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    Welcome to the city life of a dog. There are many stray, pets, and packs located throughout the city and none of them get a long, but what if something were to change? There is a new alpha in the junkyard pack and things are starting to change, but it is a slow process. Strays and pets still don’t see eye to eye on things which makes it hard for this new alpha to run his pack. Some of the junkyard dogs want to force him out of the position because they don’t like the changes that are happening and they want to go back to the old ways. There is also a new alpha in the dog park that also wants to see a change in the way things are, but will both alpha’s get what they want? Or will the pack members overthrow both of them?


    1. Please don’t fight out of character, but fights in character are highly encouraged.

    2. Not all the dogs will get a long with each other, so try to have some enemies.

    3. Genders don’t have to be even.

    4. I will limit each person to 2 high positions, but they must be in different packs.

    5. You may have as many characters as you can handle.

    6. Please give a recap when someone asks for one.

    7. If you have any questions or ideas let me know.

    8. Try to use a variety of breeds, so we don’t have a ton of one specific breed.

    9. I will add more when I think of them, so please keep checking back here.


    ~The Packs~


    ~The Form~

    ~My Forms~

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  • You can't get rid of fear. It's like Mother Nature.

    You can't beat her or outrun her.

    But you can get through it, and you can find out what you're made of.

  • "She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man, and to no city." - Roman Payne

  • Pompey and Carmello are finished, Shishi is a wip.

    Carmello's sister, Kiss, is open for adoption. She's a two year old, black doberman who serves as a nightwatcher.

    My Role Plays


    Role Plays I'm In


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