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  • (I’m on my phone and idk how you did yours so fancy but here is my manly mans... Christopher Foley)

    Chris finished his last set on stage and found himself just smiling at the crowd in front of him, he loved performing and he loved being able to share his music with all of his fans. He was proud of himself though, he had never let himself become one of those stuck up artists that you hear so much about in the magazines. He wasn’t in any of this for the money, or the fame really. He just had a passion for music, ever since he was a toddler he’d been banging on toy drum sets and as he got older he turned toward guitar and piano lessons. Music was simply in his blood. He was disappointed that this was the last concert on his country wide tour. Sure he had other things in the works, such as writing songs and working on a new album but he would miss the rush that came with performing on stage, at least until his next tour started up at the end of the summer.

    He wiped the sweat from his forehead and started to walk off the stage, behind the curtain where everyone who made his dream a possibility. His agent congratulated him of course on his performance as well as a few other stage hands that he was familiar with. He began to make his way down a long hallway, only a few people were allowed down this one, such as the designers, agents, security teams, and make up artists as well as the star of course. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, wanting to text his family who hadn’t been able to attend unfortunately. But he still wanted them to know how well it had gone. He began to tap away at the screen as he walked and the next thing he knew his body hit something kind of hard and he heard a loud crash only moments later. It was then that he realized he had walked directly into somebody. From the looks of the glitter, brushes, and smeared lipstick he assumed it was probably one of the make up artists backstage. He quickly bent down and began to clean up the mess, trying to salvage some of the makeup that didn’t break on the fall and put it back in the container its owner probably had it in. “Sh*t I’m sorry.” He mumbled as he worked, still not having looked up at the person he had walked into.

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    Mia Daniels (idk honestly it’s whatever)

    Mia had spent the night touching up back up singers and other members of the fans hair / make up. That was pretty much her job, you’d think they wouldn’t need her for this kind of thing - and she was used to working on movie sets - but she’d been a last minute transfer for the last two months of the tour so...there she was all night making sure everyone looked pretty. Mia never actually got to work on the star though, Chris. He didn’t need hair or make up done he was pretty much...perfect. She wished she could, or at least meet him - she’d been a huge fan of his music, even when he had a small following. But no, Mia was too shy and kept her distance. Plus he was really busy, like he’d have time to talk to some silly make up artist?

    At the end of the show she’d packed up her stuff. She actually could have left a little while before the show ended and head back to the trailer, but...Mia had stayed and watched the remainder of the show from backstage. But now, everything was over and she’d grabbed her back, forgetting to zip it up all the way. She had to quickly dodge one of the security guards, and in doing so she must have stepped into someone else’s path, and suddenly her bag was out of her hands and things were spilling out and onto the floor. The young woman hurriedly bent down to start picking things up, and paused when she heard the voice of Chris Foley apologizing. She nervously glanced up - oh it was him. Crap! ”It-it’s fine. Totally my fault. Don’t worry,” she stumbled on some of her words as she quickly tried to stuff everything back into her bag. ”I’ve got this, though,” she was sure he had a plane to catch.

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  • Chris ignored her words, it had been his fault after all. He should have been paying closer attention to where he was going. He continued to help her scramble together the various pieces of makeup on the floor, but he glanced up for a moment to finally see who he had bumped into. It was a girl, probably somewhere around his age. He was sure he had seen her at some point backstage, doing makeup on the backup singers and what not but he had never spoken to her before now. "Don't be sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." he said with a bit of a laugh while looking back down at the mess. "Besides, I don't mind helping. It's giving me a bit of a workout." he finally joked. He placed a few more items into her bag and by that time they had cleaned up just about everything and he stood up to his full height, reaching his hand out to her as she was still on the ground putting her bag together. "Here, let me help you up." he offered. Normally after a show like this he would be in a rush to get to some sort of hotel or his tour bus to catch some sleep, he would need his rest for the next show. But since it had been the last show of the tour, he was able to take his time, not having anywhere in particular to rush off too, though he knew he wanted to celebrate, maybe have a drink to celebrate the end of a great tour with some of the other crew members. "You work on the makeup?" he asked curiously, though he already knew the answer. He mostly just asked to start up a conversation, maybe help her feel a bit more comfortable.

