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  • It wasn't often for her to stray from the quiet home of the Overgrowth, but she had a duty today. Her tribe's upcoming event meant a lot to her, especially considering activity wasn't the highest lately. Not only could she get her tribe excited, but she has the opportunity to strengthen bonds with the Overgrowth's allies. That is how she found herself upon the Rift's unfamiliar borders. After her long journey of hobbling on three legs, she nearly collapsed when she sat down, yet only offered an enthusiastic smile. As some NPCs had arrived, she gave her announcement.

    "It's a pleasure to be here, my name is Yorkie and I'm a curate from the Overgrowth. I would like to invite you to a Summer Campout event this weekend from Friday to Sunday! This will include events such as swimming, capture the flag, bonfires, and more camping activities that your clan is welcome to attend. We will make sure to remind you on Friday when the event begins, and hope to see you there!"

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  • The Rift, too, needed some more things going on, and their allies seemed to be working with them pretty well these past few weeks. Plenty of ally events are coming up and he was a bit excited. It was about time he met some new faces, as his injuries were pretty much fully healed by now, although his branding seemed to be scarring over. Moving was certainly much easier, at least. The boy was brought by the scent of the ally, and he gave a small smile to the female as he approached.

    A summer campout? That sounded pretty fun. He twitched the end of his spiked tail quietly before replying, "Sounds awesome, I'll try to at-attend. Thank you very much!" Oh, was "awesome" too unprofessional for a leader to say? Hmm...nah, Archi said stuff like that all the time. "I hope the Overgr-growth's doing well."

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