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    Welcome to Amalfi Heights' mass adopts! This mass adopt is like all the other mass adopts. Post below with what litter you want, and then the basics, and you'll be accepted ASAP!

    ****Info on litters may change so be on the lookout!


    Almost all of the positions in Amalfi Heights are looking to be filled. If you're interested, sign up with a form and I'll definitely make sure to watch out for you! New characters can be made and immediately signed up for here. All I ask for is activity, ideas that benefit the clan, and it's obvious you care about AH! Below are brief descriptions of what each rank does, but if you'd like a more in depth look, here's the guide!: AMALFI HEIGHTS GUIDE || UPDATED 7/12


    Falcon Knight - 1 spot: head of Foreign Affairs. Expected to be able to train clan on how to defend themselves, as well as host ally-wide events.

    Cleric - 1 spot: head of Remedy. expected to have an advanced knowledge of herbs and healing and be able to train others, as well as host clan (potentially ally)-wide events dealing with healing.


    Tactician - Up to 2 spots: Apprentice of Falcon Knight. Does their busy work and are expected to be the first volunteers for the ambassador program. Expected to throw out ideas on how to better the clan. Will step up as a Director when they've completed their training.

    Apothecary - Up to 2 spots: Apprentice of Cleric. Expected to do grunt work for Clerics such as collecting herbs and changing out bedding. Will be sent to another clan for training for around a week. Should come up with creative ways to help heal someone. Will step up as a Director when they've completed their training.

    SORCERERS (undetermined amount of spots): First full HP a Wind Havener can get. Expected to be welcoming, and to offer help to higher up HP's when they can. They put together hunting and border patrols. Also in charge of Diviners.

    DIVINERS (undetermined amount of spots): Diviner is basically a stepping stone to higher positions. It is a semi-HP rank that works underneath Sorcerer's guide. Will be asked to do all sorts of tasks.


    1. [b]Character Name:[/b]
    2. [b]Activity:[/b]
    3. [b]Rank Wanted:[/b]
    4. [b]Backup Rank:[/b]
    5. [b]Other:[/b]
  • litter number: one

    name: ashlynn rinel-xerxes

        nicknames: ash, ashy, lynn

    gender: female

        sexual: bisexual, but leans towards males

    appearance: tortoishell w/white, light indigo coloured eyes

        detailed: ashlynn is a very, uh, adorable kit. their fur is soft and fluffy, as it always is with kittens, though will stay fluffy throughout their life. the base of their fur is black, just black. because they are a tortie, though, their fur has patches of gold and white, scattered all over their body.

    despite their fluffy appearance, ash happens to be the runt of the litter. their frame is light, delicate, easy to break. their paws are small, with black pawpads, plus mainly a honey-gold color topping them off.

    putting aside their fur for now. this one is all about their eyes. oh, their eyes, like pools of love, swirling with whatever emotion is in the heart and soul of dear ashy. a deep, dark purple shade that, contrary to their dark glow, are seemingly bright with adventure. at times they'll have a more bluish tint, though only in very, very bright light, as if they were standing on the sun.

    personality: flirty, blunt, kind, spunky

        detailed: all in all, ashlynn is a beautiful cat. but that's not what makes someone likeable, or dislikeable for that matter; it's their personality that takes that task.

    so. ashy’s personality. not an easy thing to descibe. spunky? yup. flirty? heck yeah. sweet? well...sometimes. the she-cat can be sweet, but that's usually not the first thing you'd notice. she can be rude, because she doesn't hold back at all, but that's actually a bit of an endearing quality, to some cats. it's not as though she goes out of her way to be rude or mean to others. ashlynn is a lot of things, but mean definitely isn't one of them. she would give up her life in a heartbeat to save a friend. she tends to say things just to aggravate others, though.

    forth comes the spunkiness. ash doesn't ever attempt to hold her tongue, so she says things that she often regrets later. but that's just who she is. she loves to flirt, and isn't the shy type. she often gets her way because of her beauty, but this isn't the reason for her flirtiness. it's really just a habit she has, and the she-cat sometimes does it without really realizing she is. ashlynn, the flirter, the spunky gal, and the beauty that's hard to get. being artistic doesn't really fit into her personality, but nevertheless, she is. she does wonderful paintings with berries, and even likes to dance. ashlynn develops her own dances, and does them when she's alone.

    ashy could just possibly be the most interesting extroverted cat you've ever met.


