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  • the pretty lies

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    God, it was a slow day. Adalicia had made herself go for a walk and now it was absolutely packed out in camp, of course. Just her luck.

    Today had been a.. rough one. She'd woken up late with a crick in her neck and a rather sour attitude, and now she was surrounded by creatures who didn't care all that much enough to talk to, and she just didn't want to deal with any of them right now. She took a deep breath and decided just to walk in a random direction, onto some other part of the island, or perhaps a different island entirely.

    She began to walk outwards, inhaling and exhaling slowly on every other paw step. It was fine, Everything was... dark?

    God, ouch, that hurt. She better had not've prained anything, but her paw was a little stiff. Crap. "Hello? Is anyone else down here?" she called out, unaware of the light pain and fear that came across with the call for help.

    //I was thinking maybe they both fall in on close but different spots and then he runs into her trying to navigate

  • He didn't quite know how he had gotten there, either. He wasn't drunk, shockingly, nor was he even buzzed. He had simply ventured out of camp to poke around the crevices and cracks of the island, the one that he hadn't set paw on for months now. Jerseyboy obviously didn't know where he was going, because he ended up just as lost as Adalicia was.

    The tuxedo tom was quite frustrated with himself already for getting himself into this mess, and now he was angling his ears and scanning around with widened irises in an attempt to spot an escape route. He wasn't in imminent danger, but if he couldn't get out of this place, then he was doomed for sure. Jerseyboy was good at a few things, but navigating unfamiliar terrain wasn't one of his talents.

    Suddenly, there was a voice. They hadn't spoken too much for him to recognize the tone, but he was guessing that it was a BlizzardClanner (and if not, he'd teach them a lesson for being on their turf). "Who's there?" Jerseyboy grunted. Well, it was certainly better than being alone. He trekked forward towards the source of the voice, weaving down the shadowed tunnel before sensing a presence several lengths away from him. A familiar scent also filled his nostrils, and he slightly pursed his lips. "... Adalicia?" Oh, great.


  • the pretty lies

    la da da, la da da — tags

    Oh thank god, someone else was down here. It had a hint of familiarity, but she hadn't even detected an accent, and she couldn't pin it. Definitely masculine, it was gruff, but she didn't actually hear any of the classic 'joisey' that she used to identify.

    She hadn't expected to see the tuxedo tom pace into the light, his emerald eyes appearing first. Shit. "Uh.. Hi Jerseyboy. I suppose we should find a way out." she spoke quickly, her ears feeling heated in embarrassment. Why'd he have to be the one down here?

    She took a deep sigh, squinting her eyes briefly in an almost attempt to clear her head briefly. This had to happen eventually, might as well just jump right in. They say it's easier to get into water with a leap, rather than steps. "Why'd you just up and leave me like that?" her voice held a certain hesitance, for all she knew, he could leave the next day. She had to ask eventually.

  • She was feeling just as uncomfortable as he was, and he could tell. Jerseyboy supposed that he couldn't blame her, and right now, he was only concerned about getting out of this damn cave. "Yeah." He muttered in agreement, glancing around and trying to search for a way to climb out.

    The next question caught him off guard, though, and he furrowed his brows towards Adalicia. What the hell? "Alright, can we not talk about this now?" Jerseyboy snorted dismissively, padding forward and aiming to shoulder past her. Like hell he was going to discuss this with her, not now. That should've been the least of their concerns.

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  • That asshole. Ada moved directly into his way, her mother's eyes glaring directly into him. This stupid question had been unanswered for far too long in her opinion, and she planned entirely to end that now. She snorted in return, nearly mocking him. "No way are you putting this off. I want an answer, we'll figure out an escape route as soon as you tell me the hell what went through your stupid head." she stated, her gaze only wavering slightly.

    She was her mother's daughter, of course. "You barely know me, and even if i don't really, well, to put it bluntly, like you.... I want to at least have a chance. Maybe you'll end up liking me, too." she offered, that sliver of childish innocence that remained in her forcing it's way through.

  • Frustrated, the tuxedo tom sneered and lashed his white-tipped tail. His fur slightly bristled at his daughter's stubbornness. Well, it was clear where she got that from. "No, we're gonna look for a way out now. I don't know 'bout you, but I'd like to get outta' here." He told his daughter firmly before moving forward, clearly not intent on answering her questions at the time.

    She had caught him at the last second though, and he stopped in his tracks, frowning and staring at the ground in front of him. He heaved a sigh, looking over his shoulder at Adalicia, "Look, I just needed some time to myself. It had nothin' t' do wit' you." Jerseyboy just hadn't chosen to inform her, seeing as they hadn't exactly been on speaking terms prior to his absence. "I don't... not like you. Alright? I'm just... still gettin' used to this whole thing." The whole fatherhood gig, that is. He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he had a daughter, and so far, he wasn't succeeding in being a good parent. It wasn't like he was trying to be, anyways. He never wanted to be a parent, so what was the point in trying?

  • That awful, well not actually awful, warm feeling in her chest made her scared. She recognized it from her youth, when that was all she ever felt when thinking about Jerseyboy. Hope.

    He didn’t have to say that. He couldn’t easily said he didn’t like her and she would’ve nodded and shut up, like always.

    What he’d just done, however, was give her that stupid hope right back again, and now she couldn’t just let it go. Who could?

    "I know you’re new to it, it’s not like I’m some sort of expert at being a daughter. We’re supposed to figure it out together, not just.. give up because we don’t know. What if i was dead? Wouldn’t you regret not knowing me at all? Wouldn’t you wish we at least had talked for once about something? You don’t have to be a good dad, Jersey, just like i don’t have to be a good daughter, but can we at least give it a go? I just want a chance. Maybe I’m not that bad."

    ;;since I’m such a doofus and so late to respond would you like to have this after their blow up to add some nice drama to the mix