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  • Rose saw Sarah walk in and instantly was shocked, she didn’t say hi, or even acknowledge they were their,


    She called after her as she went up to her room,

    “Hey hun what’s wrong?”

    She asked softly as she poked her head in the door

  • "I.."She sniffled "Some girls shoved me into lockers and called me names."She said through her tears "Its cause I have short boyish hair and im still real skinny..I tried to tell them about what Chemo did...But they just laughed at me.."

  • Rose’s eye twitched slightly before she gave her a soft smile,

    “Baby there are mean people out there that just don’t understand. Now what were their names?”

    She questioned her softly as she whipped her tears away

  • Rose nodded and then stood up,

    “Well I can promise you that they will be better to you tomorrow, maybe they had a bad day”

    She told her sweetly,

    “Now no more tears okay?”

    She told her with a smile,

    “Let’s go eat some pie, it’s cherry”

  • Rose’s looked at the food before her and smiled softly before she began to eat, holding her baby close in arm. There was nothing more that she could ever want beside her family, and nothing would ever come between them.

    She looked at Atlas and then slightly over at Sarah before looking down at Leo, there was a problem. With the job profession that he wasn’t in they could get hurt, killed, targeted... she remember her mother and father constantly protecting her, the break ins, all the shootings, it was something that eventually took her mother she life. She can still remember it as clear as day when her father walked through the doors a broken man...

    Rose couldn’t let that happen, not with this family....

  • Atlas wouldn't let anyone touch them. He was guarded and rich he could afford every bit of protection. He finished his meal and cleaned up before gun shots could be heard. He pressed a key into the keypad and the house went into lock down "there"he smiled and Sarah was a little scared "atlas?"she asked and the Mann grinned at her "Sarah the guards have already handled it "

  • Rose watched him as he put the house on a lock down, worry still in her eyes but she kept quiet. She didn’t like to rely on a security system, that malfunction or the people are already past. There a million and one ways this could go wrong but she had to trust him, he was all she had beside Sarah and Leo.