattooing and painting to both conceal members during jobs and recognize the powers of higher positions. Extremely intelligent, knowing various languages and cultural divisions, frequently used during interactions with nearby towns and tribes. The most respected member of the group, but often peaceful.


    Mani, 23, Female


    The general members, of all ages. They do the bulk of the heavy, less desirable work. These riders can be told to cook and clean off duty, and during jobs are valuable for preventing the law from getting involved. Some are killers, others former gang members, most just looking for work. Various ethnicities and capabilities; anyone is welcomed to the settlement as long as they can work.


    Sierra Smith, 20, Female


    Innocent prisoners taken from jobs. They are usually held for ransom or just to keep their mouths shut. They're treated fair and well unless they get on anyone's nerves. They are often used as stablehands if they are capable of riding.






    Uninvolved from the gang, unless they cause a problem. Consist of townspeople, sheriffs, politicians. Some can be friendly and helpful, others should be avoided.



    The laws of the settlement, not those of the west. Can be changed or cut by the Head when given permission by other high ranks.

    1.) Stealing from members is a jail-worthy offense.

    2.) Murder, rape, and assault against other members are executable offenses.

    3.) Natives are to be respected and given valuable trades.

    4.) Members participating in a job must be concealed under paint.

    5.) Abandoning a job or member in danger is an executable offense.

    6.) No member may leave the settlement unless given permission and occupied by two others.

    7.) Orders should be followed, but can be questioned upfront.

    8.) Rape is an executable offense; no member should partake in the assault of an outsider.

    9.) Murder of an outsider must be reasonably caused and explained.

    10.) Horses should be released if unable to perform; killing a horse unless it's injured is a jail-worthy offense.

    11.) Should a member be caught by the law, the horsemen must leave them to sort it out. Should they return, they will be welcomed.


    1.) A two paragraph minimum must be maintained throughout and for each character.

    2.) All ethnicities can be used, just understand racism and sexism will be prevalent among outside characters.

    3.) High ranking reservations will only last 24 hours.

    4.) Paints and tattoos should be natural colors and minimal patterns - no dandelions or birds.

    5.) Horses are a vital part, make sure your character has one.

    6.) Stay mature. Gore, violence, killings, it's all going to be involved in this thread.

    7.) You may have any age, just know kids will not always be included. Faceclaims required.

    8.) Offer up plot ideas and interact with one another! A plotting thread will be made.

    9.) This is the old west; it's hot, there's deserts and prairies all over, dangers everywhere. Go as wild as you'd like.

    10.) Names should be of the time and reflective of ethnicity. There probably weren't many Rebeccas back then.

    11.) Other animals can be included, but relevant to the environment and time period.

  • bo reid, the 24-year-old head, is open for plotting. he is ace; i will be selective with any romance plots but throw anything at me. i'll place his application below for y'all to bounce off of, would appreciate if you did the same.

  • Sierra or Lizze doesn't really matter what you call her, she doesn't care. She pratically open for everything expect killing her.

    Perhaps Lizz could have make Bo laugh at some point, I dunno. She has had moments of saying some rather raunchy stuff or yelling rather crude insults at some intentional guests. Prehaps friend? adamance

  • The fact she got her horse from charming this shit out someone. Like that was a moment to be witnessed, sadly no one was there expect herself, and the probably if Cinnamon could talk would have said: You are the most stupidest owner I ever had, wtf she is gonna take me away read between the lines dumbass! read!

    They would banter over the stupidest of shit like siblings.

    bonding over pretty horses is what Lizze is here for. Although she's not gonna try to steal the bosses horse, but she is gonna try to get the horse to favor her, by spoiling it.

  • I just thought of something, god forgive me for this idea but here it is. So there is this charity event right? It happens amongst the richest of the rich and gang gets word of such an event happens. Where there is money there is a heist, and where there is a heist there is a good chance money, booze you could probably drink, and a load of fun.

    Sierra could get them in, but as for getting them out. She'll leave that to the gang.

