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    Captain Corbin 'Crush' Craul - Earth 2609 (Portal AU) - Hand to Hand combat, Tactics, Weaponry

    Crush looked between the girl, and the creature, and Ana, his shotgun raised. He gave a big sigh, lowering his weapon, although he still stood ready to defend if it attacked. "Kid, you better be right. Specialist, back off, but keep a close eye on that... thing. If it attacks, don't hesitate to use deadly force against it."

    The tiger creature bared teeth at the girl, confused that she wasn't screaming in terror. Many of these bipeds smelled of fear when it was visible, including those holding the pointy things. These three, however, didn't. It let out a growl, hoping to scare them.

    Carter Andrew 'Cat' Tonkinese - Earth 55 (Cat World) - Cat-like Reflexes and Agility, Claws, Feral Growth


    Artem Nicholai Tesla - Earth 710 (No Electricity) - Lightning Magic and Various Inventions


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  • Lily just stood firmly and watched it and slowly moved forward. "It's alright. Let me help you." She coaxed.

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  • "Followers, yes. Blind...Spirits no." Roy sighed again. "I think they see it as an excuse to fight us warriors. They see us as sappy do-gooders. I don't see why they had to go with him, though."


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