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  • Lynn's a fury of white hot scott-irish fury

    I don't think anyone wants to take her on over anything


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  • Yep.

    I've read the entire series and it's feels. It's Soo good but it will ruin you.

    Archie's method of madness is further explained of how what he is doing is a bad thing and it might just kill him. I might go as far as bring death themselves to show when we get there.

  • okay so i think? i had a dream involving lynn and archie arguing over that body

    except they werent lynn and archie

    and like

    oml it was a weird and complicated dream


    if you ever read the book the handmaids tale (i havent watched the series) but set in the future, and i don't exactly remember what else happened its just that whatever the place the protagonist in my dream was edcaping from was really friggin terrible and like torture was the daily

    but my dreams are always really weird and the mix up a lot so while i remember the main point was trying to get away and go to canada (like the protagonist in the handmaids tale) the beginning i can remember someone asking me about reading the handmaids tale

    and we were at a park

    then my companions did the lynn and archie thing over a dead body

    and that was normal?

    then it slowly morpheed from that into the "we need to escape this oppresive government that hasnbeen torturing and killing everyone for years and the only way to escape is to go to caada"

    wait but the really strange part was that i guess the peoppe in that compound thing wrre tuled by a "king" and they had to do colputer work? but the weirder thing was that you had stuff from your previous life, you just werent allowed to touch it

    except your computer, and on that was thus server that you had to log on and it was a map and i dont remember what you did with the map but it was important

    but yeah i have really friggin weird dreams sometimes cx ;;

  • this other time i had a sort of zombie apocalypse dream and we were stuck on an island and the only way to escape the zombies was to go to china

    idk why going to a different country always solves my dreams problems

  • uhhh what game im confused sorry cx

    annnnd if youre interested in warrior roleplay, ive got a pretty new clan thats doing some serious plotting :)) im so proud of it :3 <3

  • tracking. What is this about?

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