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    The Plot

    -- adapted from ROY MUSTANG!! 's original post

    After the age of edward elric, to be specific 10 years into the future after his death, a new threat is rising. New homoculi have risen and are intent on the destruction of alchemists. All over amestris there have been reports of state, ordinary alchemists, as well as those who causally practice alchehestry, have suddenly disappeared or gone rogue and caused destruction. What sinister plan could be under way, and what role do Creta and Xing play in this plan?

    Let's find out~

    The Rules

    -- adapted from ROY MUSTANG!! 's original post

    - if you intend to role-play a canon character, please know enough about them to play them.

    -i would prefer you to have watched/read some or all of the full metal alchemist series in order to understand what goes on though its not required

    - do not start ooc drama, and be respectful towards other people!

    - no perfect characters or metagaming!

    - do not kill off anybody's character without checking it by the role-player of said character. i would also appreciate being informed if you would like to kill somebody's character, either through the plot thread or private messages, although it is not required.

    - please do not hog all the high-ranked roles, although you are allowed more than one.

    -If you are a state alchemist your character must be at least 20, I will allow only 2 younger state alchemists. They must be no younger than Edward as he was in the early parts of 'brotherhood' (around 13-14)

    -I will also allow 3 humonculus

    -Keep in mind that using alchemy without a transmutation circle is rare.

    -be original with your characters I do not mind if their looks are from a different anime but do not completely base them off that character.

    -please no one-liners. I understand low muse but please have at least 2 or 3 sentences at least.

    -make your post readable I do not mind grammar or punctuation mistakes but i need to be able to read it.

    -feel free to have your post be whatever color you want, but it's its a hard color to read (like navy blue) please provide the uncolored text in a spoiler in the same post!

    -If you have an idea for a plot, by all means, DM either me or ROY MUSTANG!!.

    -feel free to make a villain character too! ;) Humans can be just as scary as homonculi!

    -I encourage Ic drama not ooc drama

    -killing off a character is allowed! Please DM either me or ROY MUSTANG!! about it first!

    -If you want to kill of a character, or kill someone else's character, do make sure it's ok first!

    -I will allow cursing

    -keep in mind all canon characters are in old age unless otherwise specified

    -If you're making a state alchemist, dont make then OP, and also, please make either a regular alchemist, traveler or military!

    -if you want to make a homunculi and all three slots are filled up. DM me or ROY MUSTANG!! and we'll see what we can do!

    Ranks and Characters

    -- adapted from ROY MUSTANG!! 's original post

    • Füher-1/1
    • General-0/1
    • Brigadier general-1/3
      • Crilland Kallkuliam || The Heavy Hand Alchemist || DoctorDaouse
    • Colonel-1/5
      • Garnet Mustang | Fire and water related alchemy | alchemy
    • Major- 2/6
    • Madelyn (Maddie) Hoffmann || Steam Alchemist || Leia
    • Reese Link || The Hot Blood Alchemist|| SassyWindow
    • State Alchemists-5/18
      • Agni Miller || Bone Alchemist || Keeekeeey
      • Romana Moroi || Warrior Alchemist || ROY MUSTANG!!
      • Madelyn (Maddie) Hoffmann || Steam Alchemist || Leia
      • Reese Link || The Hot Blooded Alchemist|| SassyWindow
      • Crilland Kallkuliam || The Heavy Hand Alchemist || DoctorDaouse
      • Sayah || The Shadow Alchemist || ~~~Whisper~~~
    • First lieutenant-1/8
    • Private-0/-
    • Soldier-1/-
      • Locke Thorson || Thor || Spudbob || Senior Master Sergeant
    • Homoculous- 2/3
      • Guilt || She can " summon"/conjure a loved one or person they watched die, as well as replay scenes of a traumatic event in their mind || ROY MUSTANG!!
      • Discord || physically superior to humans in every way, He is able to sense a person's deepest and darkest desires and uses that to his advantage to create conflicts, and change his appearance || Leia
      • Thievery the Larson || dissapear into the shadows, more specifically other people's shadows, and can pull people into shadows to kill them || theGrimmArtist
    • Travelers- 6-
      • Xavier Wolfe | silver and metal related alchemy| aizawa
      • Felix "Lynx" Zhang | Ice - alchemy | aizawa
      • Korian | Healing based alchemy | Leia
      • Silas Duke "Asylum" || Spudbob
      • Sheska "Ki" | weak plant alchemy | Keeekeeey
      • Chris | Child | Spudbob
    • Military-0-