    Besides, it would be the last time she got dolled up for a event like that.

  • aw, them and their horses cx they'll be quite the dynamic duo on horseback. and that charity plot would be an interesting change for the gang. i think once more people join this thread we can get the meat of the plot fleshed out, but for now, i'm definitely intrigued c:

  • Glad there is some interest. I'm really interested in this plot. I even planning on having someone from Lizzie's past come into the picture which results in her going: oh gawd. anyone but you!

  • tracking for now. Jessie, or jess, boy killer, boy, whatever yall want, is basically open for anything too. On the outside shes kind of like that "im a bad b!tch you can't kill me" vine but on this inside she just wants somebody to love her lol so do with that what you will

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  • great welcome guys c: i'll @ the other members of the application thread to here so we can start brainstorming shortly!

    in the meantime, throw any plots out there. as crazy as they are, whatever is on your mind hash them out.

  • *silently sneaking in*

    Hello! Well, um. I’m horrible with ideas, to be frank. I’ve only got a half-baked something here that I have no clue how to deal out— what if there was an epidemic among the horses? Like, I don’t know many horse viruses, but something that’s seriously hurting the population of the herd. That could cause some definitive chaos!

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  • I don't have any plot ideas yet but once I come up with one I'll let you know!

    Here is a bit more info about my characters:

    Nina is very outspoken and is not afraid to say what she thinks, which sometimes gets her into trouble. She can be pretty snarky at times, especially when she disagrees with something. I kind of see her constantly bickering with Bo because of his close-mindedness and ignorance. She is also the type of person who firmly believes in proper planning and will definitely say "I told you so" when something goes wrong due to poor planning. For the most part she is rather calm and collected but when the situation becomes tense, like someone gets severely injured, she becomes fretful. She is a great person to vent to because she is patient and will listen to everything you have to say before coming up with her own judgement on the matter.

    Rafael is for the most part a no nonsense type of person. He doesn't enjoy watching others fight for petty reasons, which is why he doesn't like going to bars and saloons since those places are full of drunk people trying to one up each other. He is somewhat of a pacifist. When he sees members of the horsemen fighting amongst one another he will try to stop it. One look from him usually silences them, but if things get physical he won't hesitate to get up to physically stop them. He is not one to argue much. If the head said it then it is law. He is a "go with the flow" type of guy. To him the horsemen are like family so he is protective of the members even if he isn't particular close to all of them. He is closer to the other members of the Watch since they are constantly working together.

    M!NK If that happens I can picture everyone bringing their horses to Nina to get them checked and she is just there freaking out because she is not that kind of doctor lol

  • love it, love it, that horse epidemic would throw a wrench in their lives bc they all love their babies so much. i'm gonna list off the current ideas and add one that i think might be interesting as the starting point? all these can be fleshed out way more too so keep 'em coming c:

    -- charity event; gang will probs show up to party a bit before enacting their heist. (i'm assuming the majority of this will probs be them scamming the event, then when they gotta blast they'll steal wherever any cash is hidden?)

    -- horse epidemic; horses get sick/die, super unusual for the healthy herd and cause fear that the herd might all die or something?

    -- for the opening few pages; a train heist, like always, that goes as planned and is just to get everyone into the vibe of the trouble this gang causes?

  • In regards to the horse epidemic plot idea, I'm guessing veterinarians were not very common at the time especially in the Wild West, so maybe the epidemic forces them to make a journey to a "nearby" Native American reservation to see if they know anything about the disease and how to treat it??? I put 'nearby' in quotes because it is still a long journey and it doesn't help that the horses keep getting sick.

    Kaiors Nina would definitely be that friend. In fact, I am expecting her to kind of be the "mom friend" of the group since she will constantly be trying to keep everyone out of trouble

  • oo I like the idea of a horse epidemic and asking for help from the natives. it's different than what you would like a gang would do, but would show how far they are willing to go to protect their animals. not to mention a doorway for some heavy angst ;D

    also, jasper and noble are up for some plots! anyone interested?