  • Mia glanced around to check to make sure nothing had rolled away, and opened up a few of the cases, to see if anything had broken inside. But things seemed intact, and it wasn’t like she paid for the make up anyways, that was all provided through her company. “You consider bending over and picking up items a workout?” she asked with a bit of a laugh, “I’d think you on stage would have been more of a workout than this,” she added and watched as he stood up, then offered a hand to help her. She used her free hand to take that and pull herself up with his help. “Thank you,” she replied, face a bit flushed. She figured that was going to be that interaction, and started to turn to leave, when he spoke to her again. This surprised her but she tilted her head. “No, I snuck back here and stole this,” she said sarcastically, in a lighthearted tone so he wouldn’t think she was being rude. “But really-yes. That is my job. Or was, since the tour is over,” she explained, a bit awkwardly.

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  • Chris laughed at her sarcastic tone of voice and shook his head in amusement, his arms crossing over his chest as he stood there. He found her to be quite entertaining. He listened to her continue then, exposing that it had been her job for the tour and he nodded his head in response. But now the tour was over and she would be gone, leaving him curious as to what she was going to do now.

    “Well, now that the tour is over, what are you going to be doing?” He then placed his hands in his pockets as he waited for a response from her. He was sure his phone was blowing up by now, but it could always wait another minute or two.

  • Mia wished she knew where this random Faldo confidence was coming from, but she was clueless. Really though, she never acted like this, at least not around people she barely knew. She however was still a bit nervous, and fidgeted with the make up bag strap handles as she stood there with him. He was somehow still interested in talking to her, asking about her. Most stars Mia had worked with never cared about production. There were a few who were very nice, and some Mia even befriended. But it wasnt typical. So she was flattered as well as surprised.

    “Most likely back to movie sets,” Mia replied, “But I’m not entirely sure, I haven’t received my assignment yet but they usually give me some time in between for travel,” she shrugged in response. “What about you? What are you going to do now that your tour is done. Vacation? New music?” she asked curiously, and then glanced around as it seemed the crew was heading out to the after party. She had been invited but hadn’t decided on going yet.

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  • Chris listened to her answer and was rather impressed with her for having other jobs to attend to. It was hard in her business, making it to movie sets and other jobs. “Sounds like you should have enough to keep you busy.” He commented, flashing her his perfect white smile. “I’m working on a new album...I have to write some new songs. They want an entire new set for me to sing when the next tour starts up at the end of the summer. But that’s really about it for me...” he then glanced over her shoulder as a few people walked by, clearly heading out of the building to attend the after party. “Are you going to the party?” He asked a bit suddenly. “Most of the crew isn’t going, and they’re expecting me I guess. You should come.” He finished off with, defeating the purpose of asking if she was going, since he decided to invite her anyway.

  • Mia shrugged in response. “Not too busy though, I try to have a life. I don’t often work on music tours, so this was a bit of a different environment for me. I did like getting to travel though, so I might hate being stationary again,” she sighed. It was rare if she traveled for movies, they usually kept her in LA and on LA sets, for various productions. And her home was in LA anyways.

    “A new album in only a couple of months?? Well good luck, I hope you can do it. I mean...everything you’ve released so far has been absolutely amazing. Ah! No pressure or anything,” she almost let her inner fan girl out there for a moment, whew that was close. At the mention of the party she had glanced down at her outfit. Well this was not something she could wear at all to a party. “I had been thinking about it, but wasn’t sure. I suppose I’ll make an appearance,” she said with a smile. “Oh. Oh my gosh. I’m Mia, by the way,” she awkwardly put out a hand for him to shake.

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  • “Touring is a lot of fun...the next one is going to be in Europe.” He said with a grin, “Hopefully they send you with us on that one too. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. And thanks...about the music. I have a few songs done already, I’m just waiting for that rush of inspiration to hit me. I’m hoping it will come to me this summer.” He could tel that she was a fan, how much so he wasn’t sure but he was still happy to see that she was so interested in his work.

    Chris then shook her hand as she introduced herself. “Nice to meet you Mia, that’s a pretty name. I’m Chris, but I guess you already knew that...” he said, only a bit awkwardly. Some friends were then faking his name from down the hall and he started off in that direction. “I gotta go, but yeah, I hope I see you at the party.” He gave her one last smile before he fully turned and walked over to his friends and turned around a corner.

