two tales of woe ; private

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  • exhausting, utterly exhausting. this day when all stood upon ichor spilled sands bordered by corpses or rotting flesh and thinning bone, as tensions grew thick and chocking in such hateful manner, it had almost been too much. reminders within a cunning smile of blackened night lacking dancing stars in endless void, traitor's scent and warmth within browns.

    it was miraculous that memories, rooted deep within ache of tragedy riddled bonds, had not swallowed him whole as he stood a gentle storm upon border he so loved. he'd made it through, however. and albeit having been raw in utmost, had stood ground impressively in regal authority. but once all had been said and done, passer-byres and onlookers trickling away into setting sunlight, hypokrisis had been left with hallow doubt and reminders chasing whispers and smoke beneath moonlight. he was reminded that gaze filled with unfamiliarity hurt far more than that of one mixed within love and rage. reminded of a lover who'd forgotten him, reminded of a past that haunted him, reminded he had so much to learn, and reminded he couldn't be free to fall apart yet. he had made a mistake, this was truth- paid for it, and solved it, all in the same day. but even still, he needed to discuss something. perhaps to make one final apology.

    he had sent for dione as he stood on outskirts of border beneath silent stars, they needed to talk.

    with this in mind, with what he may become, what he had the possibly of having to do, hypokrisis sits beneath sugared-sweet moonlight in midst of grave contemplation. a message had been sent to their newest member, a frown was worn to pollute features of more gentle nature. a truth was resounding in the concaves of tattered mind of what could happen tonight, and he was craving so badly the ash of a cigarette. but he contains himself as he waits. and it was a shame really, how much he'd craved for those long gone then and now. he was tired of being strong, he wanted to fall apart. but he couldn't. he didn't know if he'd ever be capable of doing so again. and he was alright with that, he'd have to be.

  • Dione had known nothing but being strong throughout her three years of life. She refused to fall apart, to give into weak tendencies. They halted her search for power and glory. She simply wouldn't have it. Malik had been the only one to even cause but a mere ripple in her ocean of indifference and even then she had been ashamed of such an occurrence. Fate was cruel indeed however, as they had thrown a man like Breakout into her stead. He was unlike most of the men he met in a weird sort of way. They were both far too alike for their own good and yet they clicked almost instantly. The fear of romantic feelings was a vast, dangerous crevice deeply lodged into her heart. Little did she know that her role-player would make her eat her own words when the time came.

    The little incident at the border involving Breakout had left the cougar in confusion. In truth, she didn't quite know how to respond to everything. The Sanguine Ruins was her one true home, she understood that better than anyone but the hellhound was of no threat to the wellbeing of the group. Dione was even more surprised to hear that Hypokrisis had called for the huntress. Nonetheless, she approached the seemingly frail creature with a calm entity laying upon her goddess-like features. "You called?"


  • soon dione came forward within the night and two stood divine beneath gentle lull of nature's light albeit utterly opposite within their beauty. one stood forged of moongflesh and honeycomb, pearl and rose, marbled tragedy and the other a thing of stone, warmth within browns, being comforted by darkness, the immesurable wonders of endless voids. dione who knew nothing but strength and craving for power and hypokrisis who wondered what it was like to taste freedom on curve of tongue.

    as the other approached, unlikely king, graceful in his way albeit weary nods. "I'd like to apologize," a rawness within his truth, contemplation tender." On the border I was trying to be strong for my clan, allowed my emotions to get the best of me, and ended up acting foolishly. What your cartelian spoke of was valid. I should have acessed what was happening and treated it in a different light," hypokrisis admitted, bitter lacking sweet. it had all been so much, for he was such a calm creature, one so sure in of his own composure, but oh grim reminders and heart overruled clever mind. of course, that was a reason, not an excuse. it was a troubling thing, truly, what a type rope leaders walked upon. too kind and you were deemed a push over, too strong and a superiority complex was you entire character. it was sickening, somehow. hypokrisis knew he'd have to master inbetween. to find the it was an ebony thing, chasing whispers and smoke beneath moonlight's visage as it continued to slip past fingertips unwilling in their avarice tinted ways. but he would, he had too.

    "I traveled to the cartel's border and defused the situation, we stand on neutral grounds now. All was settled, I made amends with breakout and he also did so with me. It won't happen again, I'm to try harder, I'm going to be better- that's a promise," constellation gaze settles upon sky of endless voids as stars danced within ebony, defiant in his wake, exhausted and knowing and having learned a truth in his lesson.

