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  • LOOK AT THE SKY TONIGHT / overview — ☼☽

    heavensbee arbor-regis // regis is latin for "king" // arbor is the surname of her adoptive father

    16 moons // ages every 50 posts

    solaris kingdom // Trailblazer + Tender title

    cisgender female // she/her pronouns

    ALL OF THE STARS HAVE A REASON / relationships — ☼☽

    adopted by aurum palani arbor // biological father deceased, biological mother unknown

    sister to cocoabean, carpstreamer, requiem, nostrovia, pistachio, and piper // cousin to strelitzia arbor

    pansexual panromantic // does not believe in orientation labels and falls for whomever she falls for

    currently single // formerly dated echo swarvoski

    crushing on none // no maybe crushes

    A REASON TO SHINE / physicality — ☼☽


    — peach-colored fur ranging from pinks, oranges, and yellows

    — cheeks are a pale yellow, blanketed with a spray of beige freckles

    — three eyes, one hazel, one blue, and the third which sits vertically on her forehead looks like broken glass

    — long, furry ears like those of a lynx

    — stub for a tail

    — chubby frame

    ✧ ACCESORIES: colored bandannas and probably tears, occasionally carries a withered leather satchel that belonged to her dad which she uses for paints and medicine, has a rose-gold necklace with the charm of a bee hung loosely around her neck

    ✧ SCENT: strongly of anxiety and medicine, paint, always smells faintly of strawberries and rosewater

    ✧ INJURIES / ILLNESSES: had a history of lung cancer and burn scars, currently healthy and bares no scarring

    A REASON LIKE MINE / mentality — ☼☽


    — Heaven is a very sweet young girl. She hates herself more than anything due to her insecurities, but with that comes her immense love for those around her. She could never hate anybody unless prompted to do so through hardwork, and feels emotions on a much larger scale. She's very timid and hesitant, hates to speak due to her broken English and the possible chances of annoying anybody, and quite a sentimental crybaby.

    AND IM FALLIN TO PIECES / interaction — ☼☽

    physically medium // mentally easy

    fire elemental // telekinesis // telepathy // character bond with Aurum

    "lover not a fighter" // absolutely will not start fights // may run away

    feel free to powerplay friendly actions

    mention HEAVENSBEE if unresponsive / penned by dani

    LOOK AT THE SKY TONIGHT / other — ☼☽

    infp-t // hufflepuff // abnegation/amity

    pinterest board / theme song

    ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ————— ☼*

    heavensbee arbor-regis / info / trailblazer

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    ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ————— ☼*

    heavensbee arbor-regis / info / trailblazer

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    — has a sweet british accent and believes strongly in the Earth mother and Helios the sun god
    — father passed away when she was 8 months old, refers to him as 'Papa', doesn't speak about his cause of death

    — refers to self as 'This one' and generally speaks in an odd manner due to her father having kept her isolated from the world, father had bad paranoia of other people and things

    — mother was absent her entire life, believes maternal figures are myths,, basically has mommy issues

    — scared to speak for too long in case her broken diction bothers anybody

    — very anxious, very insecure about her physical appearance

    — barely welcoming her fire elementals as a part of her

    — obsessed with vanity

    — believes scars are utterly enchanting

    — adores to paint and wants to be most known for her artistic treasures

    — thinks a lot about how fucked up the world is and strives to make it a better place

    — wants to be a great healer one day to protect everybody from harm

    — once titled a Solaris Princess after Aurum adopted her, though has no birthright over the throne and no longer carries the title

    — woke up with a third eye after the new world transfer, a demon rests within the eye

    — previously lived with lung cancer

    — resided with pirates on a ship while her health was deteriorating

    — heaven cries a lot

    — and eats a lot

    ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ————— ☼*

    heavensbee arbor-regis / info / trailblazer

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    ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ————— ☼*

    heavensbee arbor-regis / info / trailblazer

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    ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ————— ☼*

    heavensbee arbor-regis / info / trailblazer

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  • siggies:

    "somebody told the stars youre not coming out tonight, and so they found a place to hide."

    "sweeter than the champagne, smoother than this coltrane"

    "i said 'i didnt want trouble', im the girl in the bubble, but then came trouble"

    "when youre dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part"

    ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ————— ☼*

    heavensbee arbor-regis / info / trailblazer

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