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  • He was done not sure how much he was supposed to even take at this point. So damn hard had he tried, sacrificing so much while trying to keep everything together. Always he put his family first before anything else but it seemed like no one could do the same for him. At this point it felt like he would end up right at the start line again. Alone, disowned by the whole world and forgotten. Over and over again he tried but he just couldn't take it this time. Not after what he just had got told. Crowdcontrol an former blackheart how had beaten the shit out of him just a little while ago was dating Hayliel one of his closest friends. Why he had even got beat up in the first place had been because the rouge had captured and harmed two of his own people so had thought if he got ride of her she could no longer harm them. He had done it for them, for her only to found out she had fucking sleept with that bitch!!. Who could someone do something as fucked up like that?!. Obiviously Hayliel cared more about who she could get in bed over her own clan, over him. It hurt so damn much. So much things had gone wrong lately, so many news of grief striking him one after the other. So hard he tried to cooperate with all of it but it was impossible to recover when something new happend all the time. The worst thing he know was to get bedrayed to get backstabbed and he felt like that had been exactly the case. It didn't even made any sense for him how The Cartel even could have allowed Orianna to step up after letting thier Godfather Sollux die. Poeple like that where disgusting and he felt in ever fiber in his body how much he wanted to tear that fucking bitch apart, killing her over and over again since apperantly he couldn't kill her himself since she was a vampire.

    Coming up towards the Sanguine Ruins border as he felt he had got severly knives inside of his back the hellhound simple stared down at the sand, not all behaving like he had done last time. Breakout hadn't been sure where to go, this place had been the only one that had come up to his mind. One single person he actually wanted to see right now more then anything. Would she accept him right now though?. Raquel hadn't reacted all to well when he had showed his vunerable side towards her, fearing he might even have lost her because of it. But he supposed it was all his own to blame. Guys wasn't suppose to act vunerable and weak, always strong like they not had any emotions at all. If Dione decided to do the same he couldn't blame her either. But he would try. Yeah, the moment someone showed up he would pick himself together and force himself back to his normal typical self. Even joking around about that he looked like a beaten up dog with all this bandages wrapped around his body. All he wanted was to sleep somewhere else tonight and he hoped he could found that sort of comfort from Dione.

    DIONE E.  


  • Dione had been fiddling with the beautiful dagger Breakout had graced her with, eyeing the intricate detail with an adoring gaze. She was rarely one for weapons, she mainly relied on her brute force and battle prowess when it came to spars and such. But now, she was always seen carrying the very same dagger to wherever she found herself. The only problem was how the leather holster she had placed it in didn't quite flatter her long limbs, seeming to just dangle from her left hind thigh. Regardless it was useful for quick access if she ever came across to need it offensively. She hadn't heard much from the hellhound however. A bitter expression surfaced itself on to her features and yet disappeared as quickly as it came. The cougaress had been promoted, she was managing to climb her way up and that was more important than some silly male. She would repeat that within her mind like a broken, old record.

    Many times had then tawny pelted wildcat find herself alone. She'd never known anything but loneliness growing up. Her kin was nothing more than her competition to survive. They were of no friends to her. Mother and father were far more like tyrants than guardians meant to nurture and care for the cub but instead used battle tactics to "nurture" her. In her own twisted mind however, she found no fault in this. In her mind, they had gifted her with what she needed to strive in life, to gain power. How terribly wrong she was and yet she was so oblivious to it.

    Dione suddenly snapped her gaze up from the dagger, the all too familiar coppery scent of blood and open wounds flooding her nostrils. Along with that, another smell she recognized but yet she remained confused. In order to confirm her suspicions, the gracefully dignified cougar would make her way towards the border quickly, running faster than she ever had while living under The Ruins. "Breakout?" She uttered softly beneath a small gasp, icy blue eyes clouding with worry as she made her way closer to him. "What happened." The now spiteful woman would demand, vengeance bubbling within her violently. She would regain her composure however, reminding herself that soon other members would pile in behind her. They would see no vulnerability from her, no matter how she thought felt about Break. And yet her bodice would move forward so that the hellhound could lean besides her if he so wished while anxiously awaiting an answer.