    "But aside from that, I wanted to talk to you about this Breakout," hypokrisis was pulled back to the cruel, curling way of earth, grounded as eyes scouted to land upon dione's darling form. his demeanor grows more tender, more soft in its way, an air of empathy growing in the midst. after all, it wasn't the matter of alliance that was cared for now. they were neutrals, and hypokrisis knew where dione's loyalty's lye. "It's not really my business and I know you're strong and perfectly capable of looking after yourself, but I've seen the way he smiles- " there's a hidden depth behind such words, meaning cryptic and known solely to himself in cryptic way, or perhaps a secret only dione could understand. "Be careful, Dione." he's concerned, gentle in speech, even in his tone.

  • In all honesty, Dione was preparing for some sort of scolding in which she'd have to hold her tongue for her position's sake. Imagine her surprise when "I'd like to apologize" came smoothly from the angelic creature's lips. She would halt her surprise until after he was finished talking, soaking in his words attentively. The lovely wildcat understood from where he was coming from, she herself was fiercely protective of her home. More so perhaps the throne and sometimes not the people themselves if they found one selves on the wrong graces of Dione. In the truth of it all, she was loyal to exactly that, her home. She didn't personally know the burdens of leading a group but she'd at least try to conceptualize for the sake of the conversation. Of course, she had dreamed of it countless times, even hungered for it but never experienced it.

    "No apology needed, I understand." The dame would state briefly before allowing him to continue. Dione wasn't dense to the feelings of others, she could feel the empathy that slightly radiated from Hypokrisis and she didn't favor it in the least. She never had a need for anyone's pity or heeds. Her own stubbornness was enough to keep her alive no matter the situation; such a desire to survive and conquer. "I'll be alright. I've dealt with men like him. Personally, I've found woman more deadly than a creature like him." She'd try to explain herself with dullness clouding her icy blue orbs. Dione felt herself far too rational and cerebral to fall for a brute such as Breakout. The only problem was she didn't quite know who she was trying to convince more, herself or Hypokrisis? "Why the sudden interest." She would continue to prod at the subject, perhaps trying to settle her uneasiness.


  • hypokrisis was one such being that found himself utterly in tune with the world and creatures to a rather frightening degree. there were very few which thing forged from pearl and rose could not at least take solid guess in understanding's interworkings, dione was not amongst the list. for despite stoic beauty's nature, endless voids and chasing whispers uncanny within her wake, and not having truly spoken to her but a few times, he had a grasp of what she allowed to show. ambitious in all her thinking, a hunger for power grasped between sweet fingertips. it was an awful thing, in truth, but with it came endless loyalty alongside undoubted ability. a touch more tempered when she spoke to those she cared for and dangerous when around those who threaten the clan.

    if she would learn the importance of being a good leader rather than an efficient one- for their was a stark difference- learn the importance of doing right for the people, she would one day make a considerable ruler. but hypokrisis knew this was not something that could be taught, he was far from naive, it had to be learned. and perhaps dione would do so, or maybe not. it was to be determined in the future. but he still couldn't help but know that dione must live insufferably beneath his rule. she probably thought him weak for not implimating tortures and raids. maybe she even thought him weak now for not scolding her. but even still-

    this is why it came no surprise to him when she stood almost-seething at thought of empathy. in truth, if roles were reversed, he would be doing the same thing.

    "Deadly has many definitions," hypokrisis returned, slight tilt of the head indicating his absorption in what the other spoke. dione was much more unsure now, albeit clouded in her own intents. trying to convince them both she wouldn't be swayed. deadly didn't amount to physcial strength, a smile of betrayal, a loved one's final death borrowed howl, a gentle kiss from broken heart's own shattered, craving. all were equally as cruel.

    it took no observant creature to see raw emotions forming atop marbled face at drone's inquiry. the same illness which possessed him upon borders and consumed clever mind. "I found myself in a similar situation," a monster with wine colored eyes was so dear when in love, a beauty that tamed the beast, a tale of woe. he stops for a moment, caught in his own contemplation, offers a smile stringed within something beyond simple sorrow. blood-tinted, curled within fighting gods and ending wars and what had lye in-between. "Though I know you must think of me as horribly weak," hypokrisis collects, knowing in his non-chalance. so long as dione didn't wish to cause an uprising- which he knew she was too smart for- that was fine. she'd see soon enough, actions spoke louder than words after all. "I just wanted to let you know if anything ever happens, I'll be here. Even if you don't wish to find comfort in speaking about it, as you least you can have knowing you always have the option as an condolence- and that goes for anything."

    overdramatic? maybe, but he meant every word. and he was strong beneath the moonlight, thunderstorms in finger beds and baring expression grave. soft and strong- it was possible, were honey and wildfire not the same color?