  • name - lemon rinel-xerxes

    litter - 01

    gender - cisgender male

        sexuality - graysexual grayromantic

    appearance - very pale, ginger tabby. more of a yellowish color.

         advanced - lemon is pretty big for a ten month old feline. he's got long legs and a generally bulky, muscular form. despite his young age, his pelt is riddled with minor scars, most of which are from him starting stuff and getting into brawls or just generally causing trouble. lemon gets his name both from his bitter personality and his practically lemon yellow coat, which is actually a very pale, light shade of ginger tabby. his underbelly is an even paler color, barely a shade from white. his eyes are a dazzling, fiery gold which can appear both attractive and terrifying as he's often using them to glare hatefully at everyone. he could probably be fairly attractive on a day to day basis with his rugged good looks and in-shape body, but unfortunately he doesn't give a fuck and looks more like an angry mop of tangled fur, dirt and occasionally blood.

    personality - spiteful, rude, obnoxious, distrustful, irritable

         advanced - lemon's personality matches his name. he's bitter and in a constant state of pissed off no matter what's going on. he has a 'fuck authority' mindset all the time and is essentially the embodiment of a rebellious teenager. he doesn't care about anything half the time and is really only encouraged to do something if someone tells him he isn't allowed to do it. he's loud and has no filter so he'll say whatever he wants whenever he wants no matter the repercussions and often does so for fun. he isn't particularly intelligent but he has his moments, and while he avoids any emotions except hatred like the plague, if he finds himself warming up to someone he will become fiercely loyal to them - but most likely while still insulting them constantly. he is incredibly selfish and while he has some level of self-awareness that he's a giant asshole, he's very far past caring.

    other - i'm sorry about throwing this kid at you.. everything he says and does in the future is entirely ic opinions

    also he's probably going to curse a lot i hope that's okay eek

  • Name: Looppup - Loopholes

    Litter: 10

    Species: "hellhound" (mutated dire wolf)

    Appearance: In the beginnings, Loopholes is the runt of his litter. That's why he was abandoned to be adopted by electrickisses. He was very weak in his first few moons, not winning the struggle for milk against his high number of littermates. His parents left him for dead. As a kid, Loopholes will be very small, tiny even. His fur will be ragged and patchy at the worst of times. He will be commonly hungry and very skinny, looking a moon or two under his age. Though as time goes on he will eat well, and manage to grow into a well built, 240 lbs hellhound. There will be awkward phases in growth, such as the times when he gets fatter before he gets taller, but in the end he will be on the larger side of the spectrum. He will have broad shoulders and a thick ribcage, making him sturdy and built for battle. When he grows up his fur will fill out to be thick and soft, a full pelt. One almost couldn't tell his struggles in his earlier moons. When fully grown he will be very active and be very muscular. Though due to his build he will not be very good in the speed department, and not be very agile or good at quickly stopping. Loopholes will be rather clumsy and awkward, not good at balancing with these negatives amplified in smaller spaces.

    WIP I need to go to bed whoops


    Domestic Feline + 1 1/2 years + male + SunClan

  • Character Name: Elko Dunraven

    Activity: Most likely a 6.5/10 for my activity. This will be my only character, and I'm pretty active when it comes to answering joining threads, making plots, etc. I've also had many HP characters, from leaders to deputies and so on. I'm basically down to just help out with activity in any way possible. i love plots too, so expect spam from me on the ooc boards haha

    Rank Wanted: Falcon Knight (Director)

    Backup Rank: Anything that is available!

    Other: Elko is a new member, so I did make a joining thread already for him! His biography is also linked in the signature if you want to read about his personality/backstory. Not sure how qualified a character must be for this :)



    Elko Dunraven - Black Sable German Shepherd - AH Diviner - Played by Muggy - Biography

  • litter #: six

    name: detroitblues

    looks: golden hair and stabbing blue eyes. a quick description that can pop up in the minds of others. peculiar to gaze upon a serval that lacks any black markings that should be there, yet is a bare canvas of gold and no hints of another coloration splattered on. fur smooth and silk to the touch and well kept with a regular grooming schedule to maintain the appearance. what stands out most are those icy blue eyes. piercing and seemingly to stare right into another's soul, unwavering and analyzing, judging. an air of authority and sophistication surrounds this male.

    personality: silver tongue, honest, conscientious, morally ambiguous, and self-disciplined

    dgnnch in a rush + i'll finish later when i get a chance!