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    Deep in the mountains where the sun so brilliantly illuminates the aspen forest, sits a small clan who does their best to navigate amongst the large trees. With the generations of Sunclan having a dark and... difficult history, the clan has barely made it's roots amongst this great forest. With the newest leader appointed, Ravenstar must keep ahold her kin's clan or face the fact that Sunclan may just be nothing but a whispered story amongst the wind.

    the truth is that I
    Really feel like shit

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  • the truth is that I
    Really feel like shit

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  • Tracking! Not sure how many positions there are for a sun scout, but is it cool if I reserve it if there are limited spots for it?

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  • Reserve me a medicine cat position??

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  • I finished my cats. The fancypost was a bit confusing, and kinda got messed up, so I may end up revamping their forms later. But for the most part??? Also Idk if I can put the star on my post since it won't even show it on my computer (it's just showing me that square thing).

  • That's fine, on both. On Mollie's kits and her genetics, Mollie here is mostly white with brown tabby patches, and has blue eyes. Neither the kits or mate have to match her aries-ness btw (actually would prefer if her mate is very different and more relaxed than her).