  • It was a bit funny how two lonely people found each other. Both having thier own past to deal and struggle with through each and everyday but could still relate to the other. Despite thier differences had something in commen and that was both of thier familes had abandoned them, or simple not cared enough. Because of thier own parents failures to do thier own responsbility had been forced to grow up far to quickly without the embrace of someone or for anyone to be there at all. In a cold world had done what had been necessery to survive and not everything had been pretty, not for himself at least. Breakout had done stuff as a kid no child should ever have to get put through. His innocent had got stripped away, plucked from the forbidden apple. People had ruined him, and it had all been done by adults. The spoiled brat no longer existed because of this just a damaged man how lives behind a mask of arrogance and like no worries was on his mind at all, living through the day like he not cared for anything at all then to have fun and joke around because, that was how he survived every single day. Without that he knew sooner or later he would broke just like his father. Growing up with a father how was so broken beyond repair as a child had been enough to learn he never was going to let that happend towards himself, not anymore. No one was going to make him bend down to anyone's feet.

    He was going to be this world ruler so no one could ever touch him again.

    In the middle of his own bitterful thoughts heared that well familliar voice he got have killed for just to hear it right now. Picking up his head from staring at the sand would stare at the cougarness with a somehwat exhausted look, like he just had lost a war which in a way he had. But that look would quickly vanish as he forced up a grin but it was weak not as strong and confidence at it usual was. Something was clearly wrong but he refusted to show emotions towards someone how could easily knock him down right now without any problem at all. " Sup Dione..." he said, a bit low and bite down on his tounge when she asked him what had happend. For him to come here wrapped into bandages was not really helping him right now to get her to buy his cheep story like everything was fine. Sighing would shake his head, accepting the offer to lean against her a bit when she come up towards his side. " I picked a fight with a dragon, fucking stupied i know. " grumbled not intentionally having chased down a dragon to fight with of course. She had been a cat-fox hybrid until 'poof' she had shifted into that massive beast. Like that he had lost the battle straight away.

    " I didn't go down without a fight though," he would lie with a empty chuckle but almost instantly grimaced afterwards. Trying to look somewhat cool in his own failure would found himself pathetic right now for trying to impress in a situation there he had no chance anyway to do so. Deciding there was no point to try to go around what he wanted went straight to the point. " I don't want to go home... can i stay with you tonight?. " he asked and flattered down his ears a bit as he faced the good damn sand again. If she rejected him not it would hurt a bit but still he would be fine with it. He could crash land somewhere else...or simple dump himself in a ditch for the night. He just didn't wanted to go back to The Cartel right now. Not after everything. The last thing he wanted right now was to see Hayliel's and Crowdbitch faces as they disgustingly was all lovey-dovey. The pain to get stabbed in the back by a dear friend of his was the worst possible feeling ever.


  • Dione could see clearly through Breakout's facade. He was in pain and she knew it. A fight with a dragon? She herself possessed shape-shifting powers but had rarely ever used them. Perhaps this was her chance to practice, she'd have to figure out who this creature was and pay them a little visit. The faltering in his expression pained her, she had never seen the hellhound in such a state and she wouldn't dare dream of throwing him to the side in such a vulnerable position. Relief flooded through her once he spoke her name. Her lean body relaxed now despite having his own against hers.

    I didn't go down without a fight though

    "Of course you didn't." She would breathe with a bitter sweet tone to her voice, a small smile now making it's way onto her thin lips as his humor was still present despite his situation. He was still Breakout it seemed. His question came as a bit of a surprise to the wildcat, blinking in hesitation. Her reason for pausing were not due to not wanting to have him around, but more afraid of the consequences. Hypokrisis' heed began to whisper within her mind. The wise alabaster hellhound had warned the beauty of men like Breakout and yet here she was, accepting the male into her den. "Of course you can, Break. We're allies after all now." She would attempt to divert the fact that she in fact longed for the male to spend the night with her by mentioning the act of politics. Hopefully others would think of it as more of a ally-strengthening acceptance rather than her underlying feelings.