    The Fourm

    -- adapted from ROY MUSTANG!! 's original post

    We are the dogs of the military ———————— ☽*˚⊹

    SIGN UPS/ Chat / RP


    Code by FRISK . , Original post by ROY MUSTANG!!

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    "When you fall, There's always an option to get back up"


  • 20180621_204829.jpg

    Name: "Senior Master Sergeant Locke Thorson, at your service." Full Name is Locke Heed Thorson

    Age: "31, but I can still hang with the best of them."

    Gender: "You got eyes, soldier. use 'em." Male

    Alchemist name: "Heh. I may not be a state alchemist, but the soldiers round here call me Thor."

    Homoculous: "No."

    Rank/Occupation: "I'm a Senior Master Sergeant, and Central Command's Deployment Officer. Non-Commissioned, of course. I do deployment paperwork." He is also assigned special ops missions, usually with alchemists.

    Personality: SMSgt Thor is a surprisingly quiet man with a notable work ethic. His rather large physique, (6 feet 6 inches, and 200 pounds of muscle) is the source of his intimidation. He may smile, or even chuckle, but he rarely ever laughs. He isn't incredibly bright, but possesses a remarkable common sense that makes him a formidable foe. He's also a decent tactician, another facet of his street smarts. However, he dislikes his job for one reason; paperwork. His stress about his job, and guilt of the past have made him an alcoholic, although he has a much higher tolerance for the stuff than most people. But despite his 'issue' and rank, or perhaps because of them, he relishes being out in the field. Away from his desk, Thor is much more alive. His face may not change from it's tired, wrinkling cast, but those close to him have noticed a slight amount of glee in the sergeant's features. He also shows his superiors just how he rose in ranks so quickly, as his work in the field is a shining point on his dark life. Out in the field, Sgt Thor turns almost guaranteed failures into glorified successes, rallying troops and leading the charge.

    History: Locke Thorson was the only son of Lieutenant Colonel Ford Thorson III, a rather high-ranking officer in Amestris's Northern Command Military. His mother had died after his birth, too weak to fight off the pneumonia she had contracted just before birthing Finn. Devastated by the loss of his wife, Col Thorson distanced himself from the child, leaving the nanny to do the housework, while he devoted his time to his job within the military; being a direct communication line between Ft Briggs and Central Command. Finn himself wasn't bullied much, but instead looked for fights. He had no ulterior motive for doing so, he just liked fighting. Not that he was any good at it. But it was all for naught, for his father had no empathy for Locke. When the boy came home bloodied and beaten, his father responded instead with a slap to the cheek. It stung more emotionally than physically. But it was the look in his father's eyes, the look of disappointment, how bothersome it was to raise an 8-year-old child, that made Locke ran away from home. It was only when another officer, a Second Lieutenant found him that his life started to brighten up. 2Lt Schmidt was one of his father's officers, and had a much kinder heart. It was Schmidt that convinced Locke that he shouldn't run away from home. The words had an impact on the 8-year old, and Locke returned to the house, saying nothing, even as his father punished him with a whipping. For the next 10 years, Locke and the now Colonel Thorson only grew more distant, Locke leaving the house at every opportunity, sometimes against his father's wishes. He had been taught fighting skills by Schmidt, now promoted to a Captain. He no longer looked for fights, instead making money on the side as a boxer in the underground. He hadn't finished school, dropping out unbeknownst to Col Thorson. His father, an Alchemist, was sent on a secret mission along with Capt Schmidt, leaving Locke alone. Neither one returned. Out of respect for Schmidt, the 18-year old joined the military. Much to the surprise of those who knew who he was, he enlisted. Despite having only 13 years in the military, he has achieved a higher rank than most his age. Rumors have surfaced that this is attributed to his heritage, and how they want him to learn alchemy to become another state alchemist.