  • Mia tried to hide her surprise when he said he hoped they took her on his international tour, even though he was bouncing off of her saying she liked to travel. “That would be amazing. Put in a good word for me then,” she smiled and reached up to brush hair out of her face. “Well I hope inspiration hits, but I have no doubt whatever you release will be amazing,” she told him. As he shook her hand, she of course felt butterflies. He was absolutely gorgeous and clearly such a nice guy. She thanked him on her name, and then sighed quietly as he had to go. “See you,” she waved as he walked away, and then she started on her own way to head back to I guess we’ll say she stayed at a hotel. So she headed back to her hotel, catching an Uber there. Mia rifled through her suitcase for the perfect outfit, finding a cute off the shoulder black jumpsuit, and a pair of heels. She got herself dolled up in record time, that was her job after all, and she made her way to the location of the party. However when she got there and announced the party she was with, the bouncer didn’t believe her. “No-really, my name is Mia Daniels, I’m a crew member on Chris Foley’s tour. I’m sure I’m on the list, can’t you check the list?” she asked but the bouncer just shook his head. Mia glared and then pulled out her phone to try and call friends already inside. This was ridiculous. And she had made herself look extra pretty since Chris was going to be there....

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  • Chris had showed up to the party as soon as he left the location where the last show on his tour had been. It was in a very crowded nightclub smack in the middle of the city, though it had been rented privately for the night and only those who had worked on the tour and a select other few were able to get in. So he kicked the night off by having a beer with a group of crew members, some of which he was a bit closer to than others. The music was playing loudly and everybody was having a blast, already off to a great start. Though, Chris found himself looking around the room in search of Mia, she had said she would try to stop by and as each minute went by he started to think she wasn’t going to show up. He shrugged it off and tried to enjoy himself, until his friend next to him got a text and said something about his friend not being able to get in. Her name was supposed to Bev on the list but the bouncer was apparently refusing her entry. “Let’s Go Get her, ill make sure they let her in.” He said with a nod, motioning for him to lead the way.

    Chris and his friend were at the entrance to the club just a few minutes later and his friend, Carlos, spotted Mia in the crowd, waving her back over toward the entrance and where the bouncer was separating them. “Mia over here!” He called out.

    When Chris heard Carlos shout for Mia, he looked over at her in surprise, he hadn’t known that they were talking about her this whole time. When she neared then enough he shot her a lopsided grin. “Having a hard time getting on are we?” He teased her with a laugh. He then got the attention of the bouncer and after exchanging a few words, the big man stepped off to the side, allowing Mia to pass by him. It was then that chris could finally see al of her and he did a slight double take, noticing that she seemed to put some effort into her appearance. “You look nice.” He commented. “It’s odd seeing you without that giant makeup bag of yours though.”

  • Mia waited patiently outside, glaring at the bouncer every few seconds. Oh she’d show him, the no good lousy man. Now she had to stand in the crowd of pathetic fan girls outside trying to get in. Mia finally though got a text back from Carlos, and then looked up when she heard her name. There was Carlos - and Chris. She tried to hide the way she lit up at seeing him. She headed back over, getting jealous looks from the girls. “Wouldn’t have had to be trouble if if this guy took my word,” she shot the bouncer an “I told you so” look.

    Then she started to walk up as the guy moved out of the way for her, and Chris checked her out. She blushed, and thank goodness it was a dark enough that it couldn’t be seen. “Oh. Thank you. I wanted to look nicer than jeans and a tshirt,” she laughed and tucked her hair behind her ear, following them in. “Ah yes, you see, I don’t always carry that around. It’s just occasional you know?” She joked around and glanced around the area a little nervously. “Where are the drinks,” she asked

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  • Chris watched in amusement as Mia seemed to give the bounced some attitude...that would definitely show him, and maybe now he would actually look at the list of names he was given.

    “Well, just be glad that we came to your rescue.” Carlos said with a friendly smile as he pulled Mia against him, a friendly arm draped over her shoulders. “We definitely need to get a drink in you.”

