Kings Fall, Blood Rules Private w/Freak

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  • The next night esmeralda woke and she went out to wash and get changed into one of the new dresses. She then found her children surprised to see Henry but Shen gently cradled him as the girls hugged her legs

  • Nicolai explained the state he had found them in and his discoveries of the changes that had happened. The people had loved her, and her children but as long as they were there they would be a threat to Violetta and her son, so their lives were constantly at risk especially Henry's. "When he is of age, if you and he desires we will put him on the throne in his rightful spot." He told her his tone serious.

  • She frowned "is that possible? He was declared a bastard. The announce that made sure of that"she wanted her son raised right. She cradled him close "it might all fit well together. The moment he's of age I can kill edward"

  • Nicolai smiled as he replied "Yes it will work out well, your son is the first born son to the throne your marriage was valid and the people were not pleased with the kings decision." When she mentioned killing the King he tensed, and replied "No that is something you nor Henry or the girls should be involved in, we want them to be loved by the people and if they feel the king was killed so Henry can sit on the throne there will be problems." He knew she hated the king for taking a mistress, but it was a normal practice for a monarch to have a mistress as well as his wife so that he could pleasure himself while she was with child, and he had already heard that he had taken a new mistress even though his new bride was the princess of spain.

  • "Fine I shall wait till he gets sick"she promised before Henry cooed at them happily. "My brilliant boy"she flowed with happiness when she wasn't with her children. Sarah and lilly sat on the floor playing. Not sure if this strange man was good or bad

  • "They will need to begin there training, the girls should be ladies and Henry should learn to be a good man, Violetta's son was ill as well, I know it's horrible to say but he probably won't make it." His tone serious, he understood Esmeralda was connected to her children but when they started to grow up she wouldn't be allowed to call herself their mother any longer.

  • "I've trained Sarah well so far"she tensed just wanting her kids. She stepped away from him and kept Henry close "its karma for having her breasts on show"Shen snapped full of hate. Thins had all changed her in so many ways.

  • "And your excuse for Henry being ill? If I had left him there like you'd asked he'd be dead too shortly." He wasn't happy with her angry snap, no child deserved to die and he had half a mind to go to the castle and heal the boy himself. He was tempted to remind her of their dalliance the day of her wedding to the king but he bit his tongue, instead he said "The girls will need someone to tend to them during the day soon, they shouldn't become night dwellers while they're still humans."

  • Esmeralda was sick of being told what to do. She sighed and kept Henry in her arms. "Don't talk to me."She breathed not liking his conversation. She kept Henry close while helping the girls into bed. Then she left, without a word. She walked to the edge of town with her son.

  • Nicolai went out hunting on his own as well, he was frustrated with the situation. He wondered if he had made the right choice in turning her, she'd asked for it but he didn't know if she was going to be able to handle it. When he returned to his home he silently checked on the girls, he hoped they would be okay and feel safe in his home.

  • Esmeralda returned before dawn, she set Henry in the cot and rocked him to sleep "I love you..And Im so sorry I had to marry him to have you.."She breathed "I just..its all a mess I never thought I'd end up in. I loved your father..but I was young and naive..and now its all so new and messy and we have to hide."

  • He walked into the nursery and heard her talking, he listened quietly before he stepped up next to her. Placing his hand on her shoulder, he said "Esmeralda I chose you, I know life is very different from what you were expecting but this is the world we live in, it changes and it's changed in the past seven hundred years a lot, and in the next seven hundred it's going to change even more."

  • Esmeralda hadn't expected to be heard, she sighed "I know. But its only been a few days therefore im adjusting"She was rying but it was hard. She slowly went over and hugged him tight to her "I just..Im lucky you saved me."

  • "Yes you are, and you will, there are just new rules to life you'll have to understand." He replied, hugging her tightly back and looking down at Henry. He was glad that the children were here even though they weren't his, he felt it was going to be a good thing and he normally didn't interfere with humans lives but he had a urge to help Henry and his future.