  • As much as Dione would like to consider herself an emotionless being, she was anything but. Within icy blue waves crashing in her eyes, emotion was vigorous and fearless. An untamed tempest raging in the vortex of a hellish blizzard, allowing the whole world to those enough who care to look twice that she in fact had nothing to fear. Not of emotions, not of feelings, not of anything. Or so they portrayed. Regardless, the woman was plagued by her thirst for power and nothing could break her dangerous focus. Perhaps there would be detours here and there but nobody could ultimately stop her. She would make sure of that, no matter the consequences.

    Had Hypokrisis voiced his thoughts, Dione would've blatantly proved him wrong. There was no denying that the cougaress found herself scoffing at his rule whenever they had first laid eyes upon each other. She thought him weak and vulnerable, easy to mold for what she had devised upon twisted mind. But alas, the ghastly creature had proved her wrong. Although she did miss the old reputation to her bloodthirsty anticlanner home, she supposed Hypokrisis wasn't a bad leader after all. Just not how she herself would rule. But that was a completely different story all together. They were two drastically different creatures, one spoke of peace and prosperity while the other war and glory.

    Dione hadn't been in her right mind when suddenly the hellhound mentioned a string of words that came to a surprise even for her. A similar situation? Her cold raw eyes widened with interest, crown pivoting back directly towards the leader. "I don't consider you weak," She would begin, blinking softly for a pause in order to collect her next words carefully, "I'll be okay. I'll always be okay when it comes down to it. Don't worry so much." The large wildcat now allowed a laugh to escape her thorax, aiming to lighten the air by gently pawing at the hound. She was no stranger to others attempting to pry the woman open and normally she knew how to handle it. But this situation was different. She herself didn't quite know how she felt.


  • perhaps dione thought herself a monster, mind of stone and unbreakable marble as sweet, sweet lips stood steady without trembling. but that was far from the truth, for hypokrisis knew monsters. from gods of gold and blood and voids for empty gaze screaming war songs between blood splintered teeth to fools blinded idealism with greed churning in wine colored gaze. dione was not a monster, a creature forged of warmth and wraith, and hypokrisis was so far from a saint it was laughable. heros and villains, all were simply standing somewhere in-between.

    different. yes, they were different. neither better than the other, each possessing wildly separate idealisms against crimson stand home of corpse lain borders. peace and prosperity and war and glory. cracked porcelain leaking guarded hope with promise to never truly shatter and willing to do what he must and ebony mask unwilling to bend and promising blood to those who dared to try. perhaps instead of outlining these facts and spreading them apart, they could simply make up for each other's faults. regardless, dione had certainly gained hypokrisis' respect even long before tonight and their new coming of understanding.

    i don't think your weak.

    it did not take an observant being to take note of subtle, yet sudden, surprise which graced lovely features. a tell-tale heart, unexpected before dissolving into something kinder. like gratitude. he knew he had to try harder than most for other's to take him seriously, so fragile appearing and gentle natured despite grave aura and strong will defiant. so there's a thankfulness, something glad. hypokrisis smiles, one which is on the brink of true happiness, which was perhaps even sadder than those sorrow-strung ones. he doesn't say anything in return, there was nothing to be said that could not be understood.

    the other laugh, pawed at hypokrisis as he offered thoughtful return of amusement. if he'd been younger, someone having just gently pushed him would have been enough to knock him off his feet. but now he stood firmly planted in the ground- funny how things changed. "I can't help it," hypokrisis returned, laughter of its own nature fluent within tone, a rarity, light when he w as often so heavy. you need to loosen up says druggie with whiskey bent smile, says once-lover between bed linens, says friend long dead and present. "I guess I need to learn how to loosen up," he considered, oddly unsure in his sentece. freedom and thoughtless were not known to him, a great fault and result of life told like a greek tragedy.