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    She liked drama. Or, rather, she liked watching drama. More so the verbal kind as cats threw salt and shade at each other and dragged in everyone around them to further continue the petty fights. It amused her. And before anyone assumed she was a bad guy for being entertained - it was natural! Everyone had an inkling of joy for the craziness of other people's battles. Dip was just mature enough to not deny that fact.

    But being part of drama? Not her favorite thing, no. Because when your in the middle of it, you get a lashing. Sometimes by tongue. Unfortunately this time it was by claws.

    Riverclanners were CRAZY!

    Dipperpaw had no idea what to do. She'd never experienced a PTSD attack before, so to her Chasing had just simply snapped. Snapped at her. Had she caused this? This isn't what she wanted at all! Sure her lying was no good thing, but she only just wanted to be cool!

    "I'm okay" she gasped at Bluefrost, yet another lie as she tried not to think of the pain in her neck - magnified mostly from her shock and fear. But it hurt. It hurt real bad. To have gone from a nice day of interaction to this? That hurt pretty bad too.

    "I'm sorry!" Dipp wasn't sure what she had done, exactly, but she apologized anyway. Later on she'd feel more anger than guilt over this situation, especially towards Chase, but at the moment it was all just shame. Perhaps mostly because the best way to avoid further fighting is to relinquish and expose your belly. Or perhaps she sincerely did not mean for this to actually happen. Matter of opinion, whichever one decides to look at it.

    Dipperpaw, for all her talk about being a great fighter (lies, again) actually did not enjoy conflict. She lied to get liked, not hated! So of course her first instinct was to just back away from Chase, ears flat and eyes wide. Perhaps that made her a coward. No it...it definitely made her a coward. But could you blame her? She had no idea what he was talking about - leaving his family alone, calling her 'Baxton'. And now he was even turning on his own clan mates!

    Crazy! All of them - crazy!

    But she would only keep yelping out, "Chasingpaw im sorry, please stop - i'm sorry!" as she flinched under his hard gaze.


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    As much as she enjoyed arguing with this brat, it would seem things escalated quickly with Chasingpaw around. Another attack.. was this.. her fault..? No, she couldn't focus on that, not now. She had to put a stop to this. Slowly stepping in front of Dipperpaw and Bluefrost, her golden eyes met Chase's and she kept her voice low and calm. "You are in RiverClan. We are not your enemies. Stop for a moment, close your eyes, and breathe. None of us want to hurt you. Just breathe, and everything will be alright. No one needs to get hurt here."

  • Wow. So that was what panic attacks looked like not from the point of view of the panic attacker. This must be been embarrassing for Chasingpaw. He clambered over to the apprentice. The brown and white tom pressed his nose against the Maine Coon’s shoulder. They hadn’t talked since the victimization of the two. He stretched too far though and his belly wounds reopened. Blood oozed slowly from the open claw marks. He turned away slightly from his best friend. He pondered if they were still best friends. He hadn’t slept in the jumbo nest and hadn’t conversed. Pain shut up his leg and he stole a shy glance at the mix pelted specimen.