Looking to Plot; Still open 9/4

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  • Things to note:

    • I'm currently mostly interested in poly plots, preferably no more than 4 characters, but if the plot's interesting enough I'd be willing to try more.
    • I RP in first person. I don't care for the PoV of my partners, but I'd like to avoid second person as much as possible.
    • I'm looking for semi-lit partners.
    • I'm not strict about activity, but I'd like to know if you'll be absent for a while, otherwise I'd appreciate a post a week at worst.

    Another thing to note is that I don't quite want romance to be the main focus. Any and all prompts that make it seem otherwise, I'd like to work with whoever's interested in it to create an actual plot. Also, all characters are, at earliest, in their late teens.

    You are free to suggest your own, I'd love to hear any of your ideas.

  • If it’s the same as before, I’m the least interested in it for a variety of reasons, so it would take a bit for me to regain considerable interest.

    I’m up for plotting for it, at the very least, but I’d really need idea contribution, as that’s the main thing that made me lose interest previously, in addition to having to force my character into very OOC actions.