Plot with malaina

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  • Yo so, malaina’s Joining thread will be up tomorrow, but it’s late here and I just got off so I’m lazy.

    Anyway, she’s up for anything atm, she doesn’t have her tags yet because I’ve been very rushed

    But she’s a big ol’ friendly giant that can be a real sour patch at times

    At this point she is pretty much open to everything except death.


    tags. | played by reye.

  • Interaction with Regis perhaps? He could try to introduce her to the spirits of the glowing lake (whether she can see them is entirely up to you)


    "Even Monsters Can Afford To Show Some Manners"

    Emiel Regis Rohellic Terzieff-Godefroy

    Lion - Higher Vampire - Leader of the Thunderlands - Member of the Cartel

    Ever need Regis for something? Just tag me, don't even need to ask first! I will get to you asap!