Semper Ad Meliora//Open, June Meeting

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  • Sky moves her way to the center of the Tribe camp. This meeting was much later that she would have liked, however time got away from her. The Tribe was thriving, and clearly her "business agreement", or their kits being born into the Tribe to learn the ways outside of the Clans, was working well in their favor. Sky was proud to see how well her kits have already bonded with the Tribe, with their other family. Even if this pride was inward, as was most of her emotions.

    But, when it came to meetings, it was better late than never. Sky had some trivial things to discuss, and decided to make sure her kits were officially welcomed into the Tribe. Four moons to be able to hide behind their stone-faced mother should be more than enough, before their curiosity grew too much to suppress.

    "Tribe of Rushing Water!" The Stoneteller calls, her monotone voice rising to reach all sides of the camp, "I believe it's high time for a meeting!"

    1/3 of the Bitch Brigade

    Sociopathic Stoneteller of the TORW

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • ✿✾He stumbles towards his mother before he slurps his saliva like usual. He crosses his tail across his large body and turns his chin up to smile at his mother.

    //Short track post



    tags. | played by ZHAR!.

  • ・゚✦  the woman slipped forth, her chin lifted ever so slightly and shoulders pulled back. a long tail cooiling with ease as a sharpened gaze of glacier eyes maneuvered over sky as her voice echoed. the bengal took a seat, claws flexing out of simple habit.

    — how to be deadly, how to be pretty