    Chris laughed and Carlos’ actions and gave an additional nod of his head. “The bar is this way,” He said while leading his two friends in that direction. Once they got there he turned back to face Mia and Carlos while they waited for a bar tender. “I didn’t know the two of you were friends.”

    “You know Mia too?” Carlos asked him curiously.

    Chris nodded his head and grinned at Mia, deciding to lighten the mood and tease her a bit. “Yeah, we met just after the show today. She practically attacked me in the hallway backstage. Had to call security and everything.”

  • Mia shook her head and laughed. “My heroes,” she said sarcastically and let Carlos put his arm around her like he usually did. Because it was always platonic. “Please, two drinks if possible. But no more than that,” she didn’t want to end up getting tipsy and do something she might regret. Two was enough. She followed to the bar and plopped herself down on an empty seat and glanced back and forth between the boys as they spoke. She tried to get in a word but Chris decided to tease her. She laughed. “Yeah. Totally. He got his butt whooped,” she winked and went to get the bartenders attention to get herself a drink. “What REALLY happened was he nearly destroyed all of my make up. That’s like, hundreds of dollars of money,” she raised an eyebrow at him.

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  • The bartender came over to them after just a few moments and took their drink orders. Chris got himself his second beer of the night and Carlos had some sort of mixed drink.

    Carlos laughed at the story Chris had told and then grinned when he heard Mia’s side of the story. “If she had tried to attack you, you wouldn’t be here right now, she can be viscious.” He said with a chuckle.

    Chris laughed in return and he looked over at Mia as he lifted his drink to his lips. “You could have destroyed my face, do you know how much money THAT is worth?” He teased, though he wiggles his eyebrows immediately afterwards, not wanting either of them to think he was being serious...but he had to admit, it was fun to joke about his fame every once in a while. “You would have had an angry mob of fans after your head.”

  • Mia had gotten herself a beer as well, but a light one. She rolled her eyes at Carlos calling her viscous. That was far from the truth, the girl wouldn’t hurt a fly...”I’m only mean if you’re mean to me. So don’t get on my bad side,” she corrected and shot Carlos a glare. “Quit making up lies about me - if I were trying to meet a guy right now you’d be a terrible wing man,” she scolded and then turned her attention to Chris as he joked about her ruining his face, and implied it would be bad if she ruined it, financially.

    “Well you’re in luck, I quite like you and your face,” Mia took a long sip of her beer and set it down on the counter. “I don’t think I could handle an angry mob of fans,” she said with a bit of a laugh and then glanced around. “So, will there be cake?” she asked. They did that at the end of some of her jobs sometimes. Mia loved cake.

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  • “Maybe I’m trying to keep all the men away from you.” Carlos snipped back with a playful wink.

    Chris became a bit curious then about her and her ‘love life’ I guess you could say. Did that mean she didn’t have a boyfriend? Why wouldn’t she want to be looking for someone if that were the case? He then realized what he was doing and pushed those thoughts from his mind. Even if he wanted to have a relationship of his own it would be hard, he was always moving around and always so busy, it wouldn’t be fair to anyone that he might be interested in. He took another small sip of his beer to help clear his thoughts and remind himself of where he was. “Myself and my face appreciate that very much.” He joked back then and proceeded to nod his head. “I think so, my manager said something about getting one to celebrate. I’m sure that will be coming out later. But for now...” he took another sip of his drink, though this one was a bit longer to show dramatic effect and he slammed down on the counter. “Let’s go dance.”

  • Mia raised an eyebrow. “Trying to keep me for yourself Carlos?” she asked him in a teasing tone as she continued to drink and listen to both of the boys. No Mia had no love life. It was hard to meet people in Hollywood. People were either very fake, too much to handle, or they just wanted to be with you to network. No one wanted the real thing anymore. So she enjoyed the single life for now. “Oh good! The cake is my favorite part,” she said excitedly And finished her drink, not as quickly as Chris’s. She did laugh at him slamming the bottle down after the quick chug.

    Him wanting to dance though, that’s when Mia got a little nervous. She didn’t typically go out to bars or clubs to dance, she didn’t really know how. She was just the mingle in the background kind of person. “Me? Or Carlos. Carlos is a far better dancer than me, I promise. I should probably avoid the floor, otherwise I’ll be stepping on everyone’s toes. “ she shook her head.

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