The Secret Haven (Sign-Ups, Open)

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    Welcome to the Safe Haven. An island that is full of mysteries and a home to wereanimals. There is a pack of wereanimals that have claimed this island as their home and they welcome many others into their pack. This is a place where they can be themselves with one little village to worry about. They tell legends about the pack, but everyone thinks they are a myth. There is a couple of new comers in town though that are taking the stories seriously and this could put the pack in danger. The new comers are hunters. The pack has made new rules in hopes of keeping the pack safe on the island of Secret Haven. The pack has lived here for many years and now they might be forced to leave it or fight for what is their’s.


    1. You can be any wereanimal you want to, a human, or a hunter.

    2. No one liners, please try to use 3+ sentences per a character.

    3. Run any major plot with me first.

    4. Do not kill other characters unless you have permission from the other player.

    5. Some characters will get hurt and there is no power playing.

    6. Have fun with this thread.

    7. Try to be active. I understand having a busy schedule, but try to post at least once a day.

    8. Let me know if you are going to be gone for a while.

    9. I can reserve ranks, but I will only hold them for 24 hours.

    10. I encourage drama IC, but I do not want anyone fight OOC.

    11. You may have as many characters as you can handle.

    Pack Rules(These can be broken)

    1. Follow the alpha’s word.

    2. It is forbidden to have a relationship with a human from the village or a hunter.

    3. You must alert the other members of the pack when a human is near the pack house.

    4. Do not transform in front of the humans, we must remain a legend to them.

    5. When you go to town, you must take at least 2 other people with you.

    6. Children and teenagers are not allowed to leave the house after 11:30.

    Other Information

    Pack House and Island


    Pack Ranks

    Pack Descriptions

    Humans and Hunters


    Name * Name Mates

    Name > Name Character on the left has a crush on the character on the right

    Name >< Name Mutual Crush

    Name - Name Siblings

    Lilli Anne > Ollie

    Anahita > Ollie

    Blaire > Ollie

    Other Threads

    Chat/Plotting- The Safe Haven (Chatting/Plotting Thread)

    RP Thread- The Secret Haven (RP Thread)

    The Form

    My Form(s)

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    Name: Rosario Judith Furlock

    Nicknames: Ro, but prefers Rosario.

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Species: Werecat

    Wereanimal Species: Siberian Tiger

    Rank: Lead Fighter

    Tattoos/Scars/Etc: WIP

    History: WIP

    Personality: WIP

    Likes: WIP

    Dislikes: WIP

    Strengths: WIP

    Weaknesses: WIP

    Sexuality: WIP

    Family: WIP

    Crush: WIP

    Mate: WIP

    Turn Ons: WIP

    Turn Offs: WIP

    Other: Open for plotting

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    —— the world is yours and you can't refuse it *:・゚✦

    NAME / NICKNAMES brandon jones cooper; "cooper", "coop"

    AGE & DATE OF BIRTH nineteen years old; february 1st, 1999

    RANK hunter


    GENDER & SEX cisgender male

    SEXUALITY heterosexual/romantic

       — turn ons fun, friendly, genuine, kind, good-looking, smart

       — turn offs snotty, aloof, cruel

    STATUS single & not crushing [open]

    FAMILY ??

    FRIENDS tba

    ENEMIES tba

    PERSONALITY brandon is often optimistic and cheerful. he is encouraging, and wants people to always try out new things, even if it is dangerous.
    though it only shows a little bit at a time, brandon can be daring. he likes to challenge himself and others by pushing the limits. he's also protective over his friends and family, so he can engage in fights if he has to, but he prefers to avoid confrontation.
    brandon is also very athletic; in fact, it could have been his middle name. he engages in lots of sports and, when he's not doing so, he'll take the time to run and get his body moving somehow.

    brandon is social as well, as he has a lot of friends. he likes to be loud and heard, and he isn't afraid to express himself through what he does. brandon also likes to do lots of activities with his friends, so he's a very fun guy.
    even though brandon can seem quite popular and carefree, he's not a player. if you win his heart, brandon will stay by you and love you like there's no tomorrow.
    you don't see a lot from his sensitive side, but really, who doesn't have one? if you get close with him, he may be comfortable with opening up to you. he may even see you as a shoulder to cry one; albeit he can definitely be a shoulder to cry on, let's just say that he has his vulnerable moments.

       — key traits optimistic, athletic, pacifistic (for the most part), social, encouraging, genuine, sweet

       — strengths hunting, swimming, athletics

       — weaknesses relies on heart instead of brain, not very experienced in combat, climbing [in wereanimal form]


    HOGWARTS HOUSE hufflepuff

    NATURAL ALIGNMENT neutral good

    LIKES sports, running, swimming, the outdoors, music, fruit, stargazing

    DISLIKES cruel people, hunters, conflict, bloodshed


       — human form brandon is a perfectly healthy teenager, standing at nearly 6 feet and weighing in at 160 pounds. he has a generally confident gait and a tall stature. he has fair skin and chocolate brown eyes. his hair is also dark brown and is usually combed in a wave-like fashion. his style is clothing is very casual, consisting of hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers.

       — wereanimal form a built wolf brute with warm, amber-colored eyes. he has lean muscle, meaning that he's strong but isn't physically bulky or overly huge. he has a thick brown pelt, which carries the scent of pine.


       — tattoos/scars/marks none

       — accessories a granite necklace from his mother


    HISTORY brandon was born into the haven to leah cooper and mark cooper. he was their only son. his father had been killed by hunters when he was little, so he doesn't remember much of him, only through pictures and stories that his mom has told him. brandon grew up, resenting the hunters but not choosing to track them down. instead, he's done his best to avoid them, and now proudly serves as a member of the group.

    OTHER none

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    1. Name:Niall
    2. Nicknames:none feel free to make one
    3. Age:22
    4. Gender:male
    5. Species: Wereanimal
    6. Wereanimal Species: werewolf


    1. giphy.gifRank:
    2. Tattoos/Scars/Etc:He has a scar across his flank and a burn scar on his eye
    3. Description:Naill is tall and handsome. His eyes are a dark brown, and had an athletic build. His skin is light and smooth, not the slightest sigh of ance.
    4. History:Niall was born a werewolf and raised by two loving parents but they soon split up as his father was cheating on his mother. He always had something to do and usually was the reason for others complaining due to causing trouble. He was a rule braker and a bit of a clown. Growing up he became more mature (sort of) and understanding of others feelings. Unfortunately he was also a bit of a bully to others who he took a dislike to. This still hasn't changed espesally when he gets jelous.
    5. Personality:He is very protective of his friends and loved ones, doesn't like humans much. Though he can come off as distant and cold at times he can be playful and loving to those closest, even a bit of a jokster. Niall is quite sensitive but masks that by acting confidant. He can get jelous which he doesn't hide well. When angry, he has go remove himself out of the situation before he loses his temper even more and hurts others around him which will make him feel guilty. He is a fighter, likes to playfight but knows how to handle actual fight when need be. He is very loyal and is suspicious of strangers.


    1. Dislikes:Humans, bugs, feeling lonely, the rain, sleepless nights, arguing, being compared to others, his mistakes being pointed out
    2. Strengths:Hunting, fighting
    3. Weaknesses:Spiders, easily distracted.
    4. Sexuality:straight
    5. Family:mother, father and a sister he never even knew he had
    6. Crush:open
    7. Mate:open
    8. Turn Ons:Confidence, always happy and understanding, not boring, likes to have a laugh.
    9. Turn Offs:Abusive, too clingy (obsessive) , a total controlling bitch, boring
    10. Other: Open for plotting and sister is open to roleplay as