    Alchemical Abilities: "Nope, no alchemy." His father was a state alchemist, the Thunder Alchemist, specializing in soundwaves and powerful waves of air. While Locke was never properly trained, he learned how to do alchemy through natural curiosity, and his father's notes. He doesn't know how to draw Transmutation Circles though, and must rely on his father's notes to do alchemy. Despite his lack of alchemical skills, The Sergeant is a top-notch hand to hand fighter, with amateur boxing skills and years of training from Capt Schmidt. He also keeps a set of brass knuckles in his pockets that he can slip on for extra damage.

    He has access to Alchemy through 2 Pre-drawn Transmutation Circles, from his father's notes.

    Circle #1 is a piece of paper which, placed flat, creates a concussive blast in a sphere (by creating a pressure differential). Damaging things above and below it. Or it could be placed on a wall as a sort of breaching charge. The larger the circle, the larger the pressure differential/resulting explosion. He may keep one or two small, Palm or Fingernail sized ones to increase the damage of his punches, but the paper is used up in the transmutation. Usually he just crushes them in his fist, keeping the energy hidden while protecting his hands.

    Circle #1 might also be on some gloves or gauntlets of some sort, should he fully accept the alchemy.

    Circle #2 is on a weird cannon, the circle is placed at the end of the barrel. inside the barrel is a multitude of spirals, followed by an open hole at the other end. The transmutation circle acts as a 'Trigger', displacing the air inside the barrel tip (using it to create a pressure barrier to prevent re-entry). this creates a pressure differential, which air rushes to fill from the other, 'Entrance' end. It goes through the spirals, picking up speed, and exits the barrel tip by the circle with force, at almost 100mph! It has considerable recoil, due to both the air pulling it backwards and pushing it away. In theory, it could be enlarged to increase speed, but this is a hand-held model.


    1. He and his weapons are powerful, but short ranged. Snipers, or anyone with a bit of range, is his biggest weakness

    2. He's an alcoholic. He has a high tolerance, yes, but he still drinks more than he should.

    3. He's introverted, and dislikes talking and explanation. Actions speak louder than words, and his actions are the main reason he's already such a high ranking soldier.

    4. His beserk button is his father, and his past. He can get unreasonably confrontational if he hears anything being spread about him or his family.

    5. He's not the brightest thinker. He has a tendency to go with his gut, which has served him faithfully for many years, but street smarts aren't something that can be easily explained.

    6. He can't remember Transmutation Circles, and must copy them from his father's notes.

    Country: "I serve Amestris, and Amestris only." He was raised in North City.

    Side: "Amestrian Military. Whether that's good or not is subjective. You ever heard of Ishval?"

    Relatives: Colonel Ford Thorson III (Father, Deceased), Frey Jor Thorson (Mother, Deceased)

    Other: aha, a few changes, but Sgt Thor is ready. Almost. And because the soldiers were all named after military weapons and vehicles... I named him mostly after a plane I know very well. A Lockheed-Martin C-130 HERCULES!

    Wandering Ronin Spud is... Writing!


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    Name: Madelyn (Maddie) Hoffmann

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Alchemist name: Steam Alchemist

    Homunculus: No

    Rank/Occupation: Major and State Alchemist

    Personality: Despite her abilities, rank, and status, Maddie is quite humble. She does not like to show-off and she isn't particularly fond of those who do. The biggest turn-off for her is arrogance, causing her to butt heads with some of her fellow state alchemists. She is not afraid to speak out and stand for what she believes in. In fact, she is a rather passionate individual who has a tendency to go off on tirades about what she believes is the right thing to do. Growing up she often spent her days in her father's office, reading all of his books about alchemy and his paperwork, so she is well-versed in a variety of topics. Overall, she is a friendly and open person who doesn't have a hard time talking to anyone. She tries to see the good in everyone, even if they are not too nice to her at the beginning. Her openness prompts people to go to her when they have a problem or need help with something, and she is more than willing to assist them. However, do not let her sweetness fool you. When the situation calls for it she is serious and extremely focused. She highly values her responsibilities and doesn't want to disappoint or let anyone down. She could never forgive herself if she was the reason something went wrong. The last thing she wants is to hold anyone back. She also cannot stand being underestimated. It is one of her pet peeves and she will tell you off for it. Whenever she gets sidelined on a mission she complains until the next mission she has a better role in. She always wants to be part of the action.

    History: Since she was a little girl, Maddie knew that her life was going to revolve around the military. Her father and her mother were in the military and it was all they talked about. Her father was a state alchemist (also specializes in water-based alchemy) and he taught her everything she knows. She had a closer relationship with her father because of their practice sessions. It was harder for her to develop a close relationship with her mother because she was cold and demanding. Maddie and her brother were always reprimanded for every little thing. However, her behavior still didn't deny the fact that their mother loved them. The reason she behaved this way was because she was too use to dictating soldiers. Due to her parents' status in the military, Maddie and her brother had a fairly comfortable life. They lived in a decent-sized house located in Central and were given top-notch education. Maddie was a very studious child who always had her nose stuck in a book when she was not out practicing with her father. At the age of 15, she severely hurt her back when a transmutation backfired on her. She still suffers from occasional flares of pain because of it to this day. About fives years after the accident she was tried and earned her rank as state alchemist, automatically making her a major like her father.

    Alchemical Abilities: Maddie specializes in water-based alchemy, and as her title suggests she is particularly skillful in heating up any source of water, causing severe burns to her opponents or granting her a form of escape. She is also capable of freezing water (even though it contradicts her title), allowing her to form weapons or create paths to walk on. When she touches an opponent she can either freeze or boil the water in their body, which instantly kills them. In order to quickly access her alchemy (without having to draw a transmutation circle), she wears blue fingerless gloves that contain her transmutation circle.

    Weaknesses: Maddie can only access her alchemy with the transmutation circle, so if anything happens to her gloves she is for the most part powerless until she can attempt to draw the circle. Her skill of freezing or boiling the water in a person's body only works if she physically touches the person, which is not entirely easy especially if she is fighting against another alchemist. It is more complicated to access her alchemy in hot and dry environments, such as deserts, because there is little to no water for her to manipulate. Due to an accident she experienced when she was younger she has a few bulging discs in her spine that gradually became herniated as she got older, and whenever they flare it causes her a lot of pain, making her unable to fight.

    Country: Amestris

    Side: Good

    Relatives: Major Alexander Hoffmann (Father, Alive), Colonel Amelia Hoffmann (Mother, Deceased), Private Walter Hoffmann (Younger Brother, Alive)

    Other: N/A

    OOC: What is the limit for the amount of characters you can make? I was planning on making a form for either her brother or a homunculus >:D

  • ...

    you could always make another soldier/non-alchemist. Like her brother. I would be interested in the kid.

    In other news, I totally expect that Sgt Thorson is gonna be like a nanny to Romana, always being sent on missions with her to try and keep her in check. Most likely because he's just going to be a hardass to her. He's totally going to try and be the straight man, even though he's basically as messed up (if not more so) than the alchemists.

    Scratch that, he's going to be a nanny to practically everyone at least once.

    Wandering Ronin Spud